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The Vitamins ‘Berocca plus» - a multivitamin that contains micro - and macronutrients. They help the body to get most of the necessary elements at elevated mental, physical or emotional stress, as well as a strict diet and nervous stress.

The composition of the tablets and their form of release

The vitamins ‘Berocca plus” presented in the form of conventional tablets or effervescent tablets.

Simple smooth dissolve tablets covered with a shell. They resemble the shape of an oval with concave sides. Color vitamin product varies from a pale orange to gray-orange. Effervescent tablets “Berocca plus” have valium form. Color vitamin product varies from light orange to dark. When immersed in water, they form bubbles and give the solution a light orange flavor and smell.

essential vitamins

The Composition of the two types of tablets “Berocca plus” broadly similar, but still slightly different.

As part of the tablets includes the following elements:

  • Vitamin B1, or thiamine Mononitrate (15 mg);
  • Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin (15 mg);
  • Vitamin B3, or nicotinamide (50 mg);
  • Vitamin B5 or calcium Pantothenate (23mg);
  • Vitamin B6 or hydrochloride of pyridoxine (10 mg);
  • Vitamin B8 or Biotin (150 mcg);
  • Vitamin B9, or folic acid (400 mcg);
  • Vitamin B12, or cyanocobalamin (10 ug);
  • Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid (500 mg);
  • Calcium, or Pantothenate and calcium carbonate (100 mg);
  • Magnesium, or hydroxycarbonate and light magnesium oxide (100 mg);
  • Zinc or citrate trihydrate zinc (10 mg).

“Berocca plus" contains several auxiliary substances:


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  • Lactose monohydrate (to 94.3 mg);
  • Croscarmellose sodium (44 mg);
  • Povidone K90 (45 mg);
  • Magnesium stearate (14 mg);
  • Mannitol (25,45 mg).

Sleek sheath of conventional tablets consists of the following components: brown Opadry, which includes coconut oil (fractional); Polydextrose, i.e., the dye E1200; titanium dioxide, i.e., dye E171; hypromellose, i.e. the dye E464 red iron oxide, i.e., dye E172; yellow iron oxide, i.e., dye E172 and black iron oxide, i.e., dye E172.

Part of the effervescent tablets includes the following elements:

  • Vitamin B1, or thiamine hydrochloride (15 mg);
  • Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin (15 mg);
  • Vitamin B3, or nicotinamide (50 mg);
  • Vitamin B5, or Pantothenic acid (23 mg);
  • Vitamin B6 or hydrochloride of pyridoxine (10 mg);
  • Vitamin B8 or Biotin (150 mcg);
  • Vitamin B9, or folic acid (400 mcg);
  • Vitamin B12, or cyanocobalamin (10 ug);
  • Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid (500 mg);
  • Calcium, or Pantothenate and calcium carbonate (100 mg);
  • Magnesium, or carbonate and dihydrate magnesium sulfate (100 mg);
  • Zinc, trihydrate or zinc (10 mg).

“Berocca plus" contains several auxiliary substances:

Vitamins in banks
  • Orange flavor (100 mg);
  • Aspartame (25 mg);
  • Acesulfame potassium (20 mg);
  • Beta-carotene E160a (40 mg);
  • Isomalt (265,53 mg);
  • Citric acid anhydrous (1700 mg);
  • Sodium bicarbonate (840мг);
  • Anhydrous sodium carbonate (60 mg);
  • Sodium chloride (40 mg);
  • Mannitol (16, 85 mg);
  • Red beet E162 (30 mg);
  • Polysorbate 60 (900 mcg);
  • Sorbitol (155,30 mg).


The Vitamins from the B group are actively involved in metabolic reactions, including the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

Vitamin C is one of the best biological antioxidants. Through its action, occurs inactivation of radicals, increases the absorption of iron in the region of the small intestine, improves the metabolism of folic acid and improve the functioning of white blood cells. In addition, it has a stimulating effect on the growth of tissue (connective and bone) and leads to normal absorptive function of capillaries.

Calcium is involved in the processes occurring at the physiological level, affects the functioning of enzymes and transmission of nerve impulses with the help of vitamin B6 and magnesium.

Magnesium is actively involved in some reactions, including protein synthesis, oxidation of sugars and the metabolism of acids (bold).

The Zinc serves as a catalyst for enzymes (more than two), is a component of many hormones, receptor (hormone), proteins, and neuropeptides. In addition, he is directly involved in the coupling of coenzymes, which are derivatives of pyridoxine.

