How to remove skin from peppers: some tips from experienced chefs


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In making the sweet pepper has a lot of subtleties, which must know every woman. For example, its thick skin though, and is rich in vitamins, but it absolutely does not fit in some of the dishes with a delicate texture. Therefore, previously these vegetables often you need to clean. How to remove skin from peppers so as not to damage the pulp and keep it for future use? In practice this can be done in different ways.

The Secrets of baking

Sweet peppers, you can make not only salads. This unique vegetable is usually used for cooking various soups, stews, all kinds of Podarok, gravies, and as the basis for stuffing. In each of these cases the skin is clearly unnecessary. How to remove skin from bell peppers? After heat treatment it becomes dry, hard and only spoils the appearance of any dish. Experienced Housewives know how to solve this problem. They know several methods of how to remove skin from pepper. For the first option require an oven or microwave.

how to remove skin from peppers

All work is performed in four stages:

  1. First, the vegetables must be washed, and then carefully cut them from the core and remove it along with the seeds.
  2. Treated in this way the peppers put on the grill pan or a regular baking sheet, pre-zastelil it with parchment or with foil. Bake until Golden brown.
  3. Hot vegetables folded in a plastic bag and leave them there for 5-7 minutes.
  4. Gently with knife edge each vegetable to pick up the edge of the skin and slowly pull. The result should be only the flesh.

This method will be interesting for those interested in how to remove skin from peppers in the summer time when there is no microwave or working oven. For similar technology as well to regular Russian stove. By the way, in the countryside lady have come this way.

Method of blanching

There is another option of how to skin a pepper. You can use the method of blanching, which is widely used in cooking. You'll need a stove (or other fire source) and a container of water.


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how to skin a pepper

Treatment is usually done in the following way:

  1. Put the Pan on the stove and bring water in it to boil.
  2. Peppers wash and remove seeds. Here you will need regular kitchen knife.
  3. Lower hollow pods in hot water for 6-8 minutes.

After this treatment the skin well and leaves can be easily removed. Such option is often used for canning, when the smell of roasted vegetables can only spoil the taste of the finished product. However, this option has its drawback. This method is traumatic because of the immediate impact of hot products. But from experience, generally acquired the necessary skill with which this problem can be avoided.

Method of singeing

To prepare certain dishes, it is necessary that the pulp of the vegetables remained fresh and juicy. Treatment in the oven this is impossible to achieve. Under high temperature the fruit is baked, not only outside but also from inside. As a result, the flesh loses a lot of useful juice, which significantly degrades as the taste and quality of the finished product. Of course, raw bell pepper, you can try to free peeled by conventional peelers. However, it will not be easy. In such cases it is better to use the method of singeing over an open fire.

raw bell pepper

At the same time to handle the vegetables as follows:

  1. Washed and cleaned the inside of the pod lay on the burner (grate) of the plate.
  2. On fire.
  3. Periodically rotate the pepper, exposing him to fire. In this case, the skin should darken and char lightly.
  4. Scrape off blackened skin with a knife.

The Beauty of this method is that even after baking, peel the flesh remains moist and retains all useful properties and organoleptic characteristics.

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