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Internet cafes is currently a very promising and profitable business. It does not require a lot of investment. You only have to make a competent business plan Internet cafe, to plan all your steps for the organization of such things. Internet business in Russia has been quite volatile, so you need to make every effort to always be at the helm. 

First of all, you need to define the concept. Without this, you cannot begin to write a business plan Internet cafe. Develop your own style - that's the key to a successful undertaking. After all, if you want to open all new points, the highlight is simply necessary. Consider what kind of architectural model, the design and atmosphere you choose for your object. You should look for a company that provides such services and has experience in this kind of activity. Business plan Internet cafe should include information not only about all the costs, but how it will look in practice your firm. Let it be stylish and comfortable cafes, where clients will be greeted by a spacious hall with modern computers, a gaming area, a business center for business meetings and seminars, coffee shop and service center, providing services of printing of documents, scanning or recording of information in various media. The largest area should occupy a work area with computers.

Business plan Internet cafe takes into account the fact that the location in this case plays a big role. You cannot search for a room based only on their financial status. You need to consider many factors: what customers will be calculated in your cafe, what is their income, age, where they live and study and so on. Competent entrepreneurs are the map showing all the metro stations, cinemas, universities, clubs, hotels, residential districts and others. And only after imposing on it of the routes of movement of citizens can identify the points which are most preferred for the placement of such business. Thus, to select the optimal location is a difficult and demanding.


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Much faster the construction of the building or just repair the leased premises. Business plan Internet cafe includes all costs for these items. It is possible that the rental for you as a budding entrepreneur, it is preferable purchase. After all, so it is possible to significantly increase the payback period and reduce costs. The best option is renting a room in a big shopping center.

When you decide the place, it's time to start buying equipment and office equipment. Should not only cooperate with some suppliers. Prices and offers in the sale of computers change all the time, so you may come across a more profitable option. Be sure to ask the provider of the warranty period. 

It is best to open a non-Internet cafe. In addition, you need to take care of such an important fact as the acceleration of the Internet. This will attract new customers and not lose old ones. 

You will Need to hire a lot of people, if you want to become the owner of a large Internet cafe at least 60 computers. In one shift you need to hire a Manager in the directions of the Director, navigators, employees of the coffee house, shift managers, it professionals, employees of the service centre and reception, as well as the guard. Do not be afraid to recruit students. They are ideally suited for service in such an institution.

Business plan Internet cafe you can make by yourself or you can outsource it to professionals who offer such services. This business is quite profitable and bystrookupaemyh, so tune in to success.

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