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The First really high quality Korean batteries came in 1952. A large part of the technology and experience was taken in Japan, which in this respect was more advanced. The Koreans have built a Global Battery factory and launched a full production cycle on production of storage batteries for light and heavy equipment. If you look at the reviews about the battery "rocket", it is possible to get confused. After all, some talking about a decent quality and price, while other motorists were extremely dissatisfied.battery rocket reviews

The Advent of the global marketplace

The Global Factory Battery is big enough, and it employs more than one thousand Koreans, nevertheless, in order to bring products to the world market, had to work hard. To start building the so-called Central Institute of battery technology (TSIAT). This building had been the main developments and experiments.

After the appearance Ciata Koreans received the necessary certificates that allowed them to sell their batteries worldwide, including in Russia. Currently, the company distributes its products in 140 countries. Yes, and as original components "rocket" is set to "DEU", "VW", "Kia" and other cars. This at least suggests that such a battery to put profitable. Because their service life is above average, and the price is more than affordable, evidenced by the numerous reviews. Battery the rocket is the optimal ratio "price/quality".

In Brief about the characteristics

In Order to successfully develop in conditions of tough competition, you must offer the consumer something that can't give others. But to implement it is rather difficult. It is therefore necessary to try to expand its range to the buyer in any case found what he is looking for. In this respect, the Koreans have no problems, because they offer the buyer the following:


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  • A large number of sizes of battery;
  • Wide range of capacities (Ah 44-230);
  • Various modifications (maintenance-free, low-maintenance) battery rocket reviews

With regard to important characteristics such as inrush current, then the Koreans are not allocated among the common masses, but they are not outsiders. Battery capacity 65 Ah for Asia and Europe has the same starting current equal to 580 A. It's not much and not too little, just enough to start the car even in the dead of winter.

Battery car "rocket": customer testimonials

As noted above, the opinions of motorists about the battery divided. Consequently, the reviews have been mixed, and so to draw conclusions is difficult.

However, many are extremely happy with the battery. Often point to such benefits as long life, hermetic sealed housing high strength, sufficient starting current, etc. If you take into account the price tag, which is below the average level, which, by the way, very often draw attention, it's just a great food item. Agree with this, and ordinary motorists who purchased the battery in the rocket. Korea, for reviews, in recent years, significantly tightened the quality of their products, so the battery is sold very well in Russia. But you have to understand that a manufacturing defect has not been canceled, therefore, isolated cases of faulty new battery still occur, though infrequently.

Need to know

One of the most important parts, which, unfortunately, few people pay attention to the expiration date of the battery. The fact is that if the battery is new stock, it still does not mean it is working. Over time, the active element loses its characteristics and begins to crumble. Battery will work, but to achieve the stated capacity will not succeed. Therefore it is strongly recommended to check the year and month of issue before buying. If the battery is older than 3 years then it is better to pass it by.

The Korean car battery has very unusual marking the year, month and day of issue. So at this point you need to stop in more detail. For example, the battery case we see the following markings: KJ5K16. The first two letters do not take into account, as they indicate the city in which produced food item. Five means that the product in 2015. Then there is the K - month of production. Considered necessary in alphabetical order from A to L. it Turns out, in this case November, respectively, 16. This battery you can buy, because since its release it took 2 years, which is not a critical mark. In General, nothing complicated, but you need to check always to avoid complaints to the manufacturer.rocket battery Korea reviews

To Charge or not?

Many car owners believe that if the battery is maintenance-free, recharged it was not to be. But it is not so. After all, if there are any problems with the starter or belt-driven generator and you put a new battery, do not throw away it. Therefore, to charge maintenance-free batteries "rocket", and any others, can. But then you should know some details, because if you do not follow simple rules, you can allow the useless battery.

The Main condition - low current. Usually the smaller the better. It is advisable to put on the charger about 3-4 and leave the battery overnight. Please note that in no case should one try to remove the cover of battery and to Unscrew the jar. Still you do not succeed, and integrity will be already broken. Cover design is such that all gases are released through special allotment, and the resulting condensate flows down the back. If the battery is Rocket still alive, when charging for 8 hours at a current of 3-4 And you fully replenish the energy and will be able to battery Korean

Modern technology

As noted above, most of the technology was borrowed from already experienced at the time of the Japanese. It is possible that this factor played a decisive role during development of the Korean company. But the point is, in fact, not the case. The main thing that managed to achieve good results, talking about this multiple positive reviews owners. Battery "rocket" boasts "stretched" the technology of manufacturing plates. And this decision significantly extends the lifetime of the product. This battery less afraid of deep discharge and does not lose its capacity.

Use the method of batching inserts and placement of the ribs allowed us to achieve high strength. Therefore, vibration is not so bad battery the rocket. In General a great battery. That only is the lid with labyrinth system. Gases go out and the water returns to the banks, and all this in a sealed enclosure. Testing has shown that car batteries "rocket" consistently behave at high temperatures and provide sufficient inrush current when low.rocket battery

Multiple features

Currently, many manufacturers have completely switched over to the production of maintenance-free batteries. It is such a battery that are installed and after 3-5 years of operation just utilized. For all the battery life you do not need to add water. But have the rocket and low maintenance battery. These are batteries which require periodic topping up of the distillate. In the summer season level it is advisable to check often, as at high temperatures the liquid evaporates.

SM-series are good because the Koreans managed to significantly reduce the amount of gases that are formed during chemical reactions in the battery. In the case of AKB has a special indicator that shows current charge level. So you can control this option and the time to recharge the battery.battery rocket owner reviews

A Little about the price

As for the cost, it is more than acceptable. For example, the European battery 40 Ah battery will cost about 3,000 rubles. The battery has a direct polarity and 340 And the starting current. Very good for the money. Although to call this version the budget does not. But if you take into account that the battery 65 Ah battery is only 3 700, it is not even expensive. Again, in many shops always there is a discount if you take your old battery with the new charge, you will additionally be able to save up to 1 000 rubles.

The Battery is "rocket", the characteristics of which we have already considered, without any doubt, worthy of attention. This is a relatively cheap food item and of sufficient quality, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of motorists.

To Summarize

Have data battery one big disadvantage, which is life. In this Network there are reviews. Battery the rocket is usually not more than 3 years, although the manufacturer claimed about 5 years. However 3 years can not worry that the vehicle will not start in the bitter batteries rocket

While on the other hand, there are motorists who have Korean elements...

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