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Experts believe that in the near future, aircraft will not undergo major changes. It will be the machines of traditional design, but with a more outstanding performance. In military technology the roll will be shifted to the “drones”. However, during the Paris air show in 2017, the number of manufacturers has demonstrated a new concept aircraft, designed to change the image of aviation. To replace “heavyweight” comes the brisk city aircraft, air vehicles, aircraft electric and utility drones.


Electric vehicles? No – electrics!

During the Paris air show startup-a company Eviation, based in Israel, introduced its all-electric light apparatus Commuter Alice. The aircraft of the future uses a distributed movement with one major screw-pusher on the tail and two screw pushers on the wings. A total of 2.7 tons of lithium-ion batteries provide sufficient power for the carriage of nine passengers for a distance of 600 miles (965 km).

The Designers hope that the new development of the plane Alice will help to catalyze demand for high-capacity batteries and spur adoption of technology rapid recharge. The solution to these problems is critical to ensure electric flight. International company Uber is already discussing plans to use the electrics as an air taxi in the future.

In 2018, the company Eviation intends to move from the Assembly prototype “Alice” and tests (which already started) to the certification process. The company expects to start its first commercial flights in 2021. The startup is already in talks with regional operators.


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new design aircraft

“Killer” Boeing-737?

Another ambitious startup Wright Electric has been offering his vision of airplane's future. And it will also be on electric. But in contrast to the small capacity of the development of the Israelites, the developers intend nothing less than to oust the most popular model in the world – the Boeing-737.

As noted in Wright Electric, fuel is the largest component in the cost of the flight. The simplest way to reduce those costs – do not use kerosene at all. The company develops commercial passenger aircraft in the ECO, which runs on batteries and can perform short-haul flights within 300 miles (480 km). By the way, flying short distances make up 30 percent of all flights in monetary terms that is $ 26 billion.

The Firm announced the creation of a 150-seat aircraft, which could reduce the market of a Boeing 737. The partnership is in conjunction with the British budget airline EasyJet, which helps to carry out the project.

Return move

By the Way, the largest aircraft manufacturer Boeing does not intend to remain in the Wake of progress. Mike Sinnett, Vice President for development of commercial products during the presentation at Paris Air Show 2017 “Future research and development prospects of Boeing’ stated that the company is considering in the near term for the use of freight aircraft with electric.

“the Aircraft of the future that we develop today, will be less today. Most likely, they will be either electric or hybrid electric propulsion systems. We expect that our device will be completely Autonomous», – said Sinnett.


Flying car? Already a reality!

The Flying car is no longer a futuristic concept. It proved the Slovak AeroMobil manufacturer, presenting in 2017, his last aircraft at Top Marques Monaco and the Paris Airshow. By the way, AeroMobil already available for pre-order: the value of “aircraft” is $ 1.2 million, which is a bit machine-transformer. In the future the company plans to build a variety of models in several price categories.

Characteristics of the aircraft:

  • Full conversion to airplane mode in less than 3 minutes.
  • Car range (the movement range on one tank filling) – 700 km using the NEDC cycle.
  • Maximum aircraft range-750 km.
  • Fuel tank Capacity of 90 liters.
  • Propeller with variable pitch direct speed (2400 rpm).
  • Maximum speed: in car mode – 160 km/h in airplane mode – 112/259/360 km/h (depending on task).
  • Take-off weight-up to 960 kg (useful load – 240 kg).

By the Way, is developing a promising air taxi and Airbus.

Russian planes

Russian aircraft

Russia has recently stunned the world by testing a hypersonic aircraft, as if descended from the screen sci-Fi blockbuster. Although the project secret and the official explanation can not be expected, on the possibilities for gossip and experts, and ordinary people.

The Glider, u-71 according to some represents a class of unmanned hypersonic aircraft 6 generation is designed for military purposes. Russian aircraft supposedly able to accelerate to 11,000 km, and to actively maneuver, which makes his interception almost impossible (at least with current methods). Range – about 5500 km, height-up to 80000 m, which allows the device part of the way to overcome in low earth orbit. Incidentally, such projects are also being developed in China and the United States.


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