There is such a profession - to defend the Motherland. Officers Of Russia. Defenders Of The Motherland


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There is such a profession-defend the Homeland! Russian officers – it is the pride and glory of our army and, of course, Russia. At all times these people were the eternal guardian of the interests of their own country and always, despite the constant hardships and inconveniences, her Breasts protected her inhabitants. That is why, the officer – it's not even a profession but a vocation. In the Russian army they serve and not working. The lives of officers and their families can not be called cloudless and easy. But no matter what, they show an example of loyalty and honor.

Heroes. protecting our Homeland, the names

Officers of Russia. The history of establishment

In the Russian army they came thanks to the military reform of the XVII century It was mainly exclusively hired foreigners. But over time, Peter began to form all of the higher personnel of the Russian nobility. Served as the Homeland had the highest and most prestigious status in society. And no wonder in those days, Russia has significantly expanded its borders.

There is such a profession to defend the Motherland

With time and change many of the kings, the heroes who defended our Homeland have become increasingly impoverished. They were almost completely self-sufficient and were forced to incur huge debts and losses. But nonetheless, their spirit was strong, and they faithfully served the Fatherland, passing many wars and conflicts for him.

The Officer's honor was, and is, above all: power, money, love and life. It is in her honor was a legend, songs were sung and starred in many films. And even today it is not just an empty phrase-it's a lifestyle.

The Code of officer's honor

defenders of the homeland

A special secret set of rules and obligations which had guided all military men of rank, there were many talks. All the stories about the Motherland defenders based on these laws. But mostly, these are General concepts and conjectures. The honor code was fully formed in the period of the Russo-Japanese war. Here are a few such rules that honor serving today:


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  • Don't promise me, if you're not confident to perform this promise.
  • Keep simply and with dignity.
  • Don't be too honest. Language – that's the real enemy.
  • You can Not go wrong. It will only discredit this officer.
  • Avoid money relations with his immediate associates.
  • Works enough credibility over the service and knowledge of the case.
  • Subordinates must respect, not fear.
  • It is Impossible to regain lost time. So the best solution – action.
  • It is Better to think correctly, than to know much.

These are the basic elements of the code of officer's honor, thanks to which today the military is appreciated and revered. Fulfilling these requirements, each of them is above the circumstances and timing.

There is a job - to defend the Motherland

Myths and reality about Russian officers

In the period of the great October socialist revolution there were many rumors and speculation about the nobility, the Royal military and other pillars of imperialism. Most of these “facts” was the simple-propaganda. But also there were and are many obvious exaggerations created by the supporters of Nicholas II. Among them the most prominent are:

  • All officers of Russia (Empire) – nobles and landowners, bathed in luxury and wealth. - As a rule, they were actually of noble birth. But most of them were impoverished.
  • Officers had their own land and a decent salary. - The stories of many of his contemporaries, senior and Junior squads invincible Imperial army especially eked out a miserable existence.
  • Any military personnel could blab state secrets in any cafe for another glass of vodka. The hallmark of the officers at that time were the sacrifice, honor and a fighting spirit. So betrayal or carelessness could not allow even in my thoughts.

The period of the revolution in the leadership of the Tsarist Army had many fine officers who personally went through several wars. It really was “elite” of Russian troops. And they are especially applicable phrase: “There is such a profession-defend the Homeland”.

System of military ranks and titles

They determine the position of the soldiers relative to each other. In addition, the title means and the responsibilities, and human rights. For the first time legislatively the system of ranks was fixed as early as 1647, Peter I "table of ranks" was enshrined in a single document all military ranks.

After a bloody and all-destroying October revolution, all these offices were simply abolished. Distinguished military solely on their positions (commander, head, etc.). Gradually, these posts have been finalized.

The Period of the war also made their own adjustments to the articles of war. Set up a guard rank and insignia. But the defenders of the Motherland, the revolutionary sailors and soldiers was abolished.

In 1994, the Total system of military ranks of Russia was significant updated. Now the General of the army can only be head of the Armed Forces. In addition, the title of different types of naval and land.

Basic principles and dogmas of the military and Patriotic education of the military

Officers – it's the people who give orders and commanderssometimes thousands of people. They can't rely on simple emotions, to be uneducated and narrow-minded. Self-development and improvement of Russian officers – this is one of the main objectives of the training of any military Academy. Even Dragomirov acting General and writer, put forward such ideas of education:

  • Defenders of the homeland have to be disciplined and to obey unconditionally the orders.
  • Education should be higher education.
  • To Move from the particular to the General. You need to learn something gradually, then connecting all the pieces together.
  • Training should be more clear, concrete and understandable examples.

The officers of Russia, produced from any military establishment, must possess the following qualities:

  • Devotion to the Motherland.
  • Determination, courage and the ability to bravely and uncomplainingly endure all the blows of destiny.
  • Mutual.

