What better manure (horse or cow) for a vegetable garden?


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Dung — one of the best fertilizers to use which can be both vegetable and horticultural or ornamental crops. Apart from the huge number of nutrients, the composition of this feeding system include different sorts of vitamins and minerals, fiber and other plant substances. There are several varieties of this organic fertilizer. The remainder of this article will deal with what kind of manure is better — a horse or cow — for backyard and garden.

Where to use

To Apply manure can not only to improve the nutritional properties of the soil, but also to improve its structure and “heat” greenhouses and hothouses.

Clay soil when making this universal fertilizer becomes much more friable and easy. Same sandy soil manure, on the contrary, condenses and makes a little more plastic.

what manure is better than horse or cow

Kinds of

To fertilize the soil for garden, horticultural and ornamental crops can be used novos:

  • Konski;

  • Korowi;

  • Svinoi;

  • Ovechi;

  • Kralici.

Also as organic fertilizer poultry manure is often used.

Which manure is better — a horse or cow — field

Of Course, most often to fertilize vegetable crops gardeners used manure of cattle. The popularity of this species is primarily due to its accessibility. Book car cow manure from a farmer or buy it from the villagers is available at a very low cost. However, the popularity of such organic matter does not mean that it is the best. Of course, cow manure — the dressing is just great. Using it you can quickly increase the yield of any crop. However, the amount of nutrients and minerals this kind of some other still inferior.

what is the chicken manure is better a horse or cow

For example, is far more useful to use for feeding plants, not cow, and horse manure. To his advantage, in addition to high nutrient content, can be attributed to short term burnout, a very loose structure and lightness.

Being laid in a thick layer on the bottom greenhouses, horse manure can also serve as excellent biological “heater”. At burnout he warmed up to 70 degrees. So use it in greenhouses and greenhouses in early April. Cow dung when perepravnaya is heated only to 50 degrees. Therefore, use it as a natural "battery" for sprouts only when on the street will run rather warm weather.


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Other types

Almost as nutritious and healthy for the plants, how and horse, is rabbit manure. However, it is used even more rarely. After all, to get these small animals, too much manure is rather problematic.

A Bit inferior in usefulness to the plant rabbit horse and sheep manure. This kind of organic matter can also be used for fertilizing vegetable crops, and to heat greenhouses and hothouses.

Thus, it becomes clear which manure is better — a horse or cow. Of course, the first option can be considered more preferable. Cow manure on the degree of usefulness to plants is only in fifth place. Inferior quality only pork. This variety contains very little potassium. Besides swine excrement acidified the soil. Therefore, they can be used only in a mixture with slaked lime.

what manure is better than horse or cow or chicken

Bird droppings

This type of organic matter is also used to fertilize the beds very often. Nutrients and trace elements it contains even more than horse manure. However, poultry litter has one drawback. When used in too large quantities it may cause plant burns. Therefore in pure form it is rarely used. Most of the bird droppings make a nutrient infusions, which further diluted with plenty of water (usually in a ratio of 1:20).

Thus, the answer to the question of what kind of manure is better — chicken, horse or cow, clear. Of course, the second option can be considered more qualitative than others. Poultry manure contains more nutrients, but you can use it only in solutions.

How to apply horse manure

The Question of what kind of manure is better — horse, or cow, or chicken, of course, very important. But any vacationer need to know and how to properly use a particular variety of organic mass. So, for example, horse manure is often applied to the soil in autumn under perekopku. In this case, it is recommended that 1 m2 to use 4-6 kg of organic matter. In the spring and summer to feed plants is usually applied liquid horse manure. It just gently pour on the beds by the roots of plants. Cook is an effective fertilizer by steeping the dry manure in a small amount of water. The mixture is left to ferment for a few days. After bleaching, the slurry is diluted in a ratio with water of 1:10 and pour it on the plants.

In the greenhouse to heat seedlings lay fresh horse manure. First it is mixed with straw at a ratio of 1:1. Also, sometimes horse manure to add regular household waste.

what manure is better than horse or cow for cucumbers

The Use of cow manure

This fertilizer is best applied on the ground and in the fall (digging), and in the spring — before planting plants. As from horse, cow manure often also make a liquid fertilizer, which is used for the stimulation of crop development in the summer time. Feeding the fermented composition is usually carried out during the flowering plants. Also very useful stimulant mullein can be the formation of ovaries. Prepare the nutrient solution in the volume ratio 1:4. It needs to infuse for about 10 days. For irrigation it is diluted in the ratio 1:10. Fertilize plants and the resulting solution very carefully, trying not to fall on the leaves. 1 m2 the beds should be poured about 5 liters of mullein.

Application of manure for different crops

Sometimes gardeners are interested in what manure is better — a horse or cow — for cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. In principle, any rules on the benefits of using a particular type of organic fertilizer for that particular culture exists. In fact, for feeding, you can use what is at hand.

The Only exception is the strawberry. The fact that this plant is very demanding with respect to nitrogen. So the answer to the question of which is better manure (horse or cow) for strawberries, simple. Neither one nor the other. Strawberries are best to fertilize with bird droppings. It contains most of the nitrogen.

As horse manure at burnout allocates a huge amount of heat in greenhouses lay it most often early culture. That is why this kind — the perfect answer to the question about which manure is better, a horse or cow, for tomatoes. After the tomato seedlings are planted in greenhouses pretty early on. In may the same for cucumbers it is come, and cow dung that emit little heat.

what manure is better than horse or cow for strawberries

Fertilizer potatoes

Most gardeners use manure not only for fertilizing vegetable crops. Very good result gives and its use for potatoes. It is best to fertilize plots, of course, scattering manure on the field by digging in the autumn. However, you can also save and put a little fertilizer in each hole when planting tubers in the spring.

Of Course, gardeners are interested in and what kind of manure is better — a horse or cow — for potatoes. In this case also it is preferable to use the first option. But cow dung can significantly increase productivity.

Bookmark storage

So we found out what kind of manure is better — a horse or cow. Next, let's see how to store this kind of organic mass. After all, prior to use as fertilizer it needs to withstand some time to perepravnaya. And if this is done incorrectly, the organics will lose much of its beneficial properties.

Fresh manure for fertilizing crops is not used, primarily because in the process of burning it can severely burn the stems or roots of plants. Moreover, in such a mass always contains a large amount of weed seeds and harmful microorganisms. Already rotted manure in this regard is absolutely safe. After warm up weight, depending on variety, can up to 60-70 degrees. Because of this high temperature any harmful germs are killed, and the seeds of the weeds lose their germination.

what manure is better than horse or cow for a vegetable garden

Know, for example, about which manure is better —a horse or cow — for potatoes, of course, useful. But. it is equally important to have an idea about what type of fertilizer is appropriate to apply depending on the way storage...

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