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Motorists know how the external paintwork and plastic parts of the car interior is subject to external influence. If care and protection are not to be ignored, even the most expensive car lose its lacquer gloss, and will not look like before in the cabin.

The Reasons causing pinholes of the paint layer are:

  • The Effect of the air flow, mixed with small particles of dirt, sand and dust, when the machine. The higher the speed, the greater and deeper will be the manifestation of the damage.

  • The Impact on the paint layer of different reagents in the winter.

  • Bird droppings and other biological influences.

Body Care

In order to preserve the attractive appearance of your vehicle, you can use various polishes products, as well as a Polish for plastic. Manufacturers of chemicals for the processing of the case and the interior of the car offer potential buyers a range of products that provide maximum protection and care. They include the following types of polishes:

  • Protective of the body;

  • The recovery in the coatings;

  • For the headlight

  • Polish for plastic surfaces covered fabric;

  • Nano-polishes.

The composition of the polishing can be divided into three large groups:

  • Abrasives;

  • Synthetic compounds (silicon, polymer, abrasive);

  • Wax tools.

To create a protective coating on the back of the machine usually use wax or modern polymer Polish. Due to its unique properties this tool protects the varnish layer from the appearance it was successful for one-two months.


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In the case if defects already exist, to hide them will help the Polish from scratches. Its purpose – to disguise the damaged areas in the coating and to ensure the subsequent protection of the body. As a rule, when restoring the quality characteristics of the external coating using abrasive compounds. When used with paint removed a thin damaged layer of varnish.

Particularly noteworthy are tools, called "liquid glass". After application to the surface of the machine they form a thin but extremely durable film. This coating hides small defects and protects the machine from the likelihood of new lesions and greatly enhances Shine body parts.

Care machine salon

Household chemicals for car care allows you to effortlessly make the interior of your vehicle a special luster and gloss. Due to the special composition and the various additives, these tools help not only refresh or clear the surface, but is able to disguise minor imperfections on them (scratches, loss of gloss, and the dark wash of paint, small chips). Most often in the salon use plastic Polish and various cleaning sprays. The only thing that  you must pay attention in the choice of chemicals for processing plastic, it is for the maintenance funds. The presence of alcohol groups in the composition for polishing plastic parts of the machine is unacceptable, because alcohol can destroy the upper layers of plastic.

In order to prevent fading and color loss on the instrument panel, justified to apply the protective wax for plastic, which will provide a coating resistant to UV rays.

Ceilings and interior elements covered with cloth, from time to time need to vacuum, handle cleaning products or soapy water. Then they spray a special protective composition. Its properties are able to give the fabric anti-static and dust properties, and also to not allow the dirt to penetrate into the deeper layers of material.

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