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Each person has Hobbies. Some people prefer the free time to do sewing or knitting, someone more like have carburetors and engines, some can not imagine their life without every free minute to give reading. Also, there are those who loves flowers and other plants. For people with a similar passion and there are flowers - a kind of art that is gaining at present, more and more popularity.

Creating bouquets, compositions, collages made from a variety of live, dried or even canned natural materials now allocated in a separate category of design. The most commonly used materials are the flowers and leaves and all sorts of berries, fruits, herbs, nuts and other components.

One of the most attractive advantages of this type of art is that anyone can start doing it. There are even special courses-floristry for beginners, in which professionals teach skills, not just a collection of flowers in a bouquet and do the same with the professional side. Masters tell students about all the nuances awaiting them in their future work. To achieve professionalism, creating a song, you need to consider many factors, including the compatibility of different varieties of flowers with each other, the characteristics of color effects and storage components. A separate stage floristry for beginners involves the study of floral etiquette and the rules of preparation of different types of songs.

For the person to want to surround himself with beautiful things. Floristry for beginners will help you learn how to do the decoration of the surrounding space, be it a private apartment, or workplace in the office. As a rule, all sorts of festive events can not do without ornaments made of flowers, even if they are artificial. Very often, the living arrangements make wedding attributes: halls, restaurants, cars newlyweds exit the ceremony. Holidays are also not the target floristry: Christmas song decorate even the most unpredictable corners of the home.

Going to anyone from friends and comrades for a birthday or other special event in current society it is customary to give the celebrant not only a gift, but a bouquet of flowers, carefully compiled by a specialist in the store. And no self-respecting master of the floral shops will not hire a person who knows practically nothing about the industry. Floristry for beginners in this situation will be a lifesaver for both owner and employee. Almost every day there any festive events. But, unfortunately, not less often someone leaves our world. So the funeral flowers are as important as any other. Compiled all the rules of composition that can explain the feelings of relatives to the deceased. For example, their grief mixed with profound respect and love for the departed relative.

Whatever the reason, all sorts of compositions created on the basis of various representatives of the plant world, anyway, accompany the person all his life. Invented in the distant past, limited in communication by women in the East, the language of flowers is quite often used and at the present time. Thanks to him, without words to Express love, hatred, recognition, contempt and a lot of different emotions and feelings. It is a pity that not everyone understands this beautiful language is perceived and often presented with a bouquet of directed negative emotions, as a gift from a benefactor. Although most, of course, flowers are talking about high feelings.

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