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There is a considerable list of places that you must visit for everyone who wants to fully explore Kazan. Restaurant “Palmer” takes its place in it. This place had like many visitors who speak only the best about your stay within its walls. Read more about reviews, prices, and services can be found in the article below.

Location and operation mode

Today, the visitors is sometimes a daunting task – to choose one place in which you regularly spend time. A wide variety of establishments baffled all who have decided to spend time outside the walls of his home. Was seen by many restaurant “Palmer”, which pleased with pleasant atmosphere and quality services. It is visited by people of many different interests, activities and requirements, because all they see in the restaurant «Palmer” ideal for stop place. Kazan restaurant pashmirFind it at the following address: Kazan, street Hadi Taktash, 30. It is located on the shore of a lake in the historical part of the city. This allows visitors to enjoy beautiful views of the Old Tatar settlement. In warm seasons the balconies of this place you can contemplate the beauty of the main attractions of the city. Such opportunities can only offer the restaurant «Palmer”. Contacts institution known to many residents of the city. To get to it very easy. Worth it to ride the subway, stand at the station «Sukonnaya Sloboda”, to make a short walk to bury in the door of this place, which, incidentally, is open at any time of day and any day of the week.


Every city can boast of its list of worthy places for spending holidays. Is no exception and Kazan. Restaurant “Palmer” confidently takes its position as one of the best institutions and it confirms the high level of work. This place should be classified as an elite, although it enjoy free minutes for people of different status. The first restaurant opened its doors to guests in December 2007. Outwardly, he is a two-storey building that is hard to ignore. Interesting architectural design distinguishes this place from the mass of others. The large space allows you to simultaneously entertain more than 300 visitors, each of which will be deprived of attention and care.Palmer Kazan restaurant menu In summer, guests of the restaurant ‘Palmer” can also be accommodated on the outdoor deck which is eighty. The institution is well-executed zoning that allows each to find his place in a big building. The halls have the ability to adjust light and sound. Guests are also invited to relax under the sounds of good music and smoke all sorts of hookahs. Fast and friendly service, individual attitude to every guest the perfect atmosphere for any event ranging from romantic Dating, and ending a business dinner – all this will win the heart of even the most demanding visitor and will provide a bright, positive emotions.


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Kazan, restaurant “Palmer” is a great choice not only from services but also from the point of view of appearance. The whole building is made in a futuristic style, which best displayed the modern trend in the interior. The draft of such a stylish and cosy area was developed together with the famous Moscow restaurateurs. restaurant pashmir contactsAs a result of their work was very unusual school where you want to spend as much time as possible. Luxurious carpets, cushions, comfortable sofas, rich colors in the decoration, a fireplace in the form of Uzbek melons – it all looks harmonious with the atmosphere that prevails in the walls of the institution. It must visit everyone who decided to learn everything about a place like Kazan. Restaurant “Palmer” has retained a style and Oriental motifs, comfort and functionality, warmth and comfort.

Menu and prices

“Palmer" (Kazan, Russia) – restaurant, whose menu is built on European and Uzbek culinary traditions. Everybody who crossed the threshold and gets the opportunity to taste the incredible culinary masterpieces, made by the Golden hands of chefs. The main menu is very extensive, which allows guests to choose something according to their tastes and preferences. There are also special dishes that make up a separate menu, such as lean. Orders are often found noodles with beef and vegetables, dumplings, soup, dumplings with shrimps, baklava, rolls with dried apricots. Special dishes of the restaurant ‘Palmer" - lamb on the spit. Average bill-3000 rubles.


Rich experience, smiles and words of sincere gratitude – this is what characterizes the restaurant's ‘Palmer" (Kazan). The reviews about this place say that the place is really able to implement the wishes of their guests. Many argue that this is the most atmospheric restaurant in town. restaurant pashmir Kazan testimonialsIt services, the service and the decor will please even the most discerning visitor. Restaurant “Palmer” knows what to offer and what they can't refuse.

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