How to carry out sowing of mustard in the fall?


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Mustard is of great importance for agricultural production. It is used for several purposes: as a honey plant, as a fertilizer and for the production of powder, which is used in medicine and cooking. Despite the fact that this culture enriches the soil so useful for the growth of different flora in trace elements like potassium, magnesium and others for its growth need to prepare the ground, to do the feeding and so on. In addition, you need to know how to carry out sowing of mustard in the fall, because this time is considered the most favorable for planting this crop.

Useful plant

sowing of mustard in autumn

White mustard is a one-year oilseeds. This plant belongs to the family Cruciferae. Of pollen it makes a wonderful honey with healing properties. From mustard seeds to produce oil that is used in many fields, such as perfumery, medicine, food industry and others.

Also (as mentioned above) this plant can be used to enrich the soil before planting other major crops, such as onions. If you complete the sowing of mustard in autumn, then in spring the shoots will gradually release the accumulated nitrogen in the soil. In addition, it is useful to plant this crop with legumes, such as lentils and other plants. It suppresses the growth of unwanted grass and generally having a “Wellness” effect on the soil – prevents leaching of useful nutrients, it prevents multiplication of insects, and so on. In addition, the culture is grown as a forage plant.


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Highlights landing

consumption of mustard seeds when seeding

In order to successfully complete the sowing of mustard in the fall, it can wield such a useful information:

  • Before planting the soil is better to sow and fertilize.
  • Mustard is not recommended to plant after other cruciferous plants, because they are stricken with an identical illness, pests.
  • Mustard Sowing in the autumn can be carried out in the usual way, in which are rows with gaps up to 0.25 m.
  • It is recommended to bury Seeds at 0.03 m
  • The Time of planting should be calculated so that the seeds do not have time to rise until the first frost. As a rule, this plant germinates in temperatures around 10-15C in a week.
  • Consumption of mustard seeds when sowing in rows is about 16 kg, while solid method – about 12 kg (per 1 ha).

Feeding and cleaning

sowing of mustard

Mustard is good to feed with nitrogen-bearing fertilizers, this plant likes regular watering. When flowering (it starts 40 days after sowing and continues for about 20 days) you need to build in a field of beehives per hectare is one or two families of bees. At desire (to collect honey) sowing the mustard change. This can be done in three steps – in may (middle and end) and until June 10.

On the vegetation of seeds takes about about 2.5 months. Harvesting when the plants acquire the color is dark yellow, the pods dry up and the seeds harden. The process of collecting is best done in early morning (condensation) or in cloudy weather.

Mustard is a useful agricultural plant, its cultivation was known in the early centuries. Seeds and honey collected from the flowers of this culture are used for different purposes.

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