According to the doctors, “Berocca plus” in water-soluble form does not accumulate in the human body. In this regard, if a person discovered an increased need for intake of minerals and vitamins, normal dosage of the complex, even taking into account derived from food items, may not be sufficient.

Tired man

Instruction ‘Berocca plus” does not include information on the pharmacokinetics of the complex.

Indications and contraindications

Use ‘Berocca plus” indicated for deficiency of vitamins of B category, the lack of ascorbic acid or zinc, and when a state accompanied by an increased need for them.

The Main indications forthe application of the following set:

  • Increased physical activity;
  • The condition of continuous overvoltage and nervous stress;
  • Unbalanced or inadequate nutrition when limiting diet;
  • Being in old age;
  • Chronic alcoholism.

Contraindications to use include the following health problems:

  • Increase in the concentration of calcium within the body;
  • Increase concentration in the body of magnesium;
  • Disease kidney stone paths in the shape of urolithiasis or nephrolithiasis;
  • Haemochromatosis;
  • The violation of kidney function;
  • Hyperoxaluria;
  • Lack of glucose-six-phosphate dehydrogenase;
  • The failure of the body's fructose (in effervescent tablets);
  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the complex;
  • The age of fifteen years.
Elderly man

“Berocca plus” can be taken with caution and only on doctor's prescription people who have revealed the following problems:

  • Atrophic gastritis;
  • Diseases associated with the stomach or intestines;
  • Diseases of the gland (pancreas);
  • Syndrome of poor absorbability of B12;
  • Congenital malabsorption of cyanocobalamin (intrinsic factor castle).

Dosage complex

According to the instructions on the application “Berocca plus" of the complex it is necessary to accept inside, washing down a pill with water. If the vitamins in effervescent form, tablet pre-dissolved in water (one Cup).

Should Take one piece a day. A course of treatment is thirty days. The decision to repeat the course should be taken by the doctor.

Side effects

According to reviews on vitamins ‘Berocca plus” may appear some side effects:

  • Allergic reaction, such as rash, hives, anaphylactic shock or laryngeal edema (one in ten thousand cases);
  • Problems in the functioning of the Central nervous system in the form of dizziness, headache, increased excitability or insomnia;
  • Abnormalities in the functioning of the digestive system in the form of small short-term gastrointestinal disorders;
  • Violation of hematopoiesis in hemolytic anemia in people with deficiency of glucose-six-phosphate dehydrogenase.


According to the reviews and the instructions on the application “Berocca plus”, cases of overdose of vitamin has not been established.

Symptoms of overdose may be:

  • Diarrhea;
  • Discomfort in the stomach;
  • The symptoms of neuropathy (excessive intake of pyridoxine hydrochloride in over a month or if you exceed the daily dosage).

In case of detection of at least one of the above symptoms must immediately stop using the vitamins and immediately consult the doctor for treatment.

Drug Interactions

According to the medical opinions about “Berocca plus”, the interaction of vitamins with some elements can cause certain reactions. For example:

All the vitamins
  • In interaction with acetylsalicylic acid contained in vitamin ascorbic acid absorbed one-third less;
  • Products containing antacids reduce the destruction of thiamine in the body;
  • Aminosalicylic acid and blockers of H2 receptors (histamine) and neomycin reduces the absorption of cyanocobalamin;
  • The use of oral contraceptives contributes to a possible decrease in the content of folic and ascorbic acid, and pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin;
  • People suffering from Parkinson's disease, the dosage of pyridoxine for more than five mg is able to reverse the effects of levodopa; levodopa but if apply together with benserazide or carbidopa, such neutralization does not occur;
  • Five-fluorouracil and thiosemicarbazone cancel the effect of thiamine;
  • With a daily intake of deferoxamine and ascorbic acid at a dosage of 0.5 grams can disrupt the work of the ventricle located on the left side.

Special instructions

Ascorbic Acid is able to exert influence on the determination of urine glucose. The results of the tests can show incorrect results. So, before you take the tests, it is necessary for a couple of days before the test stop taking acid.

When taking Riboflavin urine may become bright yellow, but it is possible not to pay attention. This is a normal reaction of the body. The complex includes vitamins that dissolve fat. One tablet contains your daily dose of pyridoxine. In this regard, exceeding the recommended doses of vitamins can have a negative impact.

Based on the user “Berocca plus”, one tablet contains one-third requirement of magnesium per day in the amount of 33.3 %, and one-eighth of the value of calcium per day in the amount of 12.5 %. This concentration of nutrients suggests that to cure a magnesium deficiency and calcium only with the help of reception is not possible.

One effervescent tablet contains sodium in the amount of 272 mg. Therefore, patients who observe restrictive diet with reduction of salt intake, the complex is recommended to use plain tablets.

