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Our society now has an irresistible tendency of the separation of rich and poor, successful and failures. Some people who have not found themselves in life, confident that all the newly minted millionaires sure have earned their money by dishonest means. Biography of Andrey korkunova, one of the most influential Russian businessmen, successful and happy person can become a shining example of the origin of wealth, how much effort and what sacrifices it requires. He went from janitor to principal, tried his hand at various professions, rubbed on the palms of the labor of corn, lived in barracks, but always firmly moving towards its goal, which, in the end, achieved. In one of numerous interviews Andrey Korkunov noticed that business in Russia from scratch to do very difficult. Here to work, you need to be at least a hero. What is so heroic he did? Some of the bricks he was building his wealth and how he lives now, when it is just made up and just made?

General information

Many Russians Andrey Korkunov. The photo, which can often be seen in press and on the Internet demonstrate such good-natured, always smiling, always friendly. In fact, A. Korkunov-determined man with a strong character who knows how to be tough and to be uncompromising. In the late 90s, he decided to take “sweet” business, from scratch built and opened a small chocolate factory, and glorified his name. Creating a seemingly stable and highly profitable business, Andrey Korkunov suddenly left it and started another, absolutely an unknown – bought the Bank “Anchor”, becoming it the head of the Board of Directors.

Andrei Korkunov

Having Worked a bit in a well-regulated financial system, Korkunov decided to introduce new principles of work and created a structure that deals with individual storage means. He called her “MOBIUS" (Universal Mobile Individual Store). He also had another important job – he is Vice-President of the society, “OPORA Russia”, which unites the entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses. Korkunov reports that is engaged in this work with great pleasure, because I am sure that it is such a small production is able to create the welfare of the country.

Childhood “barefoot”

Biography of Andrey korkunova, like any other person starts in childhood. Any defective or deprived it's time for Andrew to not be named. 4 September 1962, he was born in the small town of Aleksin, in the Tula region, in the family, Deputy Director of the plant Nikolai korkunova. His mother Galina worked here as an engineer. He knew of the defect and a child already adopted this lifestyle as the right one. So in 10th grade he was in essay about my future, honestly wrote that he wanted to work as a Director. With the exception of high aspirations Andrey Korkunov grew up the typical reckless kid in the yard playing with friends in football, hockey, went to the section Sambo, and in winter skated on "oke" circle. He remembers that, sometimes, falling into the icy water, but friends always helped him out, although they too were soaking wet and later dried at the fire. Everything about what was going through little Andrey, – not to have noticed his wet panties mom. She has always been strict upbringing, abused son, even for four, brought from school, instilling in him the idea that he must be better than others.


After school, Andrey Korkunov went to Moscow to study “Director”, which entered the MEI. As he says himself, to the knowledge of the particular thrust he was not even the lessons he was taught rare, but the exams always pulled the ticket, which I knew, so got the scholarship regularly. On the question of why, of all the Moscow universities, he chose MEI, Andrew says that he, basically, didn't care where to study, if only in the end to get to production.

biography of Andrey korkunova

MEI he was chosen because at this Institute he studied his roommate, his hilarious stories about College life helped him to make a choice. Despite its more secured than the current situation, Andrey Korkunov considers that he was very lucky by birth, because he caught a wonderful life in the Soviet Union, when all students were equals, and their heads filled not thinking about the business. He enthusiastically recalls trips "potatoes" of summer camp with their tents and singing campfire with a guitar and regretted that modern youth is unknown.

Early work

In the Soviet years, the average scholarship was 40 rubles. Taking into account the then existing price it was quite decent money. Children and family Andrey korkunova then haven't bothered, but he even personally wanted to have more money, which a job as a janitor once in two housing. In one, he was sweeping near the school, in another – near the hostel. To get up he had at 5am, but due to his youth it was easy. In high school Andrew was a member of the Committee dealing with foreign students. They took jeans, imported cigarettes, the then fashionable plastic bags and podological these overseas products, that is engaged in black marketeering.

A Touching love story

It happened at the Institute in the third year. In MEO practice came a group of students from Taganrog. Among them was a little shy and very pretty girl, Lena-wife of Andrey korkunova. The young man, almost a Muscovite, invited the provincial to the tour at ENEA, three days later, tell her you love her, and another two proposed. Then Lena ended the practice, and she is back in your city. Andrei Korkunov photoAndrew in the Dorm hung a wall calendar with two monkeys. He tore it in half, one monkey gave Lena a second left. Three years young people texted and once a week calls back, which went by the Telegraph (mobile phones wasn't). Andrew this period of love still continued to earn. He went to the station and shipped the coal, and during the Moscow Olympics was selling Pepsi-Cola. In this field he has managed to earn more than a thousand rubles.

Andrey Korkunov, biography: family and first steps in adult life

Upon graduation, Andrew and his fiancee got together in the direction of Podolsk Electromechanical plant. The lovers were finally able to live together. As young professionals, they were given a room in the hostel. Andrew, whom he appointed master of the Assembly shop, began to assert himself as a leader. He remembers that not all he was given, because in subjection to him, young and inexperienced, was more than 100 people with experience of 20-30 years.

