Strawberry mite: how to deal with this pest?


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Luxury strawberry bushes are shrinking to dwarf size and have a depressed appearance, the first leaves grow to a normal size and just after some time together with the other becomes twisted and wrinkled on the underside of the leaf plates was observed silvering - these are external signs of the presence on the garden plant pest threat, referred to as ‘strawberry mite”.

Description strawberry mite

Pest of strawberry plantations distributed in all regions of cultivation of the horticultural crops and is characterized by very small dimensions (0.1 to 0.2 mm), so to see the insect only with a magnifying device. strawberry mite photoThe Vitreous is a transparent body of an adult mite has an oval shape and is divided into anterior and posterior parts by transverse groove. Females are larger than males 1.5 times and amount to 85 % of the total number of adult individuals. In the larval stage mites have three pairs of bristly legs, the adults four of them.

Parasitic activities

Typically, the clutch of small elliptical eggs females produce from both sides young, undiscovered sheet. At a comfortable temperature +19... +25 OWith the development of one generation of garden pest lasts from 2 to 9 weeks.strawberry mite Thus, from mid-April to Oct able to appear from 7 to 9 generations of the strawberry mite, optimal conditions for activity are high humidity and not too hot temperature. On berry bushes, strawberry mite (see photo in article) is with the planting, using gardening tools, shoes, clothes, berries, tendrils and leaves.


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Most plants become infected with this pest in mid-summer, when soil lacks moisture. It was at this time insects are fed with a special intensity, so the symptoms of damaged bushes are expressed most brightly. With the onset of cold weather, the pace of development of the berries of the pest are reduced; egg laying ceases at temperatures below +13 OC. To the end of autumn, the males die and the females overwinter in the stipules at the base of plants, sometimes waiting out the cold plates between the folded young leaves. If discovered strawberry mite on strawberries, how to deal with this pest? We'll look at it later.

The consequences of the activity of the tick

In all phases of the development of strawberry mite is found in the beginnings of the flowers and on young, just drop the leaves of strawberries; moves freely within the Bush. The consequences of life small pest is very destructive to plants: the yield of infected strawberry drops, the leaves become yellowish, oily, shrivel and die. strawberry mite on strawberriesThe Bushes are losing hardiness and mostly in the winter freeze. Breaking the formation is laid in late summer, flower buds, strawberry mite on strawberries causes great damage to the harvest is not only current, but next year and in good time can destroy more than half the number of expected fetuses. Gradually growing, the harmfulness of the insect reaches its peak on the plantations three to four years of age. How to deal with strawberry mite?

The Fight with berry pest should begin immediately, from the time of its discovery. Early spring beds need to collect all the remains of vegetation, because they are winter pests. Then the collected mass to burn or put into the compost, pre-disinfected. Also on every Bush plants carefully pour up to half a liter of hot (about 80 OC) water, then earth, to feed and water.

The Tick vs the tick

Get Rid of the pest is rather difficult due to an inaccessibility to the places of its settlement. The fight against strawberry mite can be an alternative method, consisting in the release of the damaged bushes its natural enemy – the tick, neoseiulus, cucumeris. the fight against strawberry miteThe predator bred in special laboratories and vegetable greenhouses and used throughout the summer period. For every leaf Bush of strawberries you want to produce from 25 to 40 ticks, depending on the degree of damage to the latter. Since this method of fighting is not for everyone, in practice, there are more affordable methods.

Strawberry mite: measures

Effective measure to combat garden pest, in which you can get rid of 90 to 95 % of its amount, is mowing the green mass immediately after harvest. The preliminary phase is required to weed from weeds, fertilizing and watering. The timing of this procedure should not be late, as the plant before the onset of cold weather requires time to build up the crown sheet. Then you need to make three times, at weekly intervals, spraying the cleaned area of the biopesticides “Akarin” or “Was” at the rate of 20 ml in a bucket of water. Effective application of pesticides “Actellic" (15 ml / 10 l of water) or “Fufanon" (30 ml / 10 l of water). Treatment should be undertaken twice within 10-14 days. Chemicals it is recommended to alternate, like a tick quickly gets used to pesticides.

Sometimes the result is disappointing

Due to location of most of the pests at the base of the Bush of the strawberry on half-open or unsolved paper processing, even highly effective drugs may be disappointed by an unsatisfactory result. The reason is that in remote habitats of the tick working solution to deliver difficult enough because of preventing the dense leaf to deal with strawberry mite

Before the start of the vegetation period with a significant defeat mites should be spraying all berry plantations 3% Bordeaux liquid. An effective measure in the fight against insects is the treatment of cultural plantings 70% solution of colloidal sulfur carried out in the period of regrowth of leaves before flowering and after fruit formation.

Traditional methods

In the Spring, with the growth of the first leaves, in the period of laying the buds and twice after harvest, to destroy garden pest infusion of onion peel. For its preparation 200 grams of the dried material should pour a bucket of water, infuse for 4-5 days, strain.strawberry mite on strawberries how to deal

In the struggle with strawberry parasite effectively spraying a garden plot with a broth of tomato foliage. To make 1 kilogram of dried green mass is required to pour 10 liters of warm water and infuse for 3-4 hours. After this infusion should be boiled for 2-3 hours, strain, dilute with water in ratio 1:2, add 40 grams of household soap. To use for its intended purpose: to treat the beds with strawberries.

Planting strawberries it is recommended to water the garlic broth is based approximately half a liter per Bush. To enhance the effect of the treated plants, preferably for a few hours, cover with plastic wrap. Spraying pesticides (for example, the drug “Malathion”) is only recommended after harvest. In the implementation process should drench the young foliage, as the strawberry mite, the bulk of lives on it.

Against strawberry mite is an effective heating of the soil. To do this, after harvest, you should mow all the leaves after 3-5 days, the area treated with fire (using gas burner), and then watering the plants. Further care of the bushes is reduced to weeding, feeding and shelter for the winter.

Preventive measures

In the struggle with strawberry pest it is very important to take preventive measures: planting shall be kept clean, well lighted and ventilated. Should not be planted berry bushes in shaded areas and in areas with stagnant water.strawberry mite control measures it is often Recommended to loosen the soil, hoe berry bushes, in a timely manner to carry out feeding activities. This makes favorable conditions for the growth and development of plants and increase their resistance to various pests, which include strawberry mite.

Featured events before landing

For planting strawberries you want to use only healthy seedlings. When using seedlings of its own production of young plants is recommended prior to planting to completely submerge a quarter of an hour in hot water, then rinse in cool water and planted in the ground. This treatment should be done no later than mid-August to the winter period, the seedlings should build up a good root system, from 3 to 5 leaves and a well developed growth buds. If detected early strawberry mite should be removed as damaged bushes, and adjacent to them. An effective measure of combating the parasite is crop rotation: strawberry can be returned to its former place not earlier than 4 years.


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