Agriculture of Italy - peculiarities and specifics


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The First garden in Europe - so often referred to Italy. The country delivers to the world a large number of garden fruit, citrus, grapes and olives. Despite the wealth of land resources and favorable natural conditions agriculture of Italy - the most backward sector of the country.

Economy of Italy

Italy agriculture and industry

Italy, agriculture and industry which is very dependent on external sources of energy, characterized by significant differences in terms of profitability and specialisation of the regions. Highly rich North is opposed to the poor agricultural South. The main type of management small private enterprise with the active participation of government regulation. Despite several economic crises, its GDP per capita is on par with the indicators of France and great Britain.

In the structure of world exports Italy is one of leaders on deliveries of cars, tractors, motorcycles and bikes, industrial equipment. Chemical industry exports plastic and textile fibers. A significant part of the economy of Italy is the fashion industry. The country produces a lot of clothes and shoes. Tourism revenues form more than 1/3 of the national GDP.

Agriculture of Italy gives the world high quality olive oil, wine, fruit, macaroni and cheese.

Characteristic agriculture Italy

specialization of agriculture of Italy

The Country has a highly productive agricultural sector. This specialization of agriculture of Italy due to favourable natural conditions, which allow to grow the culture of temperate and subtropical plants. The main river is heavily used for irrigation.


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In the foothills of the Alps, there is a lot of meadows used for grazing.

Agriculture of Italy has this structure:

  • Crop - farming, vegetable-growing and potato growing, gardening and vine-growing, horticulture,
  • Animal husbandry - cattle, sheep, and pigs.

Specialization of the agrarian sector

agriculture in Italy

The Population ensure food products of own production by 75%, the remaining 25% covered by imports from neighbouring European countries. Agriculture Italy is represented mainly by small farms, the average area of which is 7 hectares. it employs a total of 6% of the population. Italy annually supplies the market with 6 million tons of fruits, 14 million tons of vegetables, for the collection of tobacco was ranked number 1 in Europe.

Among agricultural land arable land of Italy is 35%, meadows and pastures - 19-20%, olive groves, orchards and vineyards - 11%.

To the North is the Po plain. Here are fertile lands, which are cultivated sugar beet, soybean, cereals, maize and rice. In rice yield Italy is second in the world after China. Agriculture in this part of the country has a capitalist form, has an intense way of cultivation, the extensive use of wage labor.

Agriculture of Italy the South is mostly represented by small private farms specializing in the cultivation of citrus - orange, tangerine and lemons. Here grow pomegranates, olives and olives. Due to the mountainous terrain often manual labor is used.

agriculture in Italy

The Grape is grown in Italy everywhere. Almost the entire crop is processed into wine.

Due to the subtropical climate and the widespread cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses Italy delivers crop to the global market before other countries.

Livestock in the country is weak. Mostly they are engaged in petty traders, livestock in each farm is small.

agriculture in Italy

Cattle Grazing is mostly carried out in the Alpine meadows. For livestock feed are grown on the fields of legumes and industrial crops.

Causes of underdevelopment and prospects of development

agriculture in Italy

Italy is a member of the common market of Europe in a contractual relationship. This reduces the potential of local agriculture. Reduce the acreage of natural leads to a decrease in production volumes. To Italy increased their imports of European Union wheat, rye, meat, dairy products and eggs, which competes with local products.

Agriculture of Italy traditionally specializiruetsya on the cultivation of citrus, Mediterranean fruits and vegetables. However, in the framework of the common market the country barely managed to defend the lead in the industry. Loss of superiority in this sector would not only lead to a crisis in agriculture, but also hit the economy of Italy in General.

The Country has mountainous and hilly terrain. This makes it impossible to use in many fields of technology, therefore we will use the ineffective and costly manual labor.

The Government sees the way of efficient development of the agricultural sector to increase farm and the transition to capitalist form of management.

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