How to strengthen nails at home: ways and means


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Beautiful hands – it is first of all a flawless manicure. But what if the nails don't want to grow, break down and exfoliate? When not helping the healing nail? How to strengthen the nail from the inside?

First of all, you should determine the diagnosis.

  • What happened to the nails;
  • How long has this been going on.

In Order to effectively strengthen your nails, you should get acquainted with their structure. Then it is easy to cope with various problems that exist now.

Structure of the nail

In medicine, share the root, the body and the edge of the nail. That was a long free edge, nail body should be healthy. And it depends on the root. During a manicure and remove the dried skin on the rear shaft-the cuticle. Only elastic, smooth cuticle, without dead cells – the key to health nails. Its function-protection against infections of the nail root. With burrs, cracks in this area could damage the tissue lying under the skin. This is a dangerous felon, rebirth, growing zone and other problems are easier to prevent than to treat.

diagram of the structure of the nail

Under the nail at the cuticle area is visible lunula. This is the region of active cell division. If you look at the nail in cross-section, shows a thin layer of matrix. This is where the nail cells oligoblastic share and push the nail onwards and upwards. Interestingly, the cells here are updated at different speeds: the outer layer of the nail is almost two months older than the inner.

To understand how to strengthen the nail, you should pay attention to this area. From the matrix depends on the shape and thickness of the future of the nail, it affects the speed of growth determines the chemical composition and structure, is responsible for color and appearance. Food it is through the blood vessels, so the composition of food greatly affects the health of nails. Often the cause of the poor condition of the nails are external factors. In this case, take measures for their elimination.


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Problem nails

There are some nail changes that are common:

  • Dry nails – visible longitudinal striations, the appearance of white spots, the overall look is dim, no natural Shine;
  • Loss of flexibility – with an awkward movement of the nail does not bend, but breaks;
  • Thin, soft, flexible nails, which is poorly kept paint and chipped at the tips;
  • Cracked and loose, crumbling nails.
natural nails

Maybe not all deviations from the norm are evident, but one question arises when the nails exfoliate, break – how to strengthen them most effectively? Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with it. And one of them – the so-called «ambulance».

Quick help

If the nail did not survive the length and cracked, everything is fixable. It is possible to help him, taping a special compound and applying a reinforcing fabric. It can be silk or fibroin. There are sets which include glue and fabric to repair the nail.

Instructions on how to strengthen the nail:

  1. First of all, you need to clean the surface of the nail from pterygium and pollution.
  2. Dry nail handle special soft buff granott 240: remove the upper layer (two-three swings, no longer needed).
  3. Cut out the required piece of silk.
  4. Nail degrease.
  5. Nail glue applied.
  6. Put on the nail cut a piece of silk, to drown in a sticky basis. Well on top again to glue the silk.
  7. Dry.
  8. To Give the desired shape the free edge and remove the excess silk.
  9. Cover with nail Polish.

This same procedure can be performed with Biogel, then it will be called bioreinforcement.

When the nails

There are several reasons why nails begin to stratify:

  • Improper diet.
  • Chemicals.
  • Dehydration.
  • The Wrong manicure.
  • Acidification of the body.
Oil nourishes the cuticles

Knowing the root cause, it is easy to decide how to strengthen the nails. Some agree that drinking water is very important: the skin, hair and nails become shiny and elastic. Someone tended to pay more attention on quality manicure nail files. Even a simple filing in one direction reduces the possibility of stratification of nails.

Sometimes the reason of bad condition of the nails is cheap cosmetics. Components such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene are prohibited for the production of nail Polish. It is therefore important to be interested in the quality certificate with their purchase.

Since the nail eats whatever we eat, should pay attention to nuts, broccoli, seaweed.

When the nails break

If the nails break – so, for proper construction of keratin cells is not enough material. Nails consist of keratin protein, there is also the insignificant admixtures of sulfur, phosphorus, and calcium. These trace elements are involved in creating the structure of the nail. If some substance is not enough – nails will suffer.

Sea salt strengthens nails

Proper nutrition will benefit in any case, but the result will be visible after three to four months. And while the recipe for how to strengthen nails that did not break: the salt baths. They need sea salt – it has more than 80 trace elements.

Because nails absorb water easily, happen osmosis-the process by which in a less salty environment to stand out of salt from the more saline environment. That is from the body in salt water. So for normal metabolism. If you have the opportunity – good to do a bath, fully immersed in such a solution. One bath is required in one kilogram of sea salt. For hands – one tablespoon in two quarts.

When the nails crumble

If the nail plate not just breaks and crumbles – to exclude fungal diseases. The dermatologist will take the analysis and determine the cause of defeat. If no infection, then the problem is in the lack of vitamin A and calcium. These drugs can be bought in a pharmacy, and while doing a simple procedure.

Simple recipes, how to strengthen nails:

  1. Take a lemon, cut it in two halves and dip your fingers in the flesh. Contained in this fruit minerals deep into the nails and strengthen them. After the procedure, nogotochki will be a light color and begin to Shine.
  2. Massage into nails natural fruit butter-aloe Vera, apricot or avocado. Do not confuse with essential oils, they are useless.
  3. Sold In a drugstore nail Polish. It should be rubbed in the nail file-polisher with granott 1000 and above. Nails can absorb a lot of wax, do not regret it. After the procedure, the nails look great.
Lemon good for nails

Thin and flexible nails

Often after improper withdrawal of artificial coating nails become very thin, bend and loose paint. What can strengthen your nails in this case? Because of nail plate thinning, it is best to give them thick Biogel. For this you will need a nail lamp better LED, BIOBASE nail, solid top and a primer that is compatible with BIOBASE. The whole set can be purchased in two thousand.

Preparing for the coating:

  1. Thoroughly clean the nail pterygium.
  2. To Remove Shine buff with granott 240.
  3. Grease.
  4. Apply the primer.
  5. BIOBASE to Apply a thin layer to dry in the lamp for two minutes.
  6. Apply BIOBASE big tear on the middle of the nail, wait for distribution throughout the nail plate and cure under UV lamp for two minutes.
  7. Apply top, to polymerize three minutes.
  8. To Remove the sticky layer.
Enhancement gel

Before applying the top optionally you can cover the nails with colored gel Polish or gel manicure and make drawings or design.

A tool for Strengthening nails on a lacquer base

Now almost every company involved in the production of nail Polish, has a range of reinforcing materials. It is easy to apply lacquer on a regular basis. Produced transparent, camouflage and white. They are easy to carry out a French manicure using a special paper stencils.

How to strengthen your nail with a special varnish.

  • Clear the nail plate of the pterygium.
  • Grease.
  • Apply the product in two layers.

The Only thing we should not forget-this is the limited use liquid nail Polish remover. The first coating layer is applied to the cleaned nail and are a few days, periodically repeating the application. After a week all the layers are removed and made a new cover.

Firming gel for nails

When you need to look for all hundred percent, and nails leave much to be desired, then it is possible....

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