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It's No secret that we live in the era of developed market relations. To understand this, just look around us there are many companies, businesses and organizations that receive a profit. Each of them can be called independent business. Such companies as “al invest”, allow any company, store or other entity engaged in a commercial activity, to attract investment by buying shares or the entire complex. In simple language it can be called the acquisition and sale of businesses. This will be discussed in this article.

What is a ready business?

So, we ' ve all probably heard the term “ready business”. Obviously, “ready” it called for the reason that all the processes the whole mechanism that how it will operate one or the other business model is established. The owner is willing to buy it, don't have to deal with the issues of the organization, as all have done before him. Most often we are talking about the office personnel, documents, relations with suppliers and distribution channels of finished products. Of course, depending on the type of business the set changes.

You can Buy not only businesses, factories and shops. If you examine a catalog of proposals on the company's website «Altera invest» business for sale here includes the real estate, for example, shopping Mall or a room for rent that will make profit gradually, passively, but on a permanent basis.

Who benefits to sell the business?

Of Course, a business may be interested in only those who owns it. As noted by the representatives of the intermediary company “Altera invest”, most businesses sell it to the organizers who either want to get the profit to do something new, or simply wish to leave the country and for this reason sell their property. A little less business can sell the intermediaries, or those who acquired it for resale. This, incidentally, can also be quite a beneficial scheme: buy the company, improve its performance and to sell at a higher price. In this case we can speak about profitable resale.


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Most people wishing to leave the country in a hurry with the sale, so it is more profitable to close the deal as early as possible. For such purposes, there are agencies like a “Altera invest». Customer reviews working with the company, testify that it protects business owners from selling it at a reduced price due to time constraints and tight deadlines. Instead of selling cheap, the owners through intermediaries find customers faster at a reasonable price.

Who buys the business?

Purchase primarily interested in those with sufficient financial resources willing to invest somewhere. It is right and reasonable from the point of view of economy, because the acquisition of a business can bring much more than a Bank Deposit or trade in securities. Again, if you are working with the same “Altera invest”, each proposal for the purchase of the case comes with an indication of how long a particular business will be profitable. Therefore, it allows to specify the speed of return of capital.

In Addition to more accurate calculations, working with a mediator allows you to select more reliable and be confident in their validity. If you decide to buy the business through “Altera invest”, you will know that you “thrown”.

Consulting deal

The Company, which “driving” the buyer and seller of businesses, acts as an intermediary in their relationship. Its task is to protect all the key points of the transaction and, in addition, to prepare a “meeting” the interests of the buyer and the seller. This may be coordination, assessment of property which are sold, check the profitability of the business and so on. The advantage of intermediary companies that they are sharpened by these activities and therefore have extensive experience in this field. Working with them you will be more assured than in the case of purchase of objects directly.

In Addition, the company engaged in the provision of such services, also has a different profile. For example, it can conduct a full legal support of transactions, which itself organizes. It is convenient that you can order a full package of services in one place.

Company «Altera invest” reviews:

In fact, reviews of the parties to cooperate with the intermediary company in the purchase and sale of businesses, mostly positive. Many of them supported the document, sort of gratitude to the company and the specific employee for their successful transaction. If it is true, it means that someone “Altera invest” helped to buy a ready business and develop it, and someone- to get money to retire.

As noted by the representatives of the company on the market since 2007. The city, as you can guess, which has a main office “Altera invest” - Moscow. However, the Agency was founded inSaint-Petersburg. Over the years it has shown excellent results because we were able to organize more than 2 thousand of acquisitions of existing businesses.

Am concerned about all this more. The Internet is full of reviews that prove that this company is not functioning. Believe it or not - you decide, because there is other information, extolling “Al”.

How to apply?

The Beauty of “Altera invest” is the ability to easily and quickly show their interest in a particular object. The design of the company website resembles an online shop, in the window which displays various goods. It describe business models, which are sold at the moment. You can not only read what the company that sells them, but also to know the income of each separate business and payback period the wasted funds. Of course, to say that these figures are 100% correct prediction, is impossible, because in the future everything will depend on the new owner. However, at least approximate figures, based on statistics for the last period, to find out therefore.

Activity Statistics

The company-intermediary in the trade ready business pretty rich experience in this field. As already noted, it works for 8 years, during which managed to sell more than 2,000 enterprises, companies, and real estate. The amount that the previous owners combined have managed to extract from these transactions is equal to more than 740 million rubles. As noted in the most “Altera invest”, they have already in the database is about 120 regular customers. What is most surprising is the constant growth of their number.

However, again if we return to the reviews, most people do not have confidence in these indicators: they are a bit too “good”.

“Altera invest”

Now in addition to providing services for implementation, evaluation and purchase of business, the company is also involved in the search for suitable personnel. Section “Jobs” on their website contains information on who can come. So, a purposeful young people who are already versed in the field of entrepreneurship who wish to learn and develop further.

If you would like to try themselves in this field, but I don't know if these will fit “Altera invest” - reviews about employer! On the Internet a lot of them, and most of them are laudatory in nature. For example, there are people who claim that the simple earnings management in the company starts from 30 thousand. The formula for calculating wages in this case is set for intermediaries is simple: a person receives a salary (as a rule, it is not so high) and interest for each completed transaction.

Conclusion: “Altera" of a mixed reputation, judging by the feedback. There are people calling a company “fake”, and its website - scams; and there are those who, allegedly, he bought and sold a business there. Let's just say if you will be interested in the services of the company - call the phone numbers listed on the website. If you schedule a meeting in a decent office, you can go and chat with representatives. The main thing is to try to learn as much as possible before you take more serious action, and if this is a Scam, and you will understand it immediately.

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