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One of the most popular topics that are discussed in news programmes, is investing. Often newscasts are filled with arguments about the need to attract foreign capital in various sectors of the economy, the economy and industry. However, investment is not only a multimillion-dollar sum and boring incomprehensible monologues of economists. There are types of investments that do not require from the participants of specialized knowledge or very large amounts. With the help of a competent investment almost any person is capable of increase their savings.

investment group new idea

Let's Deal with the definition

In the broad sense of the word investment called long-term financial, material or non-material investment in any company, facility or project, the purpose of which becomes profit after a certain period.

The specifics of the investment that the investor doesn't receive rapid results, as counting on long-term operation of their investments. When investing, there are major one-time costs, which then result in greater savings for future expenses or a good, stable, long-term profits.

Who may invest

A Modern economy cannot do without such a financial instrument as an investment. To carry out the activities regarding making long-term contributions to various projects, international companies-the conglomerates, financial institutions (banks) and private individuals.

Russia 24 investment ideas

For the conduct of investment activities of the investor at its own discretion or in accordance with the recommendations of the consultant manages their funds, securities or tangible assets (buildings, infrastructure, equipment, raw materials). Also as investment can be used intangible assets (rights, patents, intellectual property, goodwill).


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Distinctive features of investments

Along with the fact that the definition of investment contains the word “attachments”, they have a few differences from other types of accounts:

  1. Investors expect to make a profit over a long period of time. In practice, the operations that lasted more than one year, are already talking as an investment. The presence of economic effect is expected for several years. Short-term investment that promises a fast return, - it is speculation.
  2. The Main condition investment – the existence of profit. This is different from many unprofitable investments.

Why you should be interested in investing

Today, in order to feel confident enough to amass a tidy sum. The phenomenon of inflation, sooner or later, “eat” all the savings, leaving only disappointment and resentment.

A Variety of investment ideas that are designed for attachment to almost any amount, can not only protect the money, but to multiply them.

investment ideas of the stock market

Investing finances in a profitable stock or in the process of production of any marketable products, we can provide regular economic effect from their capital. Depending on the size of attachments and the ability to dispose of the profit can become a reliable perennial source of income. In order that investments can be made really successful, you should have some idea of its kinds and directions, as well as about the risks.

Brief classification

There are several indicators which will perform the classification of investments. This volume, timing, purpose and geography of investments, as well as other characteristics. This files most often indicate the following types of investments:

  • Reinvestment. This activity is carried out for the sake of money.
  • Intelligent. It involves investment in education and preparation of qualified personnel for the purpose of further expanding the business.
  • Real. Finance investing for the long term in the selected branch of production of material values.
  • Capitalbridge. Here we are talking about buying land, real estate, repair of apartments with a view to letting or on a vehicle which will be a source of future earnings.
  • Straight. Buying legal and natural persons of certain shares. These actions will enable the shareholders to make a profit in case of successful activity of the enterprise, and provide them the right to vote.
  • Hoarding. With this investment, the investor buys gold, gems or Antiques, and awaits the time when the cost of these items will increase significantly. Then sells them and gets his profit.
  • Portfolio. Different from the direct fact that shareholders who purchased securities do not participate in the work of the company.

A Novice in the field of investment is extremely difficult to navigate. The easiest way to get acquainted with the possibilities of electronic trade on stock exchanges. However, and here not to do without instructions and expert tips, otherwise the process will be more like guessing. To facilitate such activities specialists develop investment ideas on the stock market. You can call them tips, recommendations or even a correct algorithm of actions aimed at more efficient trading in the securities.

Investment idea - what is it and why are they needed?

The Product analysis of the investment market becomes an investment idea. Developing it taking into account actual and projected price fluctuations on the stock exchange. As a rule, publish that information brokers, such as JSC «Progressive investment ideas” to attract and retain its customers.
investment ideas

Income online brokers depends on the number and volume of transactions that commit by their clients, as each operation brings them a fixed Commission. To stimulate clients to increase the number of transactions brokers offer many different products, including investment ideas and various types of analytical reviews of the market situation.

The Reliability and accuracy of ideas is essential, in the interests of the broker to win customer loyalty and trust. Making sure that the investment idea of work, the client stays with the broker and continues to buy and sell shares.

Investment ideas

Customers of the exchange in its activities, show very different strategies: some are set up to commit multiple transactions in a day, others after the purchase of shares ready for a long wait increase in their value. The types of investment ideas due to the different strategies investors:

  1. Short. This idea is also referred to as online idea. At its base lay the operational, political, economic and corporate news or technical analysis. The day changes in stock prices can reach several percent. Formulated timely and properly filed investment idea helps make good money on the fluctuations. In some cases, earnings can range from 3 % to 10 %.the idea of the investment project
  2. Medium. Designed for customers who can't devote a lot of time stock trading. Such investors prefer to make the changes associated with the influence of corporate news and the situation in the relevant sectors of the economy. The most successful companies can provide their investors very good growth of quotations.
  3. Long. Its peculiarity is that the result is significantly delayed in time. Most of these investment ideas are used for company shares of “second tier”. So we conditionally call the companies size and reputation of which do not allow them to be on the leaderboard. Despite the small number of transactions with shares of these companies, they are able to give investors a good stable income. Often the lack of popularity of such enterprises due to their undervaluation. The investment objective of the company is the search of such a promising object, evaluation of its economic condition and a complete analysis. Formulated the idea of the investment project allows to obtain a good result for all participants of investment activity: investors, owners of the company and intermediary company. As a rule, long-term projects are characterized by reduced risk, making them attractive to first-time customers of the exchange.

Main sources of information about investment ideas

Starting work in the field of investment, it is easiest to follow the advice of experienced brokers with extensive experience. In addition to independent study, which is published brokers, such as investment group “New idea”, you can take courses or obtain information from the relevant literature.

Investing and TV

For residents of Russia it is possible to obtain this valuable information with virtually no effort. Interesting and popular project was the program "Financial strategy" on channel «Russia 24». And...

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