Often, these principles of conduct and character of the officer were not accepted and sometimes even rejected by the military leadership. But many years later, they remain relevant.

Best military institutions that trained officers

Heroes who defended our Homeland

Today, everyone knows that there is such a profession-to defend their Homeland. But where teach this complex craft? And that was and is the system of training of military staff in Russia?

During the reign of the Romanovs future officers trained in such schools:

  • Military Academy. This is the highest institution in tsarist Russia – a kind of universities. Then there were six. Here was prepared the Supreme command staff, and getting here was almost impossible.
  • Secondary military institutions. This is, basically, colleges and Imperial schools. Here recruited young people who have not graduated from high school. The training lasted 3 years.
  • Cadet corps of pages. It was a kind of military school that prepared students for admission to military schools. But there have been only 10% of graduates.

If we talk about modern Russia, the most famous now are those military schools, which remained even after the revolution and the great Patriotic war. Their historical traditions they pass on to future officers of the Russian Army. These include: military Academy of land and missile forces, military space Academy and military institutions, Suvorov and Nakhimov schools, cadet corps, etc.

Who are the Junkers?

What does it mean to defend the Homeland?

This title was awarded to Russian officers until 1917, It has Germanic roots. It meant young master or sir. In Russia it was originally given to candidates in the first Ober-officer rank. Then it became all students of Russian military educational institutions. Depending on the kind of infantry existed fanen cadets bayonet-cadets and estandart-cadets.

Their youth were trained in the military art, starting with 1851 cadets in the Navy began to call the newly arrived volunteers with higher education, and later – students of educational establishments of the Navy. Typically, these officers had higher status than infantry, and belonged to the category of non-commissioned officers.

Trategy and tactics. These boys are not by hearsay know what it means to defend the Homeland. The honor and dignity taught to them from the first year of military schools. A love Russia, they have carried through life and many wars and conflicts.

This title was awarded to many diplomats and officials. One of the most famous cameras of the cadets was the same Alexander Pushkin. He received this title in 1833 from the Emperor himself.

Officers – heroes of the Russian Empire

These names are probably known to every modern student. They went through the history and will remain there forever as generals, strategists, and heroes who defended our Homeland. Their names are extolled and the contemporaries and descendants:

  • Suvorov. The legendary commander Alexander Vasilyevich, known not only phenomenal strategic and tactical abilities. This is an example of severe self-discipline and self-improvement.
  • Kutuzov. He was appreciated not only for the military but also for the cheerful nature. Since childhood, Kutuzov was diligent to school and loved languages and history. He always cared about the people and Russian soldiers.
  • Ushakov. Admiral Fyodor Fyodorovich known the basis of the black sea Navy, developing new Maritime tactics and the winner almost 40 battles.

History knows a lot of Russian officers, earned his rank with sweat and blood. They will forever be a model for future boys of the military.

Heroes of world war II and Russia

The Great Patriotic war still fresh in the memory of posterity. All the atrocities committed on Russian soil, correlated only with the courage and fearlessness of Russian soldiers and officers. It is they, not the people in the Kremlin, defended the Motherland at the cost of many millions of their own lives.

Officers of RussiaMany of these heroes have earned the title, and learned what an officer's honor being in the meat grinder of war. But nevertheless, they were worthy has regalia. This major Ivan Vorobyov, a native of the peasants, and later the legendary pilot, and Bondarenko, Mikhail Zakharovich-the military commander of the squadron, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Alekseenkoand many others. Also, you cannot forget about the great combat marshals, such as Georgy Zhukov, Semyon Budyonny, Konstantin Rokossovsky, Alexander Vasilevsky and many others. They are key to the great Victory.

After the collapse of the USSR was not so much time, but during this short time, it was a lot of military conflicts and operations. They proved that in the country there are still people that still have this work to protect the Homeland. They have received the great title of hero of Russia. Among them: Sulambek Oskanov, Valery, Olovarenko, Sergei Arefyev, etc.

The Best works of Russian officers

The Russian military-defence and pride of the country. No wonder they composed many songs, poems, ballads, filmed a lot of movies and cartoons.

If we talk about music and poetry, the most famous of them are the composition “gentlemen”, “Chieftain" of the “Officers of Russia" poems "One officer”, “Officers”, “There is such a profession, to defend the Homeland”, etc. They dedicated their works of Akhmatova, Gumilev, Tsvetaeva and many others.

But the most memorable is the movies: the iconic “Officers” Yumatov, “Admiral” with Khabensky, “When Cossacks cry” Sholokhov, "White sun of the desert” and many other Soviet and modern films and TV series.

These products help not to forget the feats of Russian officers and bring a feeling of patriotism and pride for the country.

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