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Juicer “angel” is an indispensable helper in the kitchen. Guaranteed quality hand-built almost to a minimum reduces the likelihood of marriage. This method of manufacture affect the price, however, the risks reduced to zero, fully justify all costs. As a rule, almost all juicers are assembled from metal and plastic parts. But if we are talking about the brand “angel”, all the elements of the device, including the frame, are made of high quality stainless steel.

Let's take a closer look at what are the advantages of auger juicer “angel”, and how does it work.juicer angel

Quick facts

The hallmark of the juicers of this brand is full metal body. For its production used steel grade SUS304. The manufacturer has equipped the device with system pressed. Its cycle consists of three stages, which greatly improves efficiency. The block spin and the grinders are made of special material-surgical steel. Juicer “angel” powerful enough – 3 HP a liter of juice obtained in just a few minutes. This performance is due to the high speed of the rotor. In a minute they commit about 82 rpm. Many buyers were interested in the advertising slogan: “With juicer “angel” juice you can squeeze out even from grains”. It is worth noting that this is true. The device copes with this task. If necessary, you can obtain “milk” of grains, seeds or nuts.

Working Principle

Let's see how the juicer “angel”. Model of the screw type. Its principle of operation allows to prepare juice with minimal loss of nutrients. The oil is extracted by pressing method. The product passes through the block spin due to rotation of the screw. It can be used for processing herbs. The cake turns out quite dry.juicer angel price

Models and accessories

The Russian market presents a lot of models of juicers “angel”. In order to bring only joy, you must immediately deal with the complete set of devices. Let's look at some of them.

  • Angel Juicer Angelia 5500. Juicer “angel” is capable of processing fruits and vegetables for a long time, as it is equipped with a special cooling system of the engine. The kit includes a pusher with a silicone ring, a fluid container, cleaning brush, bushings and seals.
  • Angel Juicer Angelia 7500. The standard. This model is equipped with reverse, which is automatically triggered during high load. Its main function is to prevent stalling of the engine.
  • Angel Juicer Angelia 8500. In addition to the standard content, the kit even includes 18/10 Stainless Still nozzles, manufactured from steel with premium, splash guard Stainless Still 18/12 high strength. This model is also equipped with a sensor that controls engine speed, reverse, protect against overheating of the unit.

auger juicer angel


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Honest reviews

For many buyers were able to estimate the resource this juicer “angel”. Reviews are not 100% flattering. Although this equipment belongs to the premium class, but some deficiencies still exist. If you evaluate the unit on a five-point system, it deserves a solid four. Most consumers noted that the price of a juicer is somewhat overstated. Of soft products (perespevshy Apple, banana, tomato) juice almost not squeezed. However, there is a solution - to buy a special net which is sold separately. The cake actually turns out quite dry. If you use a juicer only for the treatment of herbs, roots and grains, it quickly goes for the pin screw and breaks the sieve.

And on the positive side, they also quite. First of all, all buyers have identified easy cleaning of parts. To clean them, just rinse under running water. Compared to other brands of juicers, “angel” works on 5-10% more efficient.juicer reviews angel

What is hide price?

Juicer “angel”, the price of which starts at an average of 50 thousand rubles, relates to the segment of expensive home appliances. Many believe that the price is unjustly high, however, this assertion is true only at first glance. If you look in more detail, we get the following picture. Thanks to the juicer “angel” can be overcome almost one liter of juice, when other models from the same quantity of products will give the end result is only about 600 g of liquid. During the year the family will save up to 25,000 rubles.

It is Also worth noting that twin-screw juicer Angel work more efficiently, but minimum cost – 100,000 rubles.

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