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Motorists today are extremely popular two way car alarm. At a cost they do not differ from the unilateral counterparts, but have much more functionality. Modern two way car alarm have a full Arsenal of options digital radiopaging, and even surpass them as security, and in terms of information and range of work. car alarm SherkhanOne of the most popular models of the new generation is the alarm “Sherkhan” (SCHER-KHAN). It is perfect in operation the device works fine with the standard equipment of the vehicle.

guard the car

Reliable guard

Multi-function protection system – alarm "Sher Khan” perfectly protects all of the commands transmitted by the FOB and minimizes the possibility of interception or selection of a combination code avtougonschika. The unique principle of the MAGIC of CODE™ PRO (“floating” code), designed specifically for ‘Sherkhan”, is a system of reliable coding of the transmitted information. The main advantages of this system – the cryptographic strength of the signal work at a distance up to 1500 meters and stability.


Car Alarm “Sherkhan” include reliable feedback system that provides convenient and easy control of the security system of the car. Keychain with a large LCD display with clear image equipped with a function programmable remote engine start. It can easily be connected to the regular key FOB security system, making the alarm reliable and easy to manage.


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car alarm Sherkhan reviews

The Main feature of the principle of operation of a signaling system is double conversion.

That is, the signal goes to broadcast only after the double encoding and distortion, then the decryption code. Car alarm “Sherkhan” sensitively responds to the exposure, but very resistant to interference and obstructions of air, which prevents false triggering. A handy feature of disarming hozirgina with a PIN code on the key FOB.

Maximum comfort

For the harsh Russian conditions is simply irreplaceable option of programming an automatic engine start at a certain time. This system accurately works with engines of all types and steers the vehicle according to your order at any time.

car alarm Sherkhan 9New level

Car Alarm “Sherkhan-9” – this is a fundamentally new security system that is different from the previously released “squeaky” reacting to any touch or to work only when the door opens. This highly intelligent electronic device is protected from most about influences. And the range – just a record, up to 2 km.

Coding System signaling protects from intellectual hacking. She remembers the codes of the three trinkets, their sinhroniziruete, and outputs the data to the primary key Communicator.

Drop of tar

Car Alarm "Khan", reviews of which are very flattering, still has one drawback. Users are not satisfied with the large size of the keychain. Value can be explained by the fact that the use of a powerful security systems need a substantial power source, powerful antenna and a larger LCD screen as well as veroustraete, informing about the work of the car alarm. Considerable space inside the case is and electrical schematic.

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