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In any production one of the main objectives pursued by the management of the company is the result. The only question is how much effort and resources in the process to achieve the main goal. To determine the effectiveness of the company introduced the concept of “productivity”, which is a measure of the fruitfulness of staff. The work that can be done by one person per unit time is conventionally called “production”.

For each enterprise it is very important to get a high score and as little as possible to spend resources for production (this includes electricity, rent, etc.). To define productivity by the formula: P = O/H where O-is a measure of the amount of work per unit time, and H – the number of employees.

The most Important task in any enterprise which is engaged in the manufacture of goods or provision of services, is improving performance. There are a number of measures taken to comply with to reduce the cost required for the workflow. Thus, during the period of development of the enterprise labor productivity is subject to change.

As a rule, klassificeret several groups of factors that can influence change, namely the growth in production. This primarily economic-geographical factor, which includes the availability of resources of labor, water, electricity, building materials, and distance from utilities, terrain, etc. Not less important is the value of the acceleration of scientific and technical progress, contributing to the introduction of new generations of modern technology and the use of advanced technologies and automated systems. You can also assume that labor productivity depends on the factors of structural shifts, which involve changes in the share of components and semi-finished products purchased, as well as the structure of production and the proportion of certain types of products.


Staff evaluation: system and methods

Staff evaluation: system and methods

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Business activities. its essence and basic functions

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A Huge value still remains for the social (human) time, because that concern for the social benefits lies in improving productivity. These include: anxiety about physical health, level of intellectual development, professionalism, etc.

The Factors of productivity growth are an important component of the working process, because they affect the rate of development of any enterprise and, therefore, contribute to increased profits.

Also worth noting is the institutional moment, which determines the level of production and labor management. It can be attributed to the improvement of the organization of enterprise management, improve staffing, material and technical training.

Speaking of performance, it's impossible to ignore the intensity of labor. This concept is a reflection of the measure of the amount expended by the worker mental and physical energy for a certain period of working time.

It is Very important to determine the optimal for this workflow intensity, because excessive activity can lead to the inevitable loss of productivity. Typically, this occurs as a result of human fatigue, the occurrence of occupational diseases, injuries, etc.

It Should be noted that the main indicators that determine the intensity of labor. First and foremost is the workload of human working activity. This allows to determine the tension of the working process and, accordingly, the appropriateness of costs. Simultaneously, it is customary to calculate the rate of work, i.e. the frequency of the action with respect to units of time. Taking into account these factors in the enterprise, as a rule, there are certain standards based on indicators which set the production plan.

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