Natalia korkunova wife of Andrey korkunova

In 1987 he was drafted for military service. The father through the old connections drop him in the design office military representative. He became the representative of the Ministry of defence, checked the work of designers, took samples of military products. On duty he had to move to Kolomna. Elena went along with it. In Kolomna the young people were married. They were given a room in the barracks that stood near the forest. Living conditions in that gate was difficult, but in General the couple was very good. Korkunova made friends with the neighbors, which suited in the forest, picnics with bonfire and barbecue, Elena, and Andrew is remembered to this day. In Kolomna they had an elder daughter, Natalia.

Create your first business

Perhaps Korkunov would have remained in the military, be promoted to high ranks, but the country began the era of perestroika, ruthlessly destroying all the plans. From the war Ministry declined orders, and with them the wages of all employees. Photo of Andrey korkunova shows us a strong-willed energetic man. This couldn't drop the hands and humbly to wait for improvements. He retired from his design Bureau, despite the loss of all military benefits, and a classmate organized a workshop on tailoring of jeans. They have in the shops employed 70 seamstresses, were also drivers, loaders, suppliers, sellers. It went well, but with the partners the relationship was over.

Andrei Korkunov state

Andrew and his family moved to Moscow, where opportunities are always more. Here he is with friends his wife founded a firm engaged in the sale of everything that was bought. Once they instead of TV drove the truck with candy. Surprisingly, sweet goods, sold out in a couple of days. He decided to start selling the chocolates, but after two years of successful work ripe for the construction of their own factories.

The Beginning of a glorious “sweet” of cases

In 1997, Andrey Korkunov has signed a contract with the Italian firm Witter, which produced chocolate, on the construction of such a factory in Odintsovo. He bought a parcel of land being a dump, and after 9 months, was erected on the site of the first shop. The Italians did not believe in success, because the contract is severed. Andrew stayed to help a few, among whom were engineer by candy Mario, who later became his friend. Hard to imagine, but who had no experience in chocolate production Andrey Korkunov chocolates have created itself.

The Night before the launch of the first line, when all was ready, he drove to the factory, try samples of candy, and they did not like him. Together with Mario Andrewbegan to mix in plastic cups the ingredients until I achieved excellent taste result. Thus was born candy “Arriero”, which took in France in the first place. In the morning the line was launched, but all the previous raw had to be poured down the drain and replace the new one. Here he is, Andrey Korkunov, who for the sake of business is not afraid to lose something, to get more.

Financial activities

Many people wonder what is Andrei Korkunov condition. He their income does not advertise, therefore, his capital can only say approx. So, his candy factory, which lasted only 7 years, and with it the brand “A. Korkunov” he sold Wrigley for 300 million. E. however, he left himself a 20% stake and the chair of the Board of Directors. The proceeds Korkunov invested in Kazan «Tatekobank”, leading the Board of Directors and there. After a little time he spent re-branding of the financial institution that Kazan was unheard of. Now it is called “the Anchor. Savings Bank”. Korkunova here belongs to the 49,79% of the shares and assets of the Bank amounted to 8.9 billion rubles, of which household deposits account for more than $ 5 billion.

Andrei Korkunov biography family

In Addition, risk, the businessman engaged in the production of crackers «Vorontsov" however, he considers himself in this business only by the consultant. In 2011, among the Russian billionaires Andrey Korkunov took 275 place. Now the Bank “Anchor” is in a quandary. Its profits are falling (according to the latest data, the losses amounted to about 100 million), investors seek to withdraw their money, causing the government was forced to impose restrictions on withdrawals.

Personal life, interesting facts

For this risky of a businessman the main achievement – not the title of the post, and his four daughters. The eldest of them has already graduated from University but went to study further, because I wanted to become a filmmaker. Name is the eldest daughter Natalia korkunova. The wife of Andrey korkunova is a housewife or business, nor not interested in politics, engaged in drawing and psychology. On the farm helping her housekeeper, but shops and the market Elena herself.

In his spare time he likes to go fishing. His personal record – 120 kg in fish But hunting it does not recognize, believing that to shoot defenseless animals – it is despicable. In addition, he enjoys motorcycles, loves dashing ride to the wind in ears whistled, but the attributes of bikers in leather jackets with lots of chains and buttons. Even Andrew Korkunova like cars. Once his father was black “Volga”, he now has the blue «Mercedes» and “Jeep”. As Andrei says, he rarely uses the services of a personal driver, basically sitting behind the wheel himself.

Andrei Korkunov family photo

Because of the backlog of cases very little time is dedicated to their loved ones Andrei Korkunov. Family (a photo of his eldest daughter, my grandson and presented in our article) for it – a quiet haven where he can be himself and relax. Andrew says he loves when wife is feeding him with a spoon like a baby. Elena shares the secret of what her husband's favorite dish. Surprisingly, it's not overseas marzipan, and the usual potatoes, baked with bacon in the oven. He Korkunov considers himself a foodie. He recalls that in his childhood never tasted of yesterday's dishes, I wanted everything to be fresh. To sacrifice those principles he had only in his student years, when he lived in the dormitory.

As a true Russian man, Andrew can drink vodka, sometimes strong language in his conversation slips. The big flaw is he does not believe. Korkunov is proud of the fact that never in his life did not commit dishonesty and deceit, everything is always done according to conscience.

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