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New models of motorcycles. Yamaha out is so smartly that sometimes out of sight drop is reliable, time-tested stories. One such motorcycle has been manufactured for more than 15 years, is a Yamaha FJR 1300. This great sports tourist demand in most countries of the world, by 2016, has some attractive technical updates and now does not associate with the title obsolete.

yamaha fjr 1300

Class Leader

Most Asian vehicle manufacturers characteristic a certain amount of conservatism. Yamaha concern in this regard is no exception, have always treated their products with the hard rationalism of the manufacturer. Success requires creative emotions, and only strict technical improvements on the way to perfection.

Motorcycle Yamaha FJR 1300 was very good 15 years ago. With it, sports tourism over long distances and between countries has become a comfortable and rapid. The main quality of this model – the perfect combination of speed and comfort. For 15 years, Yamaha drop brought the existing model to perfection, making the necessary design changes and additions, without claiming to be revolutionary changes in this class.

This strategy has fully justified itself. Consumers choose Yamaha FJR 1300, above all, for reliability and comfort, in spite of the absence of a global engineering and design breakthroughs defines the European manufacturers, relying on the wealth of equipment and new solutions in the exterior, but not aspiring to a higher level of reliability and quality.


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Recognizable design

The Iconic sport touring bike Yamaha FJR1300 is available since 2001 and has not undergone any revolutionary upgrades during the production. Each new version produced every few years, is equipped with additional features and some design improvements. These bikes are invariably equipped with 1298-kupovini engines and shaft drive. Design has not undergone any significant changes since 2001 and remains quite familiar and recognizable.

yamaha fjr 1300

Enhancements Yamaha FJR 1300: features

The Latest modification has a brand new transmission. In addition, this is the first motorcycle group Yamaha with Cam clutch and specially designed gears. A lot of new gearbox for six speeds of only 400 grams, which is considerably less than the previous five-speed transmission.

The New box gave the opportunity to constructively change the clutch. Was included slipping and auxiliary functions. The first provides a smooth downshift, and the latter retains the pressing force of the clutch lever at a low level, while maintaining the working pressure.

yamaha fjr 1300 specifications

Lighting and safety

Yamaha FJR 1300 the latest generation was the first Yamaha motorcycles are adaptive corner lights, which are able to retain the illumination of the road even in sharp turns. Installed in the upper part of the headlight three LEDs light up, receives a signal from the inertial unit that indicates the movement of the motorcycle at an angle. Installed between all corner lights reflectors projecting light on the road.

The New Yamaha FJR 1300 is fully adapted to install the system Dainese D-Air Street (airbag for motorcycles). For this purpose there is a special attachment between the upper and lower parts of the headlight. This is the first bike of Ducati, which received distribution trend of the installation of the security system.

yamaha fjr 1300 reviews

Yamaha FJR 1300 reviews

This model is a sport-touring motorcycle has already gained many fans all over the world. One of the main characteristics that is appreciated for Yamaha FGR 1300 consumers is accurate according to their class, and this bike is really good for travelling long distances. All generations of this motorcycle adventurer is able to continuously absorb the gasoline and the asphalt ahead of him until, until one or the other. It is likely, therefore, that the motorcycle and did not require radical changes throughout his life, despite the regular outputs in this segment from other manufacturers.

In the class of touring motorcycles strong enough competition, and of one power, or agility are not enough for leadership, but it has the FJR1300 is required, sometimes imperceptible blend of features, thanks to which he remains one of the best vehicles for tourism.

In 2013, the FJR1300 was voted best sport-touring bike. In 2014 the main competitors in the class have not released any significant change when Yamaha, in turn, already having the status of the best models in its class, decided to strengthen the positions and to consolidate its success. Taking into account the most frequent wishes of consumers, FJR got a new more rigid suspension.

In General, sporttourer FJR – one of the best representatives of the class. Powerful and reliable engine and superior comfort qualities that are valued by consumers. Even more give the ABS and heated grips handlebar included in the basic package. As always, pricing policy Yamaha keeps prices competitive, and sometimes even lower than the nearest rivals in the market.

yamaha fjr 1300 specifications


The Importance of regular design improvements carried out by the engineers of the concern, is undeniable. But Yamaha FJR 1300, the technical characteristics of which largely remain the same, all the same classic sport touring bike, production of which began more than 10 years ago.

Four-Cylinder in-line engine with engine displacement of 1298 cm3 with a capacity of 127 HP with system control power Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) is patented technology "Yamaha" intelligent throttle control valves. Thanks to the system, the engine is quite responsive, he evenly holds torque throughout the Rev range. The electronic suspension is adjustable. Aluminum chassis and forks enhance maneuverability. Adjustable fairing, windscreen, handlebars, seat, cruise control, traction control system, improved weather protection, heated grips, the correction mode with power D-Mode that will surely like owners.


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