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Actors of the Soviet cinema... Famous and talented personality of a bygone era, each with their own journey through life, accompanied by a love and appreciation of the audience.actors of Soviet cinema

Ovchinnikov, Alexander – honored artist of Russia, a bright representative of the theatrical scene and Soviet cinema, famous for the films “Children Vanyushina”, “Open”, “Without guilt”.

Biography Ovchinnikova

Alexander Ovchinnikov was born in Moscow on 7 June 1947. While in search for his place in life, he studied at the Energy Institute, worked, then was in the army.

At one point decided to try himself in the theatrical field and applied in the school Shchepkin, to the point where the entrance exam is over. The selection Committee went to meet yesterday's soldier, giving him an attempt to show himself as a promising actor. Ovchinnikov, adequately to withstand the test, was accepted to the famous teacher and Director of V. I. Tsygankov.

Start acting the way

During the study, along with the rest makenzee participated in the mass scenes of stage productions of the Maly theatre. As a student, in the famous scene played 4 roles, among them Janus of “Criminal tango”, he participated in the premiere of "Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich”. After theatre school in 1973, he was invited to the troupe of the Maly theatre, where he played dozens of roles. Among them were large and small, and each was distinguished by forethought and proper understanding of the drama.


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The Audience is sure to remember the following acting work she and Janek (‘vec Makropoulos” Carl Capek), Chino (“Stole Consul” Georgy Mdivani), Dima (“Evening light» Alexei Arbuzov)

Professionalism Alexander Ovchinnikov

Alexander often had to duplicate actors, to enter into the finished performance. Usually most of the commissioning is planned in advance, but often in theatre practices there is force majeure when the actor in a matter of hours, after only a few rehearsals should be in "combat" readiness to yield in a predetermined manner. So Ovchinnikov appeared in the role of Prince Shakhovsky in “Tsar Feodor Ioannovich”. Also appeared in the play “the insulted and injured" in the role of Alyosha. These two works fully demonstrated the professionalism of the young actor, who managed to reveal the complexity of a played character, while highlighting in it all.Alexander Ovchinnikov

The Role of Egmont in the production of G. Hauptmann “Before the sunset”, prepared by Ovchinnikov own, was so successful that the actor began to play with her the first performer on an equal footing.

Alexander Ovchinnikov authentic and organic, playing the role of a contemporary character. In the image of George in the play “Over light water” Belov actor convincing in-depth understanding of the human inner world of our time. Seriously looking at your character, Alexander is not trying to smooth running from the very life of contradictions.

Filmography Alexander Ovchinnikov

  • “the Dog's happiness" (1991) is a children's film about the search for the adorable poodle named Baby.
  • “bedtime story" (1991) – a psychological drama about twin brothers, the military attaché and the employee of criminal investigation Department. Alexander played the role of chief Margarita.
  • “the Arrival of the moon" (1987) – the story is touching and complicated relationship singing teacher Peter Fedorovich Kaloshina (Ovchinnikov in the title role) and gymnast Katya Prokhorova.
  • “Five thousand for the head of Mavluda” is a historical film about the highlanders, who made a daring attack on the estate and give the loot to the poor Georgian people. The action takes place in the early twentieth century. For a correct allocation of production following Mevlud Diasamidze, the head of which promised five thousand gold.
  • “Without guilt" (1985) - film-play by A. N. Ostrovsky. Ovchinnikov in the role of Gregory Neznamova.
  • ‘Summer walk" (1982) – a film based on the eponymous play by A. Salynsky about a young student Boris Kulikov, who tried to prove the value and innovation of the ideas of his father, an architect. Alexander Ovchinnikov – actor, who performed in this production the role of a guy with a guitar.
  • “Children Vanyushina" (1982) – domestic drama, one of the most significant works of drama, not coming from a theatrical stage for more than a century. Alexander Ovchinnikov played the role of Alexis.

biography Ovchinnikova

  • “Here again, the window" (1982) – three stories in one movie connected to the song "Here again the window” (the verses by M. Tsvetaeva, S. Polakova music). Ovchinnikov has played in the third novel, the role of Alyosha, came to the apartment of his future bride Tanya and her mother Anna Kirillovna.
  • “Through the Gobi and Khingan" (1981) – a war film about the events of the Second world war at its final stage. A Japanese lab has created biological weapons, which were tested on prisoners of war. The mystery of this laboratory was requested to solve the epidemiologists Sokolov Dmitry. The job he performed, but at the cost of his own life. Alexey Ovchinnikov in this film played a major role.
  • “Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich" (1981) – the second part of a trilogy of Tolstoy A. K.,talks about the Russian tsars. Ovchinnikov in the role of Prince Shakhovsky Gregory.
  • “Coast” (1980) – a film about the novel writer Vadim Nikitin, and a young German woman, Emma, what happened during the war and which found its continuation after forty years.
  • «Russian people" (1979) – a film about the courage and heroism of Russian people during the great Patriotic war. The film takes place in a small town occupied by the Nazis.
  • “Trickery skupina" (1979) – a film about a temperamental actor Skupine, can any banal life situation to turn into a fun and noisy theatrical performance. Actor Alexander Ovchinnikov managed to find the right paint for Moliere Leander, exactly correspond to the style of play and overall system performance.
  • “the Makropulos case" (1978) – a film about the elixir of longevity, who wants to possess each hero plays. Alexander Ovchinnikov has played the role of Janek.
  • “Last year's square dance" (1978) – drama, in which Ovchinnikov has played a major role – Jyrki Kwiatkowski. The film tells about the students, arguing for the love of a pretty girl, Tony.
  • “the Dust under the sun" (1977). A war film about the suppression of the revolt of 1918 in Simbirsk. Alexander Ovchinnikov has played the role of the commander of the 1st army of the Eastern front the red Army-Mikhail Tukhachevsky.

Alexander Ovchinnikov actor

  • “the insulted and injured" (1976) – a screen adaptation based on the eponymous novel by F. M. Dostoevsky. About a love triangle, which is a dreamy writer Ivan Petrovich, girl Natasha Amineva and boneless handsome Alyosha Valkovsky (Alexander Ovchinnikov).
  • “have you seen a Doctor" (1974) – the film is about a young girl Katya Luzina, graduated from College and aspiring to become a good doctor. Actor Ovchinnikov played the role of a young surgeon Sergei Petrovich.
  • “Open” (1972) – a film based on the novel by Ivan Goncharov. Ovchinnikov in the role of Nicholas A. Vikentiev.

Personal life Ovchinnikova

In family life, Alexander Ovchinnikov was happily married with an actress of the Maly theatre Alena Doronina - daughter Constance the model guaranteed and Vitaly Doronin. The couple raised two beautiful children - Igor and Nastya.

Actors of the Soviet cinema go one by one, giving way to the younger generation of the new era. Alexander Ovchinnikov died 24 October 1997 after a long and painful illness. He was buried at the cemetery Troekurov.

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