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Machines for the manufacture of lining allow you to get raw materials of excellent quality. Factory assemblies not all users can afford. Consider ways of making such material in improvised devices. Such options are quite common among folk artists and business executives.

machines for the manufacture of lining

What is the lining?

This raw material is a finishing material that is used for covering walls, ceilings, saunas and the like. It is used in the field of interior design in homes and other premises. Machines for the manufacture of lining allow you to get great acoustics in concert halls and secure the decoration of the room.

It is Worth noting that this material can be produced in the standard “Euro”. This implies the conformity of raw materials of European environmental standards. The product has a main area of a certain size, the locking tongue and grooves. The easiest way to classify the material along the longitudinal ventilating slots.


Machines for the manufacture of the lining as the main tool for the release of the original finishing material. Industrial production consists of the following main steps:

  • Manufacturer of boards. Special wood strips cut with a rotary or conveyor saws to the desired size. Typically, the thickness of the Board varies from 15 to 25 millimeters, with a width up to 150 mm. the Total dimensions depend on the type of lining.
  • Drying material. The procedure is performed in the chambers. This reduces the likelihood of delamination, deformation and twisting of the boards.
  • Sort. This process involves the selection of elements not lower than second-class citizens that can be classified as lining.
  • Production of the basic material. In the industrial embodiment, this operation is performed on four-sided planing machine. Simultaneous processing of multiple planes is obtained the desired profile.
  • Check the quality of production and extended storage.
  • Next, the resulting compound is used for its intended purpose.

machine for the manufacture of lining their own hands


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Machine for the manufacture of the lining with your hands

For the production will need a minimal set of tools and equipment. You first need to worry about the availability of separate premises, as wood fixtures create a lot of noise. The second important point-voltage and mark the transaction must match the indices and the type of the used machine tools.

Machine for the manufacture of lining in the home can be done in two ways. Next, we consider both options. They make quality stuff cheaply and without much effort, however, require compliance with certain rules. The easy Assembly – a circular saw equipped with calipers, and additional mechanisms. With a similar model and will begin the review.

Instructions for making the lining circular method

Machines for the manufacture of lining this method very effective. The process consists of the following steps:

  • First, prepare the lumber in the desired quantity. They should ostrugivajutsja on both sides of the Board, the thickness of which leaves about 20 millimetres at width up to 100 mm to Increase the dimensions is not recommended because the lining has the basic profile, the change in the size of which is fraught with deformation. Elements are subsequently joined by castles in quarters, which also guarantees freedom from warping of the material. Maximum width – 80 mm.
  • Prepared working place. Consider its arrangement so that the workpiece located on one side and the finished part – with the other. No object should interfere with and clutter the work surface. It is fraught with security breaches and the possibility of serious injury. Furthermore, it increases the amount of waste, allowing normally to press the workpiece to the ends of the milling machine for the manufacture of lining.

machine for the manufacture of lining in the home

The Main phase

All boards need to trim the length, to examine the integrity of the surfaces to cull elements with blackened and gnarled inclusions. On a homemade machine for the manufacture of the lining to bring such parts to high quality treatment will fail, they will fall out later in the operation.

At the storage of the material don't forget to pay attention to the location of the fibers. They have gnarled pieces to go in the direction of rotation of the cutting tip. This is due to the relative complexity of processing of such surfaces. Otherwise the surface finish will not meet the declared standards.

A Woodworking machine for the manufacture of the lining operates at high speed that does not cause unforeseen problems during the machining of workpieces. Each factory head unit there is four cutting heads that allows you to provide a qualitative indicator of mechanical clamping to prevent vibrations of the Board during processing. The result is a high quality material, without the need for further processing, with high parameters.

Final step

It is Important never to remove from the sawing unit protective cover and spacer wedge. These details are necessary to prevent the escape of sawdust, as well as preventing the reverse shock ejection of the Board, which may penetrate the peritoneal cavity.

According to the drawings, a machine for the manufacture of the lining with his own hands, casing and raschlenitel provide not only safety but also a certain convenience in carrying out the basic operations. For starters, will need to put the correct circular saw, and then processed to align the boards to width. This is done by setting the ruler at the desired distance from the teeth firmly fixed.

woodworking machine for the manufacture of lining

You Must ensure that the line was substantially parallel to the saw. Factory units have a special label on homemade fixtures using carpenter's square. Final inspection is made by the experimental cutting of a piece of Board, which should get the dimensions of required width and thickness. If necessary, the installation re-produce.


How to make a milling machine for the manufacture of the lining? These complex works are often combined with various other methods of manipulation for the treatment of wood. Here not to do without a solid experience. The dimensions of the parts and their profiles, you must pick your own. Technology subject to the availability of necessary equipment practically identical. The machines themselves have a rather complex structure, their operation requires the compulsory study of the manual.

For home use suitable Assembly consisting of the following elements:

  • Frame. It is a steel salinomycine the frame with the center of gravity, gone to the bottom.
  • Work surface. Looks like a table with a long and narrow configuration. The site is designed to keep the spindles and cutters with the help of corresponding technological holes.
  • Motor. Its capacity is of the order of 2-5 kW, the voltage can be 220 and 380 volts. The average frequency of rotation of the working part (revving) – 5 thousand and above rpm.
  • The clamp. This mechanism consists of several rollers, mounted in the specified planes along the length of the primary surface.
  • Shaft cutter. Item sold in as is responsible for manufacturing precision parts.
  • Control Unit. This part is in the part of the operator, plays the role of a switch, the main part is removed for possible emergency shutdown of the unit.
  • Guards.

homemade machine for the manufacture of lining


Electrical wire placed in an armored sleeve that prevents them from possible mechanical deformation or other damage. Such a measure is necessary due to the fact that the integrity of the cable may be broken with a sharp edge of a processed Board. But even a small voltage on the metal leads to serious injury of the worker. This point must be taken into account for self-assembling machine for the manufacture of lining. If you do not have sufficient skills, it is better to invite a professional electrician. The equipment to be grounded accordingly,

Standard profiles

The type of lining must meet the state standards. The material is divided into several major categories:

  1. Standard tip.
  2. Evrovagonka.
  3. Amerikanku.
  4. Land-Haus.
  5. Soft-lain.
  6. Block-Haus.
  7. Steel.

milling machine for the manufacture of lining

How is the lining?

One of the most popular materials considered category connection studded groove is deeper. In addition, these elements are better protected from transmission with a substantial reduction in the width of the boards. It simplifies the total installation process. In the deep grooves is much easier to insert the locking hardware.

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