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Surgical instruments can be divided into special purpose and General purpose. Nowadays they are known more than a thousand.surgical instruments

The Operation consists of several steps. Depending on kind of work performed, use certain instruments, which cut through tissue, plant them, fix, stop the bleeding, connecting tissue, etc.

The Separation of tissues

Every operation begins with a phase that involves a scalpel. This surgical instrument cuts through the skin and subcutaneous tissue. For further dissecting of fascias, aponeurosis and soft tissues are used, in addition to scalpels, knives, scissors, electric knife, laser scalpels, ultrasonic devices, and other gadgets.

Stopping bleeding

The Stage is carried out with the use of a ligature for clamping the vessel, stitching fabrics, etc.

Tissue Fixation

Surgical instruments have to provide dilution of the wound edges and fixation of organs for better viewing and ease of carrying manipulation in the depth of the wound.

Main stage

Use special operating suites and a variety of techniques.

Connection tissue

Perform a variety of sewing devices that connect the edge of the fabric with metal clips.

surgical toolsThe equipment of General purpose include those which are used for the separation of tissues before surgery. It – a variety of knives, scalpels, scissors, saws, pliers, chisels, osteotomy.

Auxiliary as an anatomical and surgical tweezers, forceps, blunt and sharp hooks, probes, dilators of wounds.

Hemostatic tools are clamps and needles, and for tissue using various needle holders with cutting and stitching needles.

Surgical instruments. Basic set

Sets allow you to perform all the typical operations in a medical facility.

surgical toolOn the table of the operating sisters are always “binding tools”, which she enjoys. A pair of scissors, anatomical forceps long and small, 2 forceps, hoe for linen.

The basic kit includes General surgical instruments that are needed for any operations, and special tools. All of them are made of stainless chrome or high carbon steel, possessing a complex of valuable mechanical, physico-chemical and technological properties. Surgical instruments are made in accordance with the approved medical standards. Their quality largely depends on the initial properties of the materials from which they are made. All medical devices must meet special requirements: non-toxicity and biological inertness to the tissues and environments of the human body. In the manufacture of tools you need to ensure that they will be subjected to aseptic processing, which should not affect the shape and properties. An important indicator of materials – increased corrosion resistance. To surgical tool was stainless, steel add a certain amount of chromium.

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