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Officially, the day of the press in Russia began to celebrate since 1993. The Russian President signed a decree approving the January 13 day printing in 1992. To this day this holiday is celebrated on may 5th. The day of the press no wonder it is celebrated on January 13. This date has a story.
Printed matter calculates its history in the distant 1703, when Jan 13, Peter I signed a decree, which said about the beginning of the first edition of the newspaper «Vedomosti». But once the newspaper became a regular. The name of the first room was very long and difficult memorable. Produced this newspaper is in circulation is not constant and had no official names. It was printed alternately in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The content of the newspaper, too, left much to be desired. It published excerpts from foreign publications, and also the decree of the king and Council.
But, nevertheless, the beginning of printing in Russia was laid. Over time, the newspaper was developed, and in 1719 it got its own journalist and translator James Cinevic. This fact significantly changed the look of the newspaper. It appeared a lot of articles about what is happening in the capital and in Russia in General. Also began to publish interesting facts and to solve numerous questions.
From 1728, the newspaper got its name “ Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti». Its circulation was about 4 thousand copies. Since that time, printing began to develop everywhere.  In 1813, published a newspaper in Astrakhan, and in 1870 began to publish periodicals.

Since then, the profession of journalist has become more popular. So the day of the press in Russia is a public holiday celebrated everywhere. All rush to congratulate relatives and friends with their professional holiday. The President noted the achievements of journalists and awards grants and awards to those who distinguished themselves in the professional field.
Colleagues are also not left without attention this holiday. Management notes the most worthy and arranges concerts and corporate events. Organize a celebration, providing a special scenario. Press day is celebrated across Russia.
The Profession of journalist is very important for the whole life of the country. Covering all events of political, spiritual and social life of the state, they do not disregard even the most minor news. Thanks to them, we learn about everything that happens in the world and the country. We find ourselves in the thick of things and unable to fully participate in all activities.
Celebrating the day of the press in Russia, people always remember those who gave their lives, covering events in dangerous areas and hot spots. The profession of a journalist is always a risk. They show the true side of the events, and this question is not like all. But this is the meaning of the work of this profession.
The Independence of journalism and print media is essential for the impartial coverage of everything that happens in the world. About this, congratulating on the day of the press in Russia, always refers to the President of our country. Only then will we be able to obtain truthful and accurate information about all events. And only in this case a journalist makes sense.
In our country there are many talented journalists and reporters, which can raise global issues regarding the life of our state. Thanks to them, dare not remain closed, many of the problems. They help people to seek justice when they are faced with the arbitrariness and indifference. The print edition carried out numerous actions in helping sick children and invalids. Thanks to them, many of them found a second life.
The Role of print media in our life is huge. Each of us is necessarily looking some Newspapers and magazines. Therefore, we can say that it is a General holiday. A celebration of independence and objectivity.

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