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Among the many modern professions in the times was a diplomat - a profession that is surrounded by a train of mystery and unavailability. There are many stereotypes associated with this activity, one of which – a view that the life of a diplomat consists exclusively of travel and adventure. In fact, it is a heavy daily work, which can handle not everyone. In order to become a diplomat, you need to possess certain qualities and to be ready to overcome the many obstacles in your career.

What qualities are essential

They Say that a diplomat-a profession that needs to be born, because a big part of career success depends on personal characteristics. So to become a successful diplomat, you must:

  • Possess excellent memory and knowledge in almost all areas, after all diplomatic information is extracted not only while interacting with people in a formal setting, but in many different situations;
  • To be able to catch the slightest nuances of conversation, because of the correct understanding of the implication depends on the ability of analyzing foreign policy;
  • To be able to control their emotions, to have a certain tact, and also closely monitor the slightest changes in technology and in the world around;
  • To understand that, despite the fact that much depends on the innate personal qualities, no less importance is the willingness to work hard to reach the top in his career.profession diplomat

Thus, in order to be sure that the diplomat-a profession in which you will be able to achieve success, you must realize that it takes years of study and practice to achieve the goal.


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When there was a profession diplomat

Despite the fact that the modern name activities appeared relatively recently, the history of the profession of diplomat dates back to the origins of the formation of the state. The need for proficiency in oratory and rhetoric at a high level, which was appreciated in ancient times, preserved in modern times. So it should be a successful diplomat, combining the knowledge of the intricacies of psychology and fluency in several languages.

How to be a diplomat

In order to obtain the specialty required long and hard work in school time. This is due to the fact that the diplomat - a profession that requires knowledge on many subjects. First and foremost is the excellent command of several languages, among which the binding is English. In addition, required strong knowledge of history, geography, Russian language.history of the profession of diplomat

If your choice was the profession of the diplomat, where they teach this specialty after school – the question is quite relevant. Higher education is given in universities, the main ones in this area are the Diplomatic Academy of the foreign Ministry of Russia and MGIMO. It is also possible to develop specialty in other universities at the faculties of international relations, world politics and the global economy.

Then you can move up the career ladder with increased rank and salary. The first step will be the rank of attaché, then third, second and first Secretary. The highest rank in many countries – the post of Ambassador, who is appointed by the President.

What are the duties of the diplomat

Diplomat-a profession that involves a broad range of responsibilities. He participates in international companies, peacemaking trips, solves the issues of both domestic and foreign policy, dealing with the resolution of international conflicts and disputes, establishing international relations and more.profession diplomat pros cons

In addition, the diplomat deals with issues of migration, which relate to obtaining visas, citizenship and residence permits. That is why he must be familiar with legislation not only his country, but one in which carries out its professional activity.

Many travel – an integral part of the diplomatic service. Therefore, it is very important have good health and emotional stability.

Advantages of being a diplomat

Like any other activity, involves a profession diplomat pros, cons, who should carefully study before taking a decision about choice of specialty. The undoubted benefits of this work include:

  • The prestige;
  • High wages;
  • Work abroad
  • Diplomatic immunity.

I have a number of advantages for many is the determining of this prestigious profession, which involves many opportunities at success.the profession of the diplomat where you learn

Disadvantages of the profession

Despite the apparent ideality specialty at first glance, there is in the profession of a diplomat and cons, which for many can become significant. These include:

  • The complexity of the work;
  • High requirements;
  • The need to constantly improve their knowledge;
  • Schedule;
  • A lot of competition.

In addition, working abroad, which at first seem absolute advantage, can be a serious problem. Not everyone can be away from home, and possibly family. Thus, before you make a firm decision about choosing a career diplomat, you must carefully weigh all the pros and cons.


One of the main advantages of the profession diplomat – salary, which is one of the highest among public workers in the country. In addition, this work involves the promotion, and, therefore, of wages.

MFA Employees receive from 20 to 150 thousand rubles. If you go abroad, the fee will be several times increased.profession diplomat wages

In Addition to the high wages a significant plus – the presence of a large number of benefits, which mostly apply to persons engaged in labor activities abroad.


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