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Food products is presented by products in bulk and prepared (processed) form, which can be used for human food. These include food diet and baby food, drinking water in bottles of different alcoholic beverages, etc.

Quality food products

This is one of the characteristics that influences in a decisive way the formation of consumer preferences, as well as creating competitiveness.food

The Quality of food products represented by a set of properties that reflect the ability of the finished product to ensure the organoleptic characteristics, the need for any organism to some substances as well as reliability in their production and savings. Among the properties that determine the usefulness of food products and their ability to meet all the needs of the people in the diet, is a nutritional value, flavor and physical properties.

Nutritional value

The Nutritional value of foods is the most difficult property that characterizes the fullness of the useful qualities of the product: biological, energetic, physiological, and organoleptic value, as well as the quality and digestibility.

quality of food productsOf Food products are characterized by energy value, which is determined by the presence of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. A certain amount of energy the human body can obtain by oxidation of the alcohol with organic acids. If you know the chemical composition of the finished product, we can calculate its energy value.


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All food products have their own biological value, which consists of the presence in them of biologically active substances in the form of amino acids, micro and macroelements, vitamins, and polyunsaturated fats. These components can not be replaced by other food substances as are not synthesized by any enzyme system of the human body.

Physiological value determined by the fact that food products have the ability to have an impact on the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive human system. Also, the value of these products favors the resilience of the human body to diseases.

Value is due to Organoleptic indicators of quality of foods: texture, appearance, taste, odor and freshness. So, food products in appearance can increase the appetite and better absorbed. The taste and aroma of the finished products is also of great importance, so sometimes in the manufacture of food products, using special processing methods.

The Process of implementing a food

Selling food products suitable for consumption can be quite a successful business. food pricesBecause these products with high quality, is competitive enough in the market that provides the manufacturers confidence in the success of the activities. However, it is necessary to make some effort. For example, it is about ensuring the proper level of technical equipment of the enterprise, the availability of qualified specialists, etc. At the initial stage may require some investment, which will continue to generate a steady income.

Properties of food products

The quality of the product, the determination of the terms and conditions of savings influence the physical properties. These include: size, shape, color, mass, density, transparency, strength and toughness.

Taste properties consist of sensations of aromas (smells) and, of course, taste. In accordance with a given property, the following groups of foodstuffs: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The smell is determined by the sense organs and is the main indicator in tasting wines and various beverages.

Sanitary-and-hygienic indicators of food products

group of food productsBiological and microbiological parameters for all products are regulated by corresponding normative documents. The most stringent requirements of sanitary-technical nature are presented to those goods that are received in the processing of raw materials.

As a result of quality assessment of food products to determine their compliance with the requirements of the above documents, and to identify quality criteria provided that the classification of the selected grades.

Storage products

Among the conditions of storage of food products should be allocated as follows:

- adheres to all rules of placing goods in storage;

the climate regime during storage;

- the observance of sanitary-and-hygienic norms.

dairy productsWhen placing the food value in the first place must follow the rules of the neighborhood based on compatibility of products. These are products that have similar modes of storage and harmful not affect each other. In connection with the existence of differences in sorbent properties of such products, there may be some redistribution of moisture, which will lead to the wetting of some products and the shrinkage of others.

Also, when placing food for storage it is necessary to observe the principle of optimum utilization of the warehouses. When you run this principle will be provided with free access to goods and need air circulation to ensure uniform temperature.

The Climate regime ensures compliance with the requirements for relative humidity and air temperature, and its gas composition, air and light. For each group of food products has a storage mode. Failure to comply with it may lead to losses and lower quality goods.

Proper storage will depend on the prices of food products. Since only products with good appearance, pleasant smell and beneficial properties will be in demand in the Russian market.


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