"Vladimir Monomah" (the submarine) is the third ship in a series of strategic nuclear


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Submarine «Vladimir Monomakh» is an ambitious project of Russian naval forces under the name of project 955 «Borey». In a series of nuclear submarines, consisting, according to the plans of the Supreme command of eight ships, this is the third cruiser. The potential location of the service vehicle – the Pacific fleet. The sequence number K-551.

Vladimir Monomakh submarine

U series

During the years 1990-ies the level of equipment of the Russian armed forces left much to be desired for a variety of reasons: starting with significant reductions in funding and increased significantly the level of corruption and ending in a sharp reduction of personnel and command. However, towards the end of the century the situation gradually began to recover. One indication of this was the project 955 «Borey». This is the fourth generation submarines of strategic purpose, equipped with nuclear missiles - SSBN.

The Series includes eight cruisers, named after major historical figures of Russia, whose names are associated with key events. The first and main ship – «Yury Dolgoruky» – entered the Arsenal of the Northern fleet, cruiser «Alexander Nevsky" was defined in the Pacific fleet. «Vladimir Monomakh» it is also planned to send at the beginning of 2016. Two more submarines – “Prince Vladimir» and «Prince Oleg» – are in various stages of implementation. In December 2014 began construction of boats “Generalissimo Suvorov”.

The Atomic submarine «Vladimir Monomakh» was launched in March 2006, when he was made the ceremonial laying of the submarine.

submarine Vladimir Monomakh


«Vladimir Monomakh», a submarine, the characteristics of which allow it to be less noticeable to enemy radar, got his first, so to speak, backfilling “brick” on March 19. Building a base was selected shipyard in Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk region), namely the shipyard production Association "Northern machine-building enterprise" («Sevmash»), which at that time still was the property of the state. Name «Vladimir Monomakh» the submarine was named after the great Prince of Kiev, Vladimir Vsevolodovich, which greatly strengthened and strengthened Kievan Rus.

On a solemn bookmark of the future serial of the cruiser was personally present commander of the Navy of Russia Admiral Vladimir Masorin. It is worth noting that laid submarine «Vladimir Monomakh» on the centenary of Russian submarine fleet. The construction lasted nearly six years. Vodka cruiser brought only in the beginning of 2013, then began the first test-mooring.

nuclear-powered submarine Vladimir Monomakh

Quality Control

Nearly eight months passed tests «Vladimir Monomakh». The submarine successfully passed the initial, factory examinations in October 2013 in the waters of the White sea. Fully this type of tests began and ended in the summer of 2014, taking a total of just less than a month.

It was the turn of next set of testing, which was to be held «Vladimir Monomakh». Submarine, especially nuclear ammunition, undergoes a long and very thorough testing – directly tested on the sea polygon. The first test phase at the site of the Northern fleet lasted about ten days. They also participated submarine «Dmitry Donskoy” from the “Shark”.

Combat tests began in September, they were also in the White sea. The final exercise required the launch of missiles «Mace» located on the Kamchatka Kura test site. The launch of the cruiser carried out while in deep water. Subject «Vladimir Monomakh», a submarine with a nuclear Arsenal, brilliantly passed all the tests and was transferred to the Arsenal of the Russian Navy on 10 December last year. After nine days upon receipt of the boat to serve in the forces of the Navy on it hoisted the flag of St. Andrew.

Vladimir Monomakh submarine specifications


Today, eight ships of the series built and accepted for service in the Navy only three. All class submarine «Borey» develop a surface speed of 15 knots, underwater – 29 knots. The maximum permissible immersion depth is 480 m, while the working depth of 400 meters. The boat for three monthscan move in Autonomous mode. The crew consists of 107 people including 55 officers. The total cost of the project – 23 billion rubles boats Equipped with ballistic missiles «Mace», as well as complex torpedo and cruise missiles.

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