Watermelon cultivation in the Urals is possible!


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Watermelon – this is not only a wonderful taste and aroma, but the berry has many beneficial properties for the body. For example, it contains fructose, pectin, improves digestion, salts of magnesium, calcium, iron, fiber and vitamins of group B. This gift of summer helps with anemia, edema, renal stone diseases, and also used as a rehabilitation tool after surgeries under General anesthesia. Few people know that, in addition to pulp, watermelon seeds useful. They, along with pumpkin, are Anthelmintics and contain large amounts of vitamin D. In the countryside still with headaches and migraines instead of tablets is tied to the head thicker watermelon rinds.watermelon farming in the Urals

Volgograd, Astrakhan region, Kalmykia, Uzbekistan – these are the regions where watermelon is growing. The farming in the Urals, this culture is associated with certain difficulties, due primarily to climatic conditions. This berry is very heat-loving: for germination it requires not less than 17°C, and for optimum growth – more than 25°C during the day and from 18°With night. Watermelons, growing in the Urals, which is often constrained by high humidity, require a dry air (60-70%). Excessive “water” leads to fungal diseases, the death of the plant or a significant deterioration in the quality of the fruit.

What you need to do to get in your garden delicious watermelon? Cultivation in the Urals and Central Russia suggests a very careful approach to the selection of seed. Recommended grade "Sugar baby”, “Skorik” or “Light”, which Mature in 60-70 days, which just correspond to the warm season. The group F1 (“Kristar”, “the Suburban Charleston”, etc.). But these plants do not produce good seed for next year. When selecting varieties you need to look at the number of days from the ovary of the fruit until tender. Depends on if ripen a watermelon growing in the Urals, which is limited to short warm days of summer. You can also pay attention to the shape of the fruit, large fruit size, transportability, if you're going to grow products for sale. The seed packets should be taken only in specialty shops because in the markets they can be frost damage due to incorrect storage.watermelons growing in the Urals


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Now, we want to get watermelons in the Urals. The farming culture of flushing begins with a seed material in a solution of potassium permanganate light pink color. This is achieved by disinfection and rejection surfaced copies. This is followed by the warming seed at the battery (temperature should not exceed 50°C), which should start about a week before the intended sowing. The sowing is done usually in mid or late April.

The Seeds can be planted in the packs of milk to a depth of about 3 cm, pre-Strait of the earth hot solution of potassium permanganate. The bag is sealed with polyethylene and placed on the sun side of the window. The optimum temperature for germination is about 27°C, the seedlings will be ready in a month (has 3-5 leaves).watermelons in the Urals growing

If you do not want the weather ruined your watermelon cultivation in the Urals of this plant need to start a film, planting seedlings in 15-20 days may. The distance between the sprouts should be about half a meter, to each well is made of about pounds of compost and is made Strait warm water. Seedling kom just need to rise above the ridge (couple of inches) so the plant does not rot. Film with the ridges removed in the mid-to late June, when the watermelon blooms. After the formation of 2-3 other fruits the ovary is cut, remove the excess branches to the rest of the watermelons received more light. Maturity of fruit is determined not by size, but by manifesting a clear picture, reduced waxy bloom, a deaf sound when tapped. The ability to distinguish Mature fruit from immature only comes with experience. But experience gives the ability to grow some exotic varieties, like watermelon with yellow flesh or square shape.

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