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People who have often asked myself the question about what a profitable business to do to get rich, fall into three categories. Those who belong to the first category, immediately opened his own company. what business is it profitable to engage inIf it “burns”, or new, or get depressed (and debts) and throw their initiative. The second is thinking long and hard how best to do business, but did not dare to open their own business. Third, spending a lot of time to think and analyze, you begin to work for themselves and in short time succeed. Moreover, the paradox is that the ordinary salesman of carrots on the market can be as faster than a seller of luxury gold jewelry. Although the paradox is it? After the soup boil everything, and to afford a luxury thing, not everyone can and not every day. Leaving aside the optimists (the first category) and theorists (second), let's think about how people find the correct answer to the question: “What profitable business to do?”.how best to do business

Starting from scratch

First you have to get at least a minimum knowledge about in what directions to develop a modern small business. In fact, all four services, intermediation, manufacturing and trade. Each direction has its own characteristics, but they also have something in common. In provincial towns, especially small, non-profit, no direction associated with the word “expensive”. Building materials or jewelry, shoes or textiles  high quality (and therefore price) can afford only the most imperceptible fraction of buyers. Want to get rich, and count on the middle class and the poorest. Here is an example. The daily income of the shop where absolutely everything (from toys to fans) is 38 rubles, exceeds the income of the elite jewelry stores. In the past sometimes does “not for sale” days. The theory mastered, move on to the analysis. Before you decide what kind of business is now profitable to engage in, calculated as market demand, their financial capabilities and the time required for the opening of the enterprise and return on investment. In Rostov-on-don at a distance of 2 km there are 14 salons. Thriving one: cut it costs 150 rubles, and the remaining three hundred. Go ahead. how business is now profitable to engage inAs soon As I figured out what the niche is free, think about how profitable business to do, and that you like it, which you will be able to give his life. Now compare your preferences with available niches. If they match (for example, you like to draw, and in your town no one sells paintings), fine. If not - all is not lost. You may be able to help me? For example, they will find clients, and you make deals. Now it remains only to calculate the profitability of the idea. For this there are special calculation, which can also have to know before you decide what profitable business to do. However, to answer this question briefly: “The one in your town, and you need it”. But even then the answer would have to analyze: what is missing in the city and that you personally will be able to give him.

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