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The current Level of trade is significantly different from past relations between sellers and buyers. At the moment on the labour market and in the global economy there are many occupations with unusual for the Russian consumer names. In this regard, one often hears the question: supervisor - who does what?

Is the name of the Western profession, which became part of the modern economic sector. Overall, it is a guide of a group of employees. Basically, the specialists in this profession coordinate the work of promoters, managers, and sales representatives. Read more below to understand what it means to the supervisor (who does what), it is necessary to consider job description of this employee.

General provisions

Employee accepted for the position, is a leader low or middle managers. Its employment depends on the head of sales and chief executives of the company. After the supervisor receives this position, he is directly subordinate to these heads and has the ability to give orders to their own subordinates. In the absence of someone from subordinates, the officer should take their place, but in his position can stand, only the person who appointed the Director.

this is the supervisor who does what

To obtain this position in the company, the applicant must obtain higher professional education. Employers rarely pay attention to the experience. But if an employee has only secondary education and certificate of completion for the work, his work experience in a managerial position must be at least one year. In his work he must rely on legal and normative acts, orders, manuals, internal regulations, articles of Association and instructions.


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The Main purpose of conducting interviews for the supervisor is to check his knowledge and professionalism. An employee accepted for this position, must know labor law, fundamentals of entrepreneurship, business and the market economy. Before to start performance of his functions, he should be familiar with the structure and staff of the company, to know the profile of its activities, specialization and think about the path of future development. In addition, the employee needs to know, as is personnel policy of the organization, what strategies it develops and what processes occur in the company.

what makes a supervisor

To fulfill its responsibilities, the supervisor needs to know the General, labor and special psychology, sociology, a norm and a time to work of their subordinates, methods for assessing the quality of their work. Also, his knowledge should include the ethics of business communication, methods by which solved the personnel, organizational and managerial tasks, as well as the purpose and rules of use of modern computer technology for processing information.


The first thing that makes the supervisor – informs the subordinates information about the tasks they are to perform. This employee checks to see whether they are ready to start work, and distributes the total amount of work between them. He has been coordinating the work in the event of unforeseen circumstances or failure in the overall workflow he appoints a new contractor to ensure the smooth completion of the task. If necessary, the employee involved in the organization of the interchangeability of employees, it must determine which tasks to execute, a priority, ensures that all staff complies with working hours is engaged in the distribution of the staff, assignment of shifts to ensure the implementation of expected tasks in a timely manner and at a high level.


The duties of the supervisor is to check the presence of his subordinates of all necessary materials, technology and information, without which they will not be able to perform the tasks assigned to them. It needs to prevent downtime, to control, to avoid any emergency situations and stops the workflow.

trade supervisor

The Employee is required to eliminate and prevent conflicts between subordinates, assess quality of work of each subordinate individually in order to determine the rationality of the addition of these tasks and is it possible to increase the number of his duties. Through my knowledge of psychology it checks workers for loyalty, poise and confidence. It is also the responsibility of the supervisor is to analyze the behavior of staff when dealing with customers, checking of professional conduct and informing the subordinates about the committed mistakes and need to correct them.

Other options

Among the features of this head is to provide subordinates providing guidance on the mandatory tasks, checking on the readiness to perform different kinds of work, and monitoring the status of employees, analysis of the capacity to perform their work without causing harm to the company and in case of elimination or substitution of the employee, he is obliged to inform the higher management.

job description of a supervisor

Ensures that timely and efficiently applied system of rewards and penalties employees, and carries out conversations with them, finds out the reasons of dissatisfaction with the work and helps in resolving personal and corporate problems. If someone of your employees is unable to cope with the tasks assigned to them, organizes special events to increase their professional skills and, if that fails, sends the user request for termination of lagging employee.

Other responsibilities

The duties of the supervisor include determining the criteria and requirements for applicants to work in the company and selection of candidates for the position. It needs to present the team's new employees, to provide them with everything necessary for orientation at a new workplace, to explain the principles of personnel and labour policy of the company.

skills of the supervisor

In Addition, it should provide interconnected work of his Department with other departments of the organization, maintain records of employment of the subordinates and their work. The worker must document the quality of work, timeliness of execution causes the violation of official schedule for reporting to the authorities. If necessary to decide some problems of their employees.


Job description supervisor suggests that the employee is entitled to access all personal Affairs of its subordinate staff, participate in the development and approval of plans of the company, including change of units of the company. If there are changes in the production policy, he is entitled to collect freelance meeting to explain to the subordinates the new data. In addition, his rights include the ability to require from the management of the Department ensuring all necessary materials, resources and information necessary to perform assigned tasks.

interview for supervisor

Trading supervisor can get a in accounting any financial information relating to his employees and make suggestions on material incentives or the recovery of specific work for, how well and timely they perform their duties and adhere to the rules of the company.

A Worker is entitled to act as a mediator between subordinates and superiors in the process of solving production issues and conflicts. It can increase my knowledge, to get acquainted with the necessary documentation, and require the provision to him and his subordinate optimal conditions according to the current legislation of the country.


The profession the supervisor suggests that the employee, having a job, is responsible for the quality and timeliness of their duties and is also responsible for the work of subordinate staff, improper implementation of their functions and all offences. In addition, he is responsible for any violations of applicable labor, administrative and criminal legislation in the implementation of their work activities. Also it may be held to account if their actions or mistakes of his subordinates led to the application of the company material damage.

Skills of the supervisor

The Candidate for this position must possess certain skills and qualities. Highly valued staff with system thinking, which can not only to look at the situation from the outside, but also to build forecast which direction it will develop. It is very important to understand the structure of the trading business to know the specifics of the SFU...

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