Gout treatment traditional and folk medicine


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Gout is a chronic disease, which is based on the excessive accumulation of uric acid which leads to deposition of microcrystals in the tissue. Clinically, this pathology is manifested by acute arthritis and formation of tophi - gouty nodes.

This disease is more common among men (95%). Women suffer from gout only after menopause.

The Main biochemical manifestation of this destruction is hyperuricemia is excessive concentration of uric acid in the blood. The main source of acid - purine compounds that enter the body with food or formed during metabolism of nucleotides. That is why among the causes of gout there are three main etiological process:

• a metabolic disorder in which produced an excess of urates;

• kidney damage, which prevents the removal of these compounds from the body;

• hyperurecemia the result of both of the aforementioned processes that hindered and education, and excretion of urate.

Because the disease is accompanied by marked inflammatory changes in the joints and severe kidney and tissues of the body, treatment of gout should be comprehensive and include both medicines and traditional methods of therapy.

Drug treatment of gout

Treatment of this disease is directed to the removal of acute attacks, eliminating hyperuricemia, prevention of the formation of tophi, as well as their best resolution.

In the acute period of the disease is often assigned to colchicine. He is a phosphatase inhibitor that inhibits the process of cell division. The most pronounced therapeutic effect can be observed when administered in the prodromal period or when the first symptoms of arthritis.


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Alternative to colchicine are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, among which is often used voltaren or phenylbutazone.

Gout Treatment should include drugs that reduce the formation of uric acid and increase excretion of urate (Milora, orotic acid, Keaton, benemid).

It is Worth noting that the choice of drugs depends on the disease pathogenesis. If gout is a metabolic etiology, that are assigned urikozuricescie funds. They inhibit the formation in the body of uric acid. Renal type of gout drugs of choice be a uricosuric medicine that more intensive excretion of urate by the kidneys. It should be remembered that this group of drugs is not assigned when expressed violations of the kidneys, for example, renal failure or nephrolithiasis.

I Must say that effective gout treatment is impossible without a diet. All patients assigned to the lacto-vegetarian diet (No. 6 by Pevsner). The chronic course of this disease shows physiotherapy, balneotherapy, hydrocortisone phonophoresis, and diathermy.

Treatment of gout with traditional methods

Immediately I must say that self-treating gout with the help of folk methods not allowed - it must be only a constituent part of complex therapy.

Often gout use infusion plants that includes fragrant violet, leaf beans, bearberry leaves, corn silk and buds of birch. Also used a decoction of gentian root. Patients are encouraged to include in your diet a large number of grapes that should drink alkaline mineral water or a weak solution of baking soda and a lot of strawberry or strawberry.

Joint Pain well removes the daily application of iodine, which is mixed with castor oil and liquid ammonia. A good therapeutic effect of nettle juice and infusion of sage leaves and cranberries.

It Should be remembered that self-medication can have unpredictable consequences, so any folk methods should be agreed with a doctor.

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