The types of activities subject to licensing and exceptions to them


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The Establishment of the licensing rules of doing business is one of the instruments of participation of the state and its institutions in the regulation of economic relations in society. The most common form of this regulation is the licensing, which is carried out by adoption at the Federal level the relevant legislative acts establishing types of activities subject to licensing.

Today, such is the law of the Russian Federation No. 99-FZ, which provides a complete list of licensed types of work. This list includes the types of activities subject to mandatory licensing, which is currently 49, and it is much less than what was envisaged by the previous legislation (the previous version of the law contained 105 names). In General it should be noted that the decrease in the number of types that need to obtain a permit, acquired the character of a positive trend and corresponds to the process of economic liberalization that take place all over the world.

It is Important to note also that some types of activities subject to licensing and referred to in this law have certain features to bring them into action. This is due to the fact that many employers are currently unable to operate under permits that were issued for activities not licensed under the new law. And Vice versa, has started activities in the area and now you need a permit. Consequently, the performers and the responsible services need time to produce inventory business registration database and accurately record the types of activities subject to licensing, to date are carried out under existing permits and which need to re-register or to issue a new resolution.


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The Already mentioned law 99-FZ, determines the types of activities subject to licensing, stipulates that subject to licensing entrepreneurial activities with the exception of the following areas:

- activities in the field of nuclear energy: its production, transportation and sales;

- production and realization of alcohol products and alcohol turn;

- promote activities in the field of protection of state interests and state secrets;

- activities in the field of credit and exchange transactions;

- carrying out operations and transactions with securities and other assets;

- work related activities, and the organization of investment funds;

- the creation, organization, activities and management of pension funds and depositories;

- clearing activities;

- conduct insurance business.

These kinds of businesses can be carried out only after receiving special permits, which provides special legislative acts. As a rule, permits of this kind provides for a strict verification process of the applicant. An example is the process of determining what types of medical activities subject to licensing, you can trust a particular applicant. The same can be said of activities such as the provision of services in the field of television, radio, detective work, access to the Internet and so on.

An Important feature of the normative act 99-FZ is the continuity and logic of the application. For example, this is manifested in the provision which stipulates that if the entrepreneur performs some type of activity that does not require licensing, as previously required, the license status is terminated immediately after the entry in question the legislative act into effect.

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