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Whatever the system of Autonomous power supply, which is powered by solar energy, it includes some required components, including batteries or solar panels, inverter, controller, discharge and charge, and battery. As you know, solar panels work by energy of ultraviolet radiation. Then as a battery for solar panels is expected to serve a slightly different role. As the primary task is the accumulation of power and its impact. The main technical feature of the battery is its capacity. According to this indicator, you can determine what is the maximum period of operation of the system in standalone mode. In addition to this features you must take into consideration the operating time, operating temperature range, and the number of discharge cycles and charge. The average battery life can reach 10 years, but this figure will depend on usage conditions and types of battery.

Types of batteries

battery for solar panels

If you decide to purchase a battery for your solar panels, then it is best to choose the most common sealed lead acid variety. These batteries are manufactured in two different technologies, among them are the Gelled Electrolite and Absorptive Glass Mat.

First the technology was used in the late fifties of the last century, it consists in adding to the electrolyte of the oxide of tetravalent silicon. This helps to ensure that the electrolyte passes into a gel state. This technology allows to achieve the tightness of the battery, while the circulation of gases occurs in the electrolyte, which is jelly-like. As another positive features of the gel batteries is no need to add water during the entire period of operation.

The Second technology was developed 20 years later and involves the use of porous filler of the separator, which is represented by the fiberglass variety. It in the manufacturing process is impregnated with the electrolyte, turning to a state that is devoid of liquid. The dosing quantity of the electrolyte, the manufacturer ensured that the completed there were only small pores, as large are designed for circulation of gases. These batteries do not involve additional maintenance.

The Choice of battery capacity

an external battery with a solar battery

If you decide to purchase a battery for solar battery, the first thing you have to determine is the capacity you need. Most often this value is chosen considering the average consumption of electricity per day. We should not forget the depth of discharge, which must be 70%. Faithful discharge mode and charge acts as the main condition, which prolongs the life of the product. If you choose a battery for solar panels, it is important to remember that too much charge current can reduce the amount of the electrolyte, resulting in failure of the battery.

Expert Advice on selection

solar panel to charge car battery

Purchasing an external battery with a solar battery, you have to consider that the greatest distribution was received by the device, working voltage is 12 V. They are used for Assembly of the blocks, the tension of which is 24, 48, etc. If we consider the main parameters of this block, among them there is the discharge current, charge and capacitance. The battery pack must be compiled using a serial connection circuits. In this case, the total working voltage will be equivalent to the sum of voltages of each of the connected batteries. When connecting batteries in parallel should be aggregated capacity, not voltage. This is because the latter figure will remain unchanged. Before you connect the batteries in parallel, you need to adjust the voltage on them.

Selecting a battery is the temperature

solar panels for car batteries

On sale today presents an external battery with a solar battery in a wide range. That is why it is important to consider the temperature, which will be able to withstand the device.

Most often, these products can withstand high and low temperature. However, according to professionals, this should not be abused. This is because whenthe increase in temperature of 10 degrees in all chemical processes accelerated in 2 times. While the charge difference of the battery temperature and ambient is 15 degrees. This is due to the recombination of oxygen. To cope with this problem will help natural air cooling of the battery. If you follow all these rules, you will recruit long-term operation of the equipment.

When to choose a starting battery?

battery charging from solar battery

When you select a solar panel to charge a car battery, you can choose the kind of starter equipment. This kind of battery is chosen if there is a possibility of operation with good ventilation. It should be noted that the feature, which is the biological properties of the energy for self-discharge. Automotive batteries are used in the case where the battery system working in harsh conditions, and its batteries are constantly discharged. Consumers resorted to this solution in the case that charge your equipment at 100% is not possible.

When to choose a gel battery?

diagram of the solar battery

When you select a solar panel to charge a car battery, it is possible to prefer the gel variety. It is good in that case, if it is not possible to constantly maintain the battery. Such devices are selected in the absence of good ventilation where you plan to install. The gel kind can not be called a budget option, the operation will cost more than automobile batteries. In addition, their lifetime is not as long lasting. However, these qualities kompensiruet low self-discharge, which is lost at least an impressive amount of energy.


the battery charge from the solar panel

If you are considering solar panels for car batteries, it is possible to prefer this type of device. A lifetime somewhat smaller compared to the above. But among the advantages we can distinguish the absence of outgassing, which gives the possibility to mount the device in any place that is not equipped with ventilation. The small size of the battery allows for operation even in premises the area of which is small. To carry such a battery can be charged. It will be enough for 500 cycles under the condition of 80 per cent charge level. Battery charging from the solar panel is very effective. In 9 hours it will be fully restored. Subject to undercharge the battery can operate satisfactorily. It is important to note that the equipment must be operated at temperatures below 15 degrees. The reduction of this level does not necessarily indicate poor performance of the device. While higher temperatures may cause reduced lifetime.

Flooded sealed batteries

If you are interested in battery from the solar panel, you can choose hermetic isolated varieties of the device. These batteries are chosen in that case, if the power exceeds 500 watts. Other similar equipment required for the smooth operation of the system. The lifetime of such batteries is the longest. Only through them it is possible to ensure cyclic operation of solar panels, which is true even if the cycles are heavy.

End of selection

If you have decided to choose battery solar powered phone, you should consider what are the conditions of operation of the equipment. If it is possible to constantly maintain the battery, whereas cycles are not heavy, you can purchase the traditional starter battery. Experts advise to prefer the gel batteries in the case when there is no possibility of their ever to serve. Such solutions are used for the most powerful systems. To ensure the long period operation of the system, which features massive capacity, will be able only sealed or flooded batteries. If we are talking about a backup system, it provides the use of AGM batteries.

How to choose a used device?

Before the acquisition of the described devices can be considered their scheme. Solar battery, battery for which you can buy in the departments of the relevant goods, capable of operating from alkaline device. As it pros, you can highlight the possibility of deep recharge without damage to the unit. That is why the specialists advise to purchasetraction batteries are used. In such devices for a sufficiently long period of operation. This type of battery is used infrequently, it indicates that find a variety will be much harder. You can win your choice of starter lead-acid batteries. Additionally, you can highlight their accessibility, and ubiquity.

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