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Movies about ships and the sea hardly ever go out of fashion. This is not the first decade of the audience breathlessly following the adventures of intrepid travelers, treasure hunters and pirates. Uncharted lands, wrecks, dwelling in the depths of the sea monster – the subject is inexhaustible. So, which paintings deserve attention in the first place?

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“pirates of the Caribbean” is a series of paintings about the brave adventurers. The story of Jack Sparrow and his friends cannot be ignored, listing fascinating films about ships and the sea. It starts with the fact that the captain of the “Black pearls” loses his ship, which becomes the property of his old enemy Barbarossa. Of course, the pirate is going to get lost and not bother a terrible curse hanging over the opponent and his team.

films about ships and the sea

The First film in the series, released in 2003, was the audience like, so the story had a continuation. Currently available to view for four part Saga, soon to be fifth.

Film «White squall" (1996)

“White squall" - adventure drama Ridley Scott, which is also not to mention, listing interesting movies about ships and the sea. In 1960 sailing Brigantine “al” out to circumnavigate the globe. Commanded the expedition of captain Christopher Sheldon, which are under the command of inexperienced boys, graduates of Ocean Academy.

films about the sea and ships of adventure

The Journey would be pleasant if not for the outbreak of the storm. It seems that the raging waves I want to break the ship to pieces and kill all its passengers. The team bravely fights for survival, however, to escape death and return to earth will not for everyone.


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Film “Master and commander: the far side of the Earth" (2003)

Not only drama, but also fighters worthy of the attention of the audience. “Master and commander: the far side of the Earth" (2003) - a fascinating film in which the main role was played by Russell Crowe. The events take place during the Napoleonic wars. Military sailing ship “Surprise” suddenly attacked by a mysterious vessel that arises from the fog. The crew manage to repel the attack and escape from death.

Ghost ship 2002

“Surprise” could continue their journey, however, in this case, the picture of the “Master and commander: the far side of the Earth" (2003) hardly made the impression on the audience. Captain Jack Aubrey genuinely outraged by the arrogance of the enemy and can not leave a daring attack unanswered. He rushes in pursuit of the unknown ship, endangering not only his life and reputation, but also the whole team, under his command.

Film "Captain Phillips" (2013)

What else to see? ‘Captain Phillips" (2013) - crime Thriller with Tom Hanks in the title role. The story begins with the attack of Somali pirates on a cargo ship, which is under the command of Richard Phillips, whose best years are behind us. The brave defenders of a ship could repel the attack, however, criminals leave not with empty hands.

master of the seas on the edge of the earth 2003

Richard Phillips, the commander of the vessel, is a powerless prisoner of Somali thugs. Hero is unknown, why does he need his kidnappers. He wants to escape from their hands alive, however, this seems unlikely. Richard will find out how cruel the society in which he found himself.

Film “Kon-Tiki” (2012)

The Above is not all movies about the sea, about ships, able to interest the audience. “Kon-Tiki” is a historical drama, the story is borrowed from real life. In the spotlight is the famous feat traveler Thor Heyerdahl, who in 1947 was able to take incredible sea expedition.

The Audience can observe fights with bloodthirsty sharks, wrestling with the elements, at stake is a human life. The heroes will have to gather all courage together in order to achieve their goal and return home. Of course, the people who were on the verge of death, will never be the same.

Film “Perfect storm” (2000)

Action-Packed drama “Perfect storm” will appeal not only to fans of George Clooney, brilliantly played a key role. This picture can be recommended to all who like dynamic films about the sea and ships. The adventures of the heroes, who are not lucky enough to become a toy of the sea, will not allow to break away from the screen until the very end.

captain Phillips 2013

Disaster Movie is interesting because based on real events. The story, which it describes actually took place in 1991. The Atlantic coast of the United States were under the authority of the Halloween storm, in the eye of the storm turned out to be a fishing vessel "Andrea Gail". Unfortunately, the story ended tragically.

Film ‘Waterworld" (1995)

What else should definitely watch films about the sea and ships? The adventures described in science fiction Thriller "Water world" hardly will satisfy lovers of suspenseful movie. The main role brilliantlymanaged actor Kevin costner.

The Events unfold in a world where the Apocalypse came. Global warming has led to the fact that the land was gone. A lucky few who were lucky enough to stay alive, forced to surf the water spaces and to fight for fresh water, which was a great value. All guns of a gang of dangerous criminals who have no respect for human life. However, people believe in the existence of the island, access to which is committed the card-the tattoo made on the back of a child. Of course, to capture girl captured and use it to reach the earth dream everything.

Scary movie

The Film “Ghost Ship” (2002) will appeal to all who are attracted to horror. Events occur in a remote region of the Bering sea. It all starts with the fact that the rescue team finds the remains of a large passenger plane. For more than forty years this ship is missing, as well as all those who have made it a journey.

films about the sea and ships

Rescuers sneak onboard the ship lying on the bottom of the vessel, not even imagining what a fatal mistake they make. People are forced face to face with a mysterious past passenger liner that causes them. They will have to battle, the results of which determine whether they can stay alive. The film “Ghost Ship” (2002) keeps the audience in suspense until the final credits, which allowed him time to gain in popularity.

More view

There are other intriguing and drive the creeps tape that tells the story of the sunken ship, for example, it is noteworthy that the picture of the "Bermuda triangle" (2005). Billionaire Eric Beneral wants to find out the fate of his ship that disappeared near the Bermuda triangle. He hires a team of professionals who have to go looking for him. The desired goal seems close, when the squad is faced with anomalous phenomena. After that the crew remains only one objective – to avoid death.

Not to mention the painting "Ship of death" (1980), Recalling the interesting movies about ships and the sea. Passenger liner faces suddenly appearing on the road, by steamer, is wrecked. Crew members who managed to survive the catastrophe, decide to go home on a cargo ship, collided their ship. When people climb aboard, to their surprise there is none. It turns out that mysteriously, the survivors of the steamer operates independently, and this is not the only mystery they have to solve.

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