How to open a bakery from scratch? You need to open a bakery from scratch?


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Until recently it was believed that domestic production can only organize the big players in the segment of a certain sphere, having a considerable capital. To date, the situation has changed radically, which allows with minimal investment to start their own business. In this relationship the production of bakery products is not only one of the most profitable enterprises, but also affordable for the organization. Still, understanding how to open a bakery from scratch, you need to know certain subtleties of this sphere, and also to consider technological and legal nuances. In the case of a calculation created by the company will bring high income, requiring minimal effort to maintain business.

how to open a cafe bakery from scratch

Registration questions

As in any industry, to open a business you must check with the appropriate authorities. But first of all we should define the legal status of the enterprise. For bakeries, it is advisable to choose entrepreneur (individual enterprise), but it is important to are allowed to go into the restaurant operation, which includes the production of bakery products. If you expand a category and opportunity of retail trade, then we can think about how to open a bakery from scratch and expand it further according to the type of network of points of sale. This is the best option if the business will be managed by one person without partners. However, if you plan a large enterprise with several employees, it is best to register LLC.

Tax System

Next, you should begin to choose the form of taxation. Subject to availability it is better to prefer the imputed income. This tax format is provided by the municipalities and may be applied to all activities provided for in laws of subjects of the Russian Federation. Because imputed income may be unavailable, it is necessary to consider working with the tax system the simplified tax system, which can be used by all businesses with an annual turnover of not more than 60 million rubles.


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How to choose a premises for a bakery?

My Own bakery, it is desirable to focus on the possibility of retail sales. The fact that the supply of food service establishments is not always profitable for the small industries, because they have to compete with larger organizations. So it makes sense to think about how to open a shop-a bakery from scratch in a passage where the maximum number of people. Ideally, this could be a room close to the subway, markets, entertainment and shopping centers. But keep in mind that the cost of renting such objects will be higher. If you plan long-term work, it is better to specify in advance and the possibility of redemption of the premises. While immediately purchase it not worth it. Equally important is the area of the premises for the bakery. On average, private institutions have 150-200 m2. This is enough to be able to organize the production Department, and directly area for a café or store.

Requirements of SES to the room

how to open a mini-bakery from scratch

The Main complexity of the food production is that they have to meet high requirements of Supervisory authorities. To enter into this business, few know how to open a bakery from scratch by providing premises equipment, and furniture. The work may be started only if the object will meet the requirements of sanitary-epidemiological service:

  • The store can not be located in the basement.
  • Must be a supply of hot and cold water.
  • Requires the presence of sewage.
  • Be Sure the presence of the ventilation system.
  • A list of the available ancillary facilities should include a toilet and a warehouse.

In addition, the sanitary-epidemiological service further verifies the production process, accounting for their findings. Only a complete set of authorization certificates will finally resolve all questions about how to open a bakery from scratch. The documents for this activity include the following conclusions:

  • Conclusion for production, which can be issued in the Federal service. However, it requires a satisfactory outcome of the examination.
  • Opinion on the product. Clearance is done according to the same scheme.
  • Certificate of conformity. It is obtained also on the basis of checks in Federal Agency on Metrology.

Equipment for manufacturing process

how to open your own bakery bakery from scratch

There are different approaches to maintenance of production facilities for the manufacture of bakery products. The equipment list may vary, but if there is a question about how to open his own bakery shop from scratch, allowing to produce a complete range of products in this category, you should include the following:

  • The dough kneading setting.
  • Mucoperiostal.
  • Restorestate.
  • Oven.
  • A Table to work with the dough.
  • Proofing Cabinet.
  • Trolley for baking.

The First time is to limit the equipment, having bought it for one instance of each type. In the future, based on the experience and success of sales, will be possible to purchase some pieces of equipment for bakery production in large volumes.

Equipment for shopping purposes

what you need to open a bakery from scratch

This category of technical equipment often is seen as secondary. Usually this value it has, if the company mainly focuses on the wholesale distribution – for example, when the supply of the other shops and eateries. However, the majority of private entrepreneurs in resolving the issue on how to open a bakery shop from scratch, rely on retail sales. In such cases it is necessary to provide commercial premises to the following equipment:

  • Special showcases for bakery and confectionery products.
  • Cash register, for which you will need to register in the tax.
  • Safes for storage of money and documents.
  • Truck and mobile boxes for moving products.
  • Racks for storage of manufactured products.

Staff of the bakery

how to open a bakery from scratch

All staff involved in servicing the bakery, can be divided into several groups according to the type of activity. You should start with the main pieces of any bakery production – technologist. It specifies what products are and partly on range of businesses. Followed by the working staff, which includes bakers. Their number in a small institution may be 4-6 people. Again, if the question on how to open a bakery from the ground up for retail, you will need and waiters. Very significant and the role of the accountant. Large organizations to ensure that its functions enter into a contract with the outsourcing company, but in a small bakery more economical to hire your own accountant. Also mandatory technical personnel who will undertake the commissioning of equipment, fix it up and maybe solve other related tasks.

How to form the range?

Despite the apparent ease of this question, it depends largely on the success of the business. To think range should be before the start of the search space. What products should produce in a particular case will depend on the location, technical equipment and capabilities of the bakery as a whole. Of course, the wider the range the better. But this is not always possible, and specializing in specific products often also brings considerable income. Win-win – is the focus on the potential clients. For example, if we are talking about how to open a mini-bakery from scratch in the village, the range may include a basic set of products in the form of 2-3 types of bread, muffins, cheesecakes, donuts, loaves and pies.

The city in a similar list can be limited in metro areas and markets where people want a quick snack without special culinary delights. However, if the bakery shop is located near major shopping centres, parks or entertainment complexes, the worth range to include cakes, biscuits, cakes, croissants, baguettes and always with a wide choice of fillings.

how to open a bakery from scratch documents

How to open a mini-bakery from scratch?

The Feature of a mini-bakery is that uses minimum equipment, allowing to produce products for retail sales. This is the optimal solution if the financial resources are limited and production is planned in a small room.

In response to the question about what you need to open a bakery from scratch in this format, it should be noted expediency of organization of production with an incomplete cycle. This approach to technical support allows you to save money in the purchase of hospital equipment. In addition, the process of working with the finished dough does not require a large area that enables the use of a small space. Main manufacturing operations will be in baking products.

Raw materials...

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