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The Cosmetics industry is day and night working for the good of our skin and hair. Constantly reviewed and improved formula of well-known products: moisturizing creams, masks to eliminate traces of age-related changes, hair dyes. The latter requires more careful consideration as some brands have begun to produce oil for painting. Take