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What the driver does not dream of a comfortable, fast and reliable car? Domestic brands of cars in recent times are of little interest to the consumer. But the imported vehicles – that's another matter! The best option that combines price and quality, is "Ford Fusion". Attractive appearance and good build for a long time will delight the driver. And even on the roads of Russia a lot of cars, to stand out from the crowd and giving personality will help tuning "Ford Fusion".

For the Russian roads "Ford Fusion" - just for the future!

tuning Ford fusion

Indeed, the Russian highways leave much to be desired. Not all foreign cars are able to withstand such tests. "Ford Fusion" – a combination of SUV and hatchback, which will meet the different categories of the population for different purposes, whether a family trip or a solo traveller.

The Car has no trouble with the vast expanses of nature with the powerful bumper and moldings. And with the properly selected mud rubber on it you can easily go to any expedition. Ford Fusion also feels great on smooth city roads. To improve the car and make it truly universal will help tuning "Ford Fusion".

The price of such pleasure pleasantly pleased. On average, the basic equipment of the machine can be bought for 510 thousand rubles.

Personal details

tuning Ford fusion photo

No Wonder all the roads of Russia is literally "swarming" the cars of this brand. A good combination of price and quality and attracts consumers. Drivers who used to stand out when buying a car, you should think about it a little refinement. For example, the exterior tuning "Ford Fusion" will help to highlight features of the brand.


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To this tuning include:

  • Styling (tuning special films: vinyl, armored film).
  • Tuning LEDs.
  • Replacement or rework of the bumper grille.
  • Installation of overlays on thresholds.

Tuning "Ford Fusion"

If we talk about the refinement of the car overall, due attention should be paid to the salon. Especially when the driver is behind the wheel for a long time.

So, the first thing you need to take care of the seats and to pick up special massage covers. They embellish salon and support the back in good shape. In winter, you can buy covers with heating that will keep warm and health. But in the summer would be appropriate bamboo capes, allowing the skin to breathe.

It is also Important to buy a climate control for the cabin. Such a system is indispensable in any time of the year. She is able to recreate several temperature modes that are ideal for families with children. Setting the climate control, you can forget about the drafts, and with them about the disease.

Drivers who prefer to ride on mud tires, you should think about headrests.

By the Way, about the rubber. It is better to purchase two sets: roads and mud. The first is designed for relaxed city driving, but the second – for traveling on the road, and she copes with snow in the winter. Besides, two sets of rubber less will succumb to wear and tear.

external tuning Ford fusion

The Lovers of speed, you can make the tuning of the engines. Effective in this field of chip-tuning – complete flashing of an electric engine control unit. For this you need special equipment, and this revision involved only in salons.

In-house or at the salon?

In our time, the tuning shops are found in practically every step. There for reasonable money will do impossible things, even with the most simple car! Tuning "Ford Fusion", a photo of which is presented in the directory that will please every driver.

But on the other hand, most of the improvements really make at home. This will require a special tool, material and spare time. Tuning in the home less costly. Besides, as the saying goes: “If you want to do something good – do it yourself!” And most importantly, to produce tuning "Ford Fusion" with their hands – a great way to Express yourself.

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