Oil - what is it and where to use them?


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Oil (or “black gold”) – liquid fossil fuel with biological origin. It's kind of a mixture of hydrocarbons with compounds which contain oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen.

What is oil?

Oil – the mixture obtained after processing the ‘black gold». Initially is distilled. Then cleanup. Oil are nearly five hundred chemical compounds. They are all in different States of aggregation. They can be gaseous, solid and liquid.

How to determine the presence of oil in the wastewater?

The Definition of oil in the wastewater is produced in three main metagame:

  • Gravimetrically;
  • Gazokhromatograficheskoe;
  • IC-spektrometricheskim.

When applied correctly, any of the following methods to get accurate results of determining the presence and amount of oil. There are two ways of defining. But they do not show very accurate results and require further testing. The basic method of definition of oil called gravity.oil it

The Industrial value of oil

Oil & ndash; one of the most valuable kinds of raw materials, the second title – «black gold». And all because country in which there are deposits of this fossil liquid fuel, are leading in the global economy. Oil products – refined oil products which entered into all spheres of human activity.

In everyday life people often use substances or objects made of «black gold». And often are not even aware that the familiar things in life comes with fossil fuel. This kettles, washing machines, toys, and more.


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Where you store the oil?

Storage of «black gold” and petroleum products is carried out in special containers that are installed not only in the oil fields, but also in pumping and filling stations. And processing plants, petroleum storage depots and filling stations.

A Reservoir for oil products is made of fireproof materials. Containers may be placed directly on the ground or under it. The most popular – cylindrical tanks made of steel. Small tank farms are installed under - ground horizontal cylindrical container. Common tanks of RVS with a spherical, hollow and conical roof. The bottom of them is flat.crude oil and petroleum products

Reservoirs can be low, high, and excessive pressure. Large reserves of oil and oil products are stored mostly in underground storage. Safe and proper operation of the tanks is ensured by additional special equipment.

Quality Control of petroleum products

The Quality of petroleum products is tested in laboratories by trial. Since the production of liquid fossil, to final consumption. Oil samples sometimes differ greatly. Quality «black gold» in many ways depends on the depth of its location. And petroleum products differ in place and method of production, how it was carried out. Important conditions and duration of storage. Therefore, to determine the quality of petroleum products, there are Standards that should be guided.

The areas In which used oil and oil products?

One of the most valuable properties of oil-burning. Therefore, first and foremost, is a liquid fossil used in industry as fuel. Modern fuel is made from oil is more than 50%. In second place on the use of oil and petroleum products is of domestic sphere. In addition, a secondary raw material used in medicine and cosmetology. Petroleum-made jewellery and synthetic fabrics.tank oil

Where to use oil and its waste in its raw form?

In its original form as liquid natural fossil oil is rarely used. Only in the construction of pipelines and power lines. After the extraction of «black gold» undergoes special processing. First, the raw material is cleaned. Then there is primary processing. This time, the oil is distilled, separating into component parts. Then there is the secondary treatment of «black gold», when you change the structure of fossil hydrocarbons.

Oil industry

Waste «black gold” are used to produce coke, which is then applied in metallurgy, for the manufacture of welding electrodes. Recycled oil is oil. Russia – one of the countries that possess vast reserves of «black gold”, its production is conducted year-round.definition of petroleum products

There is even this kind, as “white oil”, which contains over eighty per cent of kerosene, it is used to treat cancer. Traditional healers make this oil infusions, compresses and ointments.

After initial processing you get different types of substances:

  • Diesel fuel;
  • Gasoline.
  • Jet and diesel fuel;
  • Oil;
  • Grease;
  • Liquefied natural gas.

After processing, the oil appears oil residue, which is used to produce:

  • Bitumen.
  • Paraffin;
  • Liquid fuels for the boiler;
  • A oil
  • Asphalt.

Components which are obtained during the primary processing of oil used in the cosmetic field, the construction of roads and houses.oil Russia

After the recycled oil is used for manufacturing of:

  • Rubber products;
  • Polymers;
  • Synthetic fabrics;
  • Rubber;
  • Plastic materials;
  • Detergents;
  • Paintwork;
  • Fertilizers;
  • Road surfaces, etc.

Use of oil in cosmetics

The High quality of some oil products can be widely applied in cosmetology. Recycled «black gold” became the basis for shadows, nail polishes, pencils for eyes and lips. Most of perfume and toilet waters are partially composed of petroleum products. And they are part of the dyes and various jewelry.quality oil

Using the «black gold» in medicine

Oil – it passed the processing and purification of «black gold». It was discovered many useful properties, which has found its application in medicine. The most common medication-acetylsalicylic acid, or “Aspirin”. In the late nineteenth century, scientists have found a method of extraction of phenol drugs. Based on it now are made:

  • Antibiotics;
  • Medications from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Antiseptics;
  • Anti-TB drugs;
  • Sedative

Oil in the food

In modern times, oil products – and a part of components of certain foods. The use of liquid natural fossil for human food was made possible by protein synthesis. It is produced from waste oil. The artificial protein is a great substitute for animal and has been widely used for the production of many food products.

To List everything that is made from oil, can be long. Many objects that people use in everyday life. The widespread use of oil – the main reason for the regular growth of its price. And this is true, as “black gold” gives you the opportunity to warm up, to move quickly, and also helps to create comfortable conditions in the home. Without all this modern life to present hard enough.


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