The quality management system at the enterprise as the key to successful development


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system of quality management at the enterpriseThe company should always be able to respond quickly to environmental change, the dynamics. Management needs to constantly keep up with the times. He should be able to offer the customer products that represents the greatest value for him. The main criterion is the price.

The quality management System at the enterprise is able to reduce the cost of production due to premature control characteristics of a product and the prevention of marriage on each unit, and the system as a whole. It is therefore necessary to carefully consider and coordinate the work of all elements in the production.

This is one of the most effective tools of the market. The quality management system in the company allows to win a big share of it. Leadership is achieved through improving the product characteristics, thus, the company achieves the trust of customers and suppliers.

To implement this tool, you need to apply to any certification where the quality management system at the enterprise will be certified in accordance with ISO 2000. To prepare for this process, the firm has to attract external organization to conduct evaluation, audit, development and implementation of ISO 2000 and to prepare the necessary documents for this. The representatives of certification center conducts an assessment of the current quality policy in the organization, draw conclusions about their compliance with international standards and issue or not issue the relevant document.


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managementTypically, the quality management system at the enterprise is developed in the course of the year. The most viable option is the hiring of qualified consultants in the organization to more correct formulation, in order to be covered the nuances of the process and may even have pointed out the pitfalls of certification. Be sure to participate in the process of the top management, to the responsibility and control over the development of the system rests on their shoulders. In addition, be sure the creation of the division of quality service in the enterprise, if it was not, the training responsible for staffing, audit and adjustment, and preparation of all documentation which includes policy of quality in the firm, documentation, process management and planning. Cost of system quality depends on the price of its development and implementation, cost of training, from funds that went to the very certification, and those that were spent on the control of the certification body after the conference. It varies from thirty five thousand to half a million.

results of quality management at the enterpriseHowever, the results of quality management in the enterprise will not force managers to wait long. Apart from this obvious symptom, as the improvement of the product and its manufacture as a whole, will identify weaknesses in the production, improved the technological process will reduce costs of production and, consequently, reducing product prices, thus increase sales and the company's share in this market segment.

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