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The Word “intermediary” appeared in the back of ordinary citizens relatively recently – even in the relatively recent Soviet times, people with this kind of activity was practically absent. And it is clear – the economy was planned, and nobody cared about sales performance. Today, however, we live in capitalism, and commercial intermediaries for a number of reasons play a role almost locomotive of the economy.

Who they are and their diversity

There are several interpretations of the term “realtor”. The first concerns the processes related to the circulation of goods and services. In most cases between producers of products or value-added services and the end consumer there is a layer of some actors. They are the intermediaries. The second interpretation of the term is a person that helps to establish relationships between different business entities (not necessarily the producer and consumer) counterparts. Anyway, mediators of all types are United by one property – to them due to some reasons it is known that in one place there is the manufacturer of the goods, and the other is (or should be) the buyer, eager for this product to purchase.


So, man is “conductor” of the goods between the factory and the consumer. Intermediaries – people who can perform not only trading functions but also some other, for example, to provide the client with additional service, which for one reason or another is unavailable to the manufacturer. Elementary – to meet the buyer and politely chat with him, explaining the advantages of the product. Market intermediaries in the business – it's not the speculators: they only fill their niche activities (trade and services) between the manufacturer and the purchaser of the goods. Working with them is beneficial for the obvious reason – the person works for a percentage, and is interested to sell as much as possible.


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The Representatives of this specialty in the trade

There is a separate category – Resellers, despite the fact that almost the entire scope of services of people of such a profile one way or another centered around sales. The key criterion defining the direction for their work – the availability of goods or services with an established (added) value. That such intermediaries different from, say, financial brokers, working with “virtual” the price of the currency or raw material, formed by the exchange. The main task performed by the reseller, – communication between the product manufacturer and the purchaser.


These people earn in two ways - buying a product in bulk, which is cheaper and then selling retail, which is much more expensive, or in exchange for sales commissions. What are the examples of specific types of professions related to commercial mediation? First, it is brokers (selling of goods and services for a Commission, the amount of which, as a rule, agreed in advance). To this category of intermediaries include estate agents, the amount of Commission which is fixed regardless of what it implements flat – new construction or “secondary”. Intermediaries in real estate – the representatives of one of the most common professions in market economies. Second, Resellers are distributors (selling goods from the company to the dealers earn on the price difference). Thirdly, it is salesmen (universal sellers that advertise and sell products, earn by the different schemes, as a rule, go from place to place). Fourth, it is the dealers (usually resell purchased at a discounted price directly from the distributor or from the manufacturer of the goods).

Intermediaries in Finance

Once conduct other operations with money, except for them to buy other products, there was special need – currency had a fixed (often tied to the cost of gold) price. Now cash flow – an integer field for speculation. These are financial intermediaries. The most active work is in the field of investment. The most demanded function of financial intermediaries here – risk assessment of investment in the project. The investor thus entrusts the disposal of its future capital facility funding directly, and a certain person that is able to analyze how profitable is the project, what are its prospects, especially financial. Mediators take on the role of the subject making the decision about where the money will be spent.

Financial intermediaries

It is easiest to understand this scheme on the example of specific institutions. First, it is the Trustees: they received money from clients, make the decision as profitably invest in stocks, assets or maybe to give to someone in debt. Secondly, it is credit unions – and having a means to join them, they try to profitably dispose of them. Thirdly, financial intermediaries can be attributed to banks (when it comes to deposits). Fourth, it is the insurance company that received money from clients, use them in different savings programs. Fifth, it is pension funds, which make the expense of citizens who apply for a contract, best paid when people will complete the work. Who are the financial intermediaries? This organization specializes in working with cash flows which may take different form, but the content in all cases remains approximately the same.

Intermediaries in the aspect of marketing

Market & ndash; multi-level phenomenon. The manufacturer, in order to sell your product, needs, first, to acquaint customers with the fact of his release, and secondly, to deliver the goods to the final consumer. If its forces do not get it, then come to the aid of marketing intermediaries. There are several varieties of such entities activities. For example, this company, logistics support products, firms specializing in storage products in the warehouses, ensuring the safety of products. Most often turn to them the producers do not have the internal infrastructure resources for these activities or experiencing the lack of Finance for these purposes.

Marketing intermediaries

Another category of marketing intermediaries – the lenders (or investors) that is able to provide business working capital to build necessary infrastructure or the expansion of the state to promote the product. In addition to creditors, a business may apply to insurance companies that offer protection from business or commercial risks. Another category of marketing intermediaries-firms and entrepreneurs, helping the manufacturer to study the market and to properly advertise the goods, to analyze the demand and, if necessary, to adjust the process of production.

Intermediary services

Services are known to have a number of characteristics that fundamentally distinguish them from the goods – intangibility, nesobrannosti, inseparability from the source provision, as well as high volatility (variability) of quality. In virtue of these characteristics the role of intermediaries in the service sector, as a rule, limited. Because services are intangible, the customer, do not try them personally, you will not be able to get a picture of their real properties, about the level of service in a particular company. Mediators can, at best, vividly describe the source of services, but the credibility of such actions is not always high. The client probably considers more plausible the recommendation of his friend, and not a little-known person, even the speaker is very beautiful. However, the market clearing in the service sector exists, and there are firms specializing in such activities. Their common name – “service franchisor” or “realtor services”.

Intermediary services

They enter into a contract with the source of services and receive from him the “franchise” - exclusive rights for the provision of services under the protected trademark, label, technology. The brand owner defines the basic principles which should be its services. If he decides that somewhere in another place there is a firm or entrepreneur that can provide services appropriate to the requirements, can sign a contract with the franchise and is confident that the client will get about the same as if came to “head” structure.


There is a subspecies of Resellers, known as “retail”. They are buying the goods from the manufacturer or distributor to then profitably sell to the final consumer. Retail intermediaries are working on the final sections of the distribution channels. They have several basic functions. First, this is a compilation of the product range. Specialists of the company engaged in retail banking, analyze distribution channels, select the best from the point of view of their business model manufacturers are product catalogs. Secondly, this publicity work – ordering and placement of commercial impressions in the media, TV, the Internet, posting information about products on display, printing of corporate brochures and other sources of product data. Third, is the placement and storage of goods in warehouses,...

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