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The Concept of SEZ is no longer considered new in both professional and common sense. To date, however, it is difficult to determine what it is, what are the objectives for establishing such zones, what they are and how widely represented in Russia. In this article we will closely look at this phenomenon, presenting the special economic zone "Lipetsk".

What is the SEZ?

Free (or special) economic zone (SEZ, SEZ) is a limited area in the region, which has a specific legal status in relation to that territory and released preferential conditions to entrepreneurs, foreign and domestic.

The Main purpose of creation of special economic zones (including special economic zone "Lipetsk") will be the decision of the state strategic objectives - social, trade, economic, regional, technical and scientific. FEZ is only open for a limited time (in Russia, for example, is 49 years). Extension.

special economic zone of Lipetsk

It is Important not to confuse this term with the concept of "free trade zone" ("special trade economic zone"). Latest is granting duty-free regime for import of goods of those countries that were signed between the relevant contract.

Objectives of the SEZ

The aims of establishing special economic zone "Lipetsk" and any other can be divided into two areas.

State objectives Investor objectives
Import Substitution The Convergence of the consumer and production
Foreign direct investment Minimization of costs due to the lack of customs duties
The Development of a database export Using more economical labor force
Create new places of employment, including high-class specialists Open access infrastructure
The application of advanced technologies Development region
Experiments with new forms of governance and organization of the labor process Reduction of bureaucratic barriers

And what can be formed special economic zone?

Varieties of SEZ

For example, the special economic zone "Lipetsk" refers to the industry group. And what SEZ there are?

Types of business activity. There are:

  • Commercial SEZ: customs free zones, free cities and ports, markets Duty Free.
  • Production and industrial zones: one industry or enterprise, industrial Park, export processing zone.
  • Technical innovation zone: various technopolises and technology parks.
  • Service area: offshore, free tourism, financial, insurance, banking and other services.
  • Integrated zone.

According to type of organization. Here three degrees:


Staff evaluation: system and methods

Staff evaluation: system and methods

Personnel Assessment allows you to identify how competent the employees involved in the enterprise, and it is the performance of their work – the most significant factor affecting the efficiency of the company. To clarify the impact of performa...

How to start your own business: important aspects.

How to start your own business: important aspects.

Many people, tired of working for someone else, are increasingly thinking about how to start your own business. Someone wants to open a salon, someone store, and someone enough and vegetable stalls. Before you throw in the pool with his head, it is i...

business activities. its essence and basic functions

Business activities. its essence and basic functions

The Entrepreneurial activity of the citizen – is undertaken at your own risk and independent activity, which aims to systematically profit through the sale of works, goods, services, use of the property. The citizen engaged in such activities, ...

  • Territorial (open and enclave).
  • Functional.
  • Territorial-functional.

Nationality. There are two kinds:

  • Cross-border.
  • National.

The level of implementation in the economy of the state. Also two groups:

  • Enclave.
  • Integrated into the national economy.

The variety of benefits. Important is the separation:

  • Administrative.
  • Tax.
  • Financial.
  • Shopping.
  • Customs.
    the special economic zone Lipetsk address

Special economic zone in Russia

In our country, the SEZ is regulated by the law No. 116, adopted in 2005. The development of such zones has been specially established organization - OJSC "Special economic zones". Its only shareholder - the state.

The Objectives of creating SEZ in Russia were several:

  • The Development of high-tech sectors of the economy.
  • The import Substitution in manufacturing, in recreation area.
  • Development and release of new kinds of products, of goods.
  • The Extension of the logistics system and so on.

A Special regime in the SEZ is as follows:

  • A Number of tax and customs privileges for businesses.
  • The State from its budget creates for investors a ready-made infrastructure that relieves the business from significant costs.
  • Developed a simple system of interaction with the administration "one window".
    special economic zone of industrial production type Lipetsk

At the beginning of 2016 on the territory of the Russian Federation was open 33 free economic zones. They are divided into four types:

  • Industrial production - 9 of the SEZ. There are special economic zone (SEZ) "Lipetsk", "Alabuga" and "Togliatti", "Titanium valley", the "Stupino Square".
  • Port - 3 of the SEZ. Is the far East, Khabarovsk Krai, Ulyanovsk, Murmansk.
  • Technical innovation - 6 of the SEZ. Located on the territory of Tomsk, Tatarstan, Dubna, Zelenograd, St. Petersburg, Fryazino.
  • Recreational and 15 of the SEZ. Free economic zone of this type located on the territory of the North Caucasian Autonomous district, Primorsky territory, Irkutsk region, Altai, Kaliningrad region, Buryatia, Altai, Stavropol.

SEZ "Lipetsk"

"Lipetsk" special economic zone of industrial-production type. Located in two locations in the Lipetsk region, whose total area about 2 thousand hectares. Founded in 2005. The General Director acts Koshelev I. N. In 2015, the turnover of this zone has made 7077 million.

The Specific addresses of the special economic zone "Lipetsk" has not. Its main site is located on the territory Griazinsky municipal area near the highway "Lipetsk - Gryazi" (coordinates: 52°30′14″ North latitude 39°49′12″ East longitude). Additional - in the Yelets area, near the village of New'shanets (coordinates: 52°38′ North latitude 38°40′ East longitude).

special economic zone of Lipetsk residents

Three times (2014, two in 2016) was the winner in the ranking of the best free ekonomzone, each year compiled by the magazine Financial Times:

  • "New investments".
  • "Best European investment platform".
  • "Support for training and education."

In 2016, the SEZ "Lipetsk" was also the winner of the competition of VTB "development Award" in the category "Best infrastructure project".

Residents of the special economic zone "Lipetsk"

In 2015, the realm of the SEZ "Lipetsk", there were 6 residents. At the end of that year their number increased to 42. To date, we can talk about the 47 residents.

For example, we List some of the enterprises of the special economic zone "Lipetsk"

  • "SEST-Luve" (Italy) - heat exchange equipment.
  • "ABOUT Bettermann" (Germany) - molniezaschita design, security systems.
  • "fenzi" (Italy) - sealing materials.
  • "YOKOHAMA R. P. Z." (Japan) - car tires.
  • "farm frites Belaya dacha (Russia-Netherlands) - canning, vegetable processing.
  • "PRS Eurasia" (Israel) - polymeric innovative geosite for road construction.
  • "Kemin industries" (USA) - production and packaging of pet food.
  • "ENKEY RUSS" (Korea-Russia) - high pressure cylinders for various gases.
  • "Lifan Cars Rus" (China) - cars.
    the special economic zone Lipetsk enterprise

History and development

After the companies of the special economic zone "Lipetsk" talk a little bit about its history.

In 2005, the Government adopted the decision about creation on the territory of the state six free ekonomzone - industrial and technical innovation. The results of the contest arranged by the Russian Ministry of economic development, the Lipetsk region got the opportunity to open a SEZ on its territory.

And then the events developed as follows:

  • 23.01.2006 - was solemnly laid the capsule with the logo of the SEZ near the village of Kazinka.
  • In June of the same year in the area launched the first enterprise - "ChSZ-Lipetsk" (glass company).
  • 25.01.2008 open economic zone "Lipetsk" was inaugurated.
  • 14.12.2016 launched additional Yelets industrial site (1300 ha).

By 2025, is expected the following characteristics:

  • Total investments will amount to 176 billion rubles.
  • Contributions to the Federal, regional and local budgets - 10 billion rubles.
  • The Total number of job vacancies - 10 thousand.
    the special economic zone Lipetsk company

Some features of the SEZ "Lipetsk"

On the territory of the Lipetsk SEZ has the following special...

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