If the patient has discovered an intolerance to certain sugars, to begin receiving complex need expert advice. Also need advice before you startreceiving complex individuals taking other medications.

The Complex is allowed to receive to people diagnosed with diabetes. This is confirmed by the composition of the vitamin complex

One effervescent tablet contains mannitol in the amount of 276 mg. This composition expresses 0,028 HEH, and also means the energy value in the amount of 2/3 of kilocalories.

One simple tablet contains mannitol in an amount of 25 mg lactose monohydrate in the amount of 94 mg and dextrose, in the amount of 13.44 mg. This composition expresses 0,02 HEH, and also means the energy value in the amount 0,143 calories.

Restrictive diets

According to the feedback on “Berocca plus” on the ability to drive vehicles and other movable mechanisms of the complex has no effect.

Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding vitamins to take is not recommended. Despite the safe concentrations and dosages of minerals and vitamins in the complex, its use during pregnancy must be done only in the presence of medical indications. Since its components are allocated in breast milk, administration of the complex is unsafe for breastfeeding mothers and their children.

Children up to fifteen years and the complex is strictly prohibited. People in the retirement age, to apply the property.

For the purchase of the complex in the pharmacy need to buy the recipe is missing.

“Berocca plus”: counterparts

Vitamin has many analogues on the content of minerals and multivitamins. These include:

  1. Vitamins ‘Berocca” magnesium and calcium.
  2. Multivitamins “Additive” (in a simple form, with a high content of minerals or iron).
  3. “Antiox”.
  4. “VI” mineral.
  5. “Vektrum” calcium.
  6. “Vidaylin M”.
  7. “VI Fehr”.
  8. ‘Vitaspectrum”.
  9. «Vitamin A 15 Solko”.
  10. “I”.
  11. “Vitatress”.
  12. “Kalinova”.
  13. The‘Jungle" with minerals.
  14. “Glutamevit”.
  15. Multivitamins “Permanent”.
  16. “soon”.
  17. “I think”.
  18. “alphabet” trimestral.
  19. “alphabet” mother.
  20. “alphabet” ophthalmic.
  21. “La Vita”.
  22. “alphabet” assets.
  23. ‘Maximin” Forte.
  24. ‘Magnesium +”.
  25. “Mega Vite”.
  26. “Abusive”.
  27. ‘Menopaus”.
  28. “MAGAZIN”, pronatal.
  29. ‘Multi-tabs”.
  30. ‘Multi Sanostol”.
  31. ‘Multimax”.
  32. ‘Multimax” for children of school age.
  33. ‘Multimax” for children of preschool age.
  34. ‘Multimax” for pregnant women and breastfeeding.
  35. “Oligovit”.
  36. “Neurocomic”.
  37. “Queen”.
  38. “Pedivit” Forte.
  39. “Pregnant”.
  40. "Watering".
  41. “Pregnacey”.
  42. “Pregnavit”.
  43. “Reddevil”.
  44. Jelly Beans “standby” special.
  45. “Stress formula” with a high content of iron.
  46. “Stress formula” with a high content of calcium.
  47. “Supradyn”.
  48. “stresstabs”.
  49. “Tri-V-plus”.
  50. “ascorbic acid".
  51. “Was”.
  52. Multivitamin “Upsavit”.
  53. "ferro" vital.
  54. ‘Aflubin”.
  55. “eleven” recommended to drink a therapist. "Centrum”.
  56. “Yunikap”.
  57. "Centrum" silver.

Storage of vitamins

To Keep the complex in the form of effervescent tablets is necessary in a closed tight lid packing with a temperature of not more than twenty-five degrees. Keep away from children. Store no more than two years.

Berocca plus tablets

Store the complex in the form of simple tablets is necessary in a closed tight lid container at a temperature not more than twenty-five degrees. Keep away from children. Store no more than three years.

According to reviews, the vitamin complex “Berocca" useful, but does not contain all the required components in the desired concentration. Therefore, the use of these vitamins, you must have an additional source to get all the body's supply of minerals and vitamins.

Prices for a vitamin preparation vary in different pharmacies from seven hundred roubles to one and a half thousand rubles. The exact cost depends on the region and pricing policy of the pharmacy network.

On average, patients vitamin complex give an estimate about four and a half stars out of five. To undoubted advantages of vitamin b complex people attribute high performance in mental, physical and psycho-emotional loads; facilitate the transfer of strict restrictive diets; the convenient form of reception-in an effervescent form. The disadvantages of vitamin product are high price and low efficiency due to insufficient staff.

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