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Kart racing is one of the types of active recreation that is gaining popularity among the residents of Russia. Foreign spaces such entertainment has won a remarkable success, and demand continues to grow with each passing day.

This high degree of popularity among people of different age and sex, with skills of different levels, is explained very simply. Ordinary people without professional skills can be satisfied with the sensation similar to that experienced by the pilot "Formulas-1". Instead untamed sports car is a safe vehicle. Karting center on Krasnoputilovskaya, 69 is one of the entertaining establishments, where you can increase the level of adrenaline in the company of his friends. In addition, visitors are offered a lot of interesting things.

kart on Krasnoputilovskaya


The Center is ready to welcome guests who wish to visit on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 15.00 to 1.00, as well as on weekends (Saturday – from 12 to 1.00, Sunday – from 12 till 24.00). You can get there from the metro station "Leninsky prospect".


The Benefits of karting to Krasnoputilovskaya, more than the rest. Now the building has a new route, the circuit will be available for visitors soon.

The Main length is 250 meters, and in one round lasts about half a minute. The rate of passage of approximately 36 km/h. To get the most positive emotions, it is recommended to pass not less than five karts. Maximum number of cars in one race – seven pieces. Also, fans of active leisure services cafes, located on the fifth floor, whose Windows can see the beautiful panorama of St. Petersburg.


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karting center on Krasnoputilovskaya

Those who are going to try karting for the first time, you will need a video with instructions detailing the rules about check-in and safety while driving. To view this information equipped with a special room, located in the preparation area. Everyone who decided to spend their free time by visiting the karting on Krasnoputilovskaya, get a lot of positive emotions and charge drive. The administration took care of the smokers. Now specially designated for this purpose located in the territory of the center, it will not have far to go, and during a pause you can enjoy the view started in.

Additional services

In Addition to the standard kart on Krasnoputilovskaya offers the organization and carrying out of corporate competitions, where you can spend unforgettable time with your work team. And after check in you can eat and regain strength, have a dinner for the buffet table.

kart on Krasnoputilovskaya prices

This event is becoming increasingly popular among other types of collective recreation. Large groups receive a discount.


For those who are tired of the monotony occurring days missed enchanting emotions and wants to add life to the spark, any option - karting on Krasnoputilovskaya. Prices on arrivals vary depending on the duration and days during which the stay passes. For example, a ticket for ten minutes on weekdays costs 450 rubles, at the weekend it will cost 550 rubles. A quarter of an hour has a cost of 550 and 700 rubles respectively. For children the cost of check-in does not change. The visitors offered a mini-tournament, which on a weekday will cost 2900 and output – 3600 rubles. On the road you can also stop by with the whole family. The cost of the week will be 1900, and on the weekend – 2500 rubles.

For enterprise customers there is a special offer whereby the price is 9 thousand rubles/hour. This amount includes: equipment, organization of competitive tournament duration, and the ceremony of awarding the winners of the race, which provided for the award of medals. The promotion applies to weekdays – mon-Thu, the validity is limited.

Opinion of people who have visited the institution

kart on Krasnoputilovskaya reviews

Those who attended the karting on Krasnoputilovskaya, reviews positive. According to customers, the track has interesting twisty route that makes you keep attention not to miss the next turn.

The Cost of check-in is available even for students who like to spend leisure time indulging in outdoor activities. Some note that the smell of hot rubber helps to dive into the real atmosphere of real car racing. According to visitors, the main advantage of tracks is that it's covered. That is, the rest can't stop pouring rain, nor wind, nor cold.


If not enough in the life of the drive, karting on Krasnoputilovskaya will provide it at the first race. And if you have any questions, you can ask them by calling by phone +7 812 677 09 69.

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