The history of the Ignalina NPP. Creating, plans and the closure of the station


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Famous for the Ignalina nuclear power plant was built in Lithuania during the Soviet era. It was originally supposed to be used for 6 generating units, each of which possess an energy capacity of 1185-1380 MW. However, the project was not implemented due to various reasons. Let's understand why and failed to build this power plant and how does the Ignalina nuclear power plant today.

Ignalina NPP

Construction and plans

Construction of the station began in 1974. Parallel to it was built the town where they were supposed to live, the staff that service is a massive undertaking. So, the first energy block was launched on 31 December 1983. In 1987 in the operation have passed, and the second block. Just was hoping to build 4 reactors, and in the future – 2. Third was laid in 1985. However, it was never built. As for the fourth unit, it generally remains only in plans.

Likely that if not for the so-called realignment, all the reactors would be commissioned, and Lithuania "bathed" would be cheap power, but finally the project was closed with the entry of Lithuania into the EU. So this nuclear power station was equipped with the most powerful at the time fotografirovali reactors, which provide high energy capacity.

Prospects of work of the Ignalina nuclear power plant

They were truly bright. You can talk about the prospects of this plant. Thanks to her, Lithuania has got very cheap electricity in huge quantity. The country only needs 10 billion kWh per year. However, two workers of the unit produced a total of 12.26 billion kWh of electricity during the same time period. In General, taking into account other hydroelectric power plants and wind turbines, the country had a 13.9 kWh per year. Therefore, 3,9 kW/h of electricity can be sold to nearby States. And imagine how many times the energy capacity of the country increased, if it was built the third and fourth energy blocks!


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Ignalina nuclear power plant Lithuania

In addition to cheap electricity for the population and production, as well as opportunities to contribute to the budget currency from the sale of excess kWh, the country could get a huge investment in the industry. Because major financiers are always looking for a convenient country with cheap electricity. Lithuania in this case is an ideal platform. What can we say about the political dividends that would be received by the country from volatile countries. Unfortunately, it was lost, and today in Lithuania Ignalina nuclear power plant does not work.

Voiced the reasons for closure

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Lithuanian Government and the population was delirious with the idea of joining the EU. One of the conditions was the closure of the Ignalina NPP in order to ensure security. The fact that this plant has been used reactors that were structurally similar to the reactors at Chernobyl. Although Ignalina NPP was one of the safest stations in accordance with the conclusion of the IAEA, the EU demanded that it close. Otherwise, the membership in this organization would be impossible.

Ignalina nuclear power plant photo

The Government of Lithuania agreed to these conditions and took the decision to stop the station. In 2004, the work was stopped the first block, and in 2009 – the second. Lithuania fully complied with the conditions for obtaining EU membership, but the process of a full stop and deactivate units is still in progress, and its completion is planned for 2034.

The Real reasons for closure

Many experts believe that the real reason for the closure of the INPP was the reluctance of EU leaders to have a strong member in the EU, which would become a full member along with the leaders. After the closure of the power plant, Lithuania was forced to purchase expensive energy abroad, and its budget was filled with new money.

As a result, she has become dependent on the EU country, which, when necessary, can take obviously disadvantageous conditions for other EU member States. But if Lithuania has such a solid tool to attract investment and capital in the budget, the government would behave differently.

INPP in our days

What the object looks Like today, you can see in the photo of the Ignalina NPP, located in this article. Unfortunately, it does not generate electricity and is in the process of shutting down. The fact that close to power – this is a complex and lengthy process. You can't just put a lock on the gate because of the nuclear fuel needs care.

Ignalina nuclear power plant today

According to January 20, 2017, the station worked 1991. They all perform the work associated with storage of spent nuclear fuel, produce decontamination and dismantling of the equipment that remained at the plant, create a repository for short-lived low-level radioactive waste.

The Estimated completion date for all works – August 2034. Prior to this time must be made dismantling the reactor plants of the first and second units.

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