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Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin - the greatest Russian national poet. Most of all he was interested in themes of love, freedom, friendship and creativity. He was born in 1799, in the city of Petersburg. Pushkin grew up in the family of a poor nobleman.

In 1811 the future poet began his studies at the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. It high-school years - the period of active creative work of Pushkin. These years can be associated with a number of the greatest poems. It is believed that Alexander was a follower of the lyrics from the Greek of Anacreon. Even in the Lyceum, Pushkin begins writing love lyrics in the verses. Love experiences the poet's source of inspiration and creative energy.

Mascot Pushkin's poem

After graduating from the Lyceum in 1817, in the poems of the writer there is an active discussion of the political situation. Pushkin seeks to create something new. He actively opposes the government. Most of his works are not published.

Later, the Pushkin works on the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila". The work has caused much controversy and discussion. This poem heralds the imminent change in Russian poetry.

Pushkin and superstition

Alexander was quite a superstitious man, as were most of the companies IXX century. After the Decembrist uprising due to his superstitious Pushkin was not arrested. On the way to Petersburg from Mikhailovskoye, his carriage ran across the road a black hare. Pushkin considered it a bad omen, it is therefore not continued way and by happy coincidence, remained at large. At that place erected a monument to the hare that stands there today.


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mascot Pushkin

Mystical ring of the poet

The Poet not only believed in omens, but appreciated talismans and charms. One of the things he emphasized (and sometimes even mystical significance), was a ring. That's him in 1827 he devoted his famous poem "the Talisman", which is covered with mysteries and riddles to this day, and many other works. Ring writer gave the Countess Elizaveta Vorontsova.

Sources reveal that Vorontsova had not only extraordinary physical beauty, but also differed a pure soul, a good education, wonderful education. The Countess was married. She met the poet when he was in the southern link. By the way, that South link is considered to be the heyday of romanticism in the works of Pushkin.

Pushkin verse talisman

Elizabeth gave a ring to Pushkin as a sign of parting. Many literary critics believe that this gift was not accidental, and young people felt to each other sympathy. To this day it is not known, was the affair of the Countess with the poet or not. This topic raises a lot of controversy among literary critics.

Pushkin's Attitude to the mascot

Except poems to have survived and the poet's drawings, which depict the mascot by A. S. Pushkin on his arm. He loved this ring and almost never parted with it, except when I forgot the gift of the Countess at home. Forgetting the ring, Alexander asks his brother to send a talisman and writes in the letter that he misses the gift of Elizabeth. Pushkin took off the ring just by being at death's door and gave it to Vasily Zhukovsky, who was his friend. Basil, like Alexander, never doubted the magical properties of the talisman. After his death, Zhukovsky, as Pushkin, gave the gift of Elizabeth. He gave his son, that he gave his Turgenev. And only heiress of Turgenev continued the tradition and passed the mascot of Pushkin in the Pushkin Museum in 1887. It was later stolen, his fate unknown to this day.

The Great Pushkin. Verse "Talisman"

Poems of Alexander fascinate readers around the world for over 100 years. His works are distinguished by the diversity of themes and motifs.

analysis of Pushkin's poem of talisman

“Mascot" - a poem by Pushkin, written in 1827. It has 32 strings and is divided into four stanzas. Wrote him a poet in the period of his creative maturity. The work is dedicated to Elizaveta Vorontsova, and the gift she gave to Pushkin. The work was published only after the author's death. The protagonist of the piece is the writer, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Verse "Talisman" definitely shows the author's attitude to the gift of the Countess.

Magic ring

Today is actively discussed "the Talisman" by Pushkin. The poem is steeped in mystery and conjecture. Some argue that it is literary fiction, while others are of the opinion that being a superstitious man and ladies ' man, Alexander could have an affair with a married Countess, and give your ring a special magical significance. By the way, the Countess was an absolute copy of the mascot, and, by sending each other letters, the two lovers sealed their rings envelopes.

verse talisman

In Addition to magic (as he calls the gift in the poem Pushkin) ring, Charles also gave him a locket with his image. After the loss of the talisman the administration of the Pushkin Museum has requested to the heirs of the Countess, so that they gave the second ring. The heirs agreedbut, as it turned out, the ring-talisman Vorontsova also disappeared without a trace. Everything reminds me of him is hard, the mold and the imprint of magical rings, which are preserved in the Museum premises.

Analysis works

Analysis of Pushkin's poem "the Talisman" is quite vague, every literary critic analyzes his own way. In the present work the perception of the present as a magical object. However, Pushkin says in his poem, that no matter how magical and wonderful talisman, from death he will not save him.

The Pride of Russian prose of the IXX century

In the year of writing of the poem "Talisman" Pushkin takes away from the poetics of romanticism. Alexander makes love one of the most important in Russian literature. His works are the pride of Russian prose of the IXX century. The lyrical hero of the poem "Talisman" is male and the giver of the ring in the piece appears as a sorceress.

mascot and Pushkin

"the Talisman" by Pushkin and a number of poems devoted to the charms of the poet and the Countess Vorontsova.

"Burnt letter"

It is Known that the Countess, being married, was not willing that Alexander kept her letters, and asked them to burn. This was the reason for the creation of a poet's poem "Burnt letter", which was written in 1825. Pushkin burning of the letter was a symbol of farewell with love. Also, this piece has enough emotion.


Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was a great poet, his contribution to Russian literature IXX century, is extremely high. Pushkin was one of the first to use in his works of folk vocabulary. He is the most saturated his works with tropes and metaphors, and not afraid to Express their opinion with regards to power. It Alexander is one of the few whose works laid the basis of Russian literary language. Despite his age, the works of Alexander Pushkin are still relevant today. A lot of people around the world use its collections as the Board books.

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