The symptoms of endometritis. Disease treatment of traditional and folk ways


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Childbirth, abortion, miscarriage often leads to the development of such diseases as endometritis. If you're not careful syringing, probing, scraping, various studies of the functional layer is damaged, leading to penetration to the organism of tuberculosis mycobacteria, diphtheria, and Escherichia coli, chlamydia, streptococci and other microorganisms.

symptoms of endometriosis

Symptoms of endometritis

The Disease can be both chronic and acute. Because of the weak expression of symptoms in the initial stages, women are often not possible at the right time to begin treatment.

As a result of penetration of microorganisms sexual ways develop chronic endometritis. Treatment of this form of the disease is in a hospital setting. Symptoms of this type is as follows: lower abdominal pain, abnormal discharge, fever, large blood loss during menstruation. The manifestation of these symptoms should immediately contact a specialist as not timely treatment may cause great harm to female body.

Acute endometritis caused due to mechanical damage of the endometrium. The symptoms of endometritis, occurring in the acute form:

  • Weakness, frequent headaches;
  • Uterine bleeding;
  • Nagging pain in the area of women's bodies;
  • Fever;
  • Back pain;
  • Pus.

If you encounter these symptoms, you must consult your doctor because the disease can affect other parts of female genital organs. Treatment of endometritis is more efficient in the initial stages of the disease.
chronic endometritis treatment


If you detect the symptoms of endometritis, you after consulting a specialist treatment. It can be performed in outpatients under the supervision of a physician.

A Common scheme of treatment of acute course of the disease:

  1. Vitamins and Immunostimulants.
  2. Antibiotics "Cephalosporin" and "Metrogel" intravenously, and the drug "Gentamicin" – intramuscularly.
  3. Clean up the uterine cavity.

If you have any symptoms of endometritis chronic, takes a swab for a reaction to antibiotics. Is defined by the following treatment scheme:

  1. Antibacterial.
  2. Antiviral agents.
  3. The Disinfection of the female genital organs.
  4. The Elimination of toxins from the blood.

A More effective method of treatment using the introduction into the uterus of drugs. Adds hormonal therapy.

Purulent endometritis involves scraping of the uterine cavity. When this procedure is performed under General anesthesia. This is followed by hormonal therapy.

Folk medicine 

Well-Known and traditional methods of treatment of this disease. Marshmallow root, sushenitsu, lewsey, lavender, leaves, clover, blueberry, wormwood, nettle, pine buds, chop and mix. 3 cups of boiling water pour 2 tablespoons of the mixture. To insist 12 hours, drain. Make the decoction 3 times a day, one third of the glass.

purulent endometritisHowever, despite the current popular methods of treatment of endometritis, remember that it was right to entrust their health with a qualified specialist.

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