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“Octavia Scout – present reasonable car group Skoda. This definition deserve only the best model, - the member of the Board of Directors of the company Frank Welsh, responsible for the technical development. – Our car offers customers a combination of off-road design, excellent performance, large interior space, high level of security. The novelty will become the pioneer of new standards in the crossover segment”.octavia

The Word "scout" is usually associated with the American pioneers, although the literal translation of the word scout - "scout". The name itself alludes to the buyer to the outstanding capabilities of the car. This is the truth.


Nowadays, a car with all-wheel drive is unlikely to surprise someone. This is true not only of SUVs but passenger cars, which in our market abound. It should be noted that the lineup includes all-wheel drive Skoda Octavia Combi, which is built on the basis of the Skoda Octavia Scout. 2014 marked for the domestic market the emergence of this model in our market. First sales will start in late spring or early summer.


“Scout” compared to their basis offers more options. Confirmation of this - the ground clearance: it is 40 mm longer than the model Combi and 16 mm greater than all-wheel drive version. The car is equipped with a powerful bumpers, moldings, 17-inch wheels Proteus. In addition, as expected from the SUV, the model made the additional protection of the bottom of the front and rear.


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skoda octavia scout 2014

But all-wheel drive with all the "bells and whistles" does not mean that the car is capable to overcome obstacles of any complexity.

The New Skoda Octavia Scout is available exclusively with two engine options: 150-HP 2-liter power unit FCI or 140-horsepower diesel engine with TDI PD diesel particulate filter. They both work in conjunction with 6-speed manual transmission. The basis of all-wheel drive is a multi-plate Haldex clutch, mounted ahead of the rear axle.


Once in the salon Octavia Scout, immediately pay attention to typical German “roof” as the models of the Golf or Leon. Therefore, the major part of the devices and their placement are met. It is also impossible not to notice the chairs the colors of the “wet-asphalt” and inserts made of nubuck leather of the same color. It looks very impressive.

But still there are some problems with the ergonomics of the seats. They are long and narrow, and passengers of large stature the edge of the pillow can be fairly put pressure on the bottom of the hips. This will have to get used to. As for adjusting the chair position, backrest angle, lumbar support, everything is like at the Leon model, that is, no electrically adjustable – all you need to do manually. Electro Skoda poorer, for example, the mirrors don't fold click. But there's a hatch, which will not cause skoda octavia

The Steering wheel looks like setowski: the placement of buttons to control multimedia system on the centre console the same. But “donut” has a good supply adjustment. It can be lowered down almost to his knees or lift to the breast. As for the controls, climate control and display media system – they are more interesting setowski, but poorer than those of German cars. The dashboard is not impressive. The same sensors of level of fuel and temperature of the cooling system is not entirely clear, and we have a first look. Pleased with the display of the trip computer which shows average mileage, fuel consumption, recalls the need to refuel or undergo maintenance.

At the door Octavia Scout lot of pockets for little things and 0.5-liter bottles or aluminum cans. Hidden under the armrest box is a decent size. On the wide back of the second row also have the armrest that is used as a table or as a hatch for long-length.

Front and rear seat with electric heating, which is important in winter considering the materials from which they are made. On the second row will be able to accommodate people as medium height and high.octavia scout specifications

The Trunk

Behind the passengers of the second row is roomy Luggage compartment. Its volume may increase to 1600 m. For transportation of bulky cargo that is enough. A small drawback is the inability to open the trunk from the cabin. Without a doubt, there are multiclutch, but it is not very convenient.

Note: the fuel filler flap opens when click on it on the left side in the middle.

Octavia: features

“Scout” is not a rapid car, but the automaker ensures to “hundreds” it will accelerate in less than 10 seconds. Even pressed down into the floor the gas pedal and accompanying the powerful engine roaring fast start is not happening – the car is slow and sluggish to accelerate. The speedometer should be reached to the mark of 60 km/h in first gear, but it works the Rev limiter. In second gear there is a noticeable wings, but a major acceleration is not called.


Low fuel consumption – serious plus Octavia Scout. In tranquil, rural drive, the onboard computer shows a consumption of around 6 l in the city – 10-11L. Is a very good indicator that corresponds to “passport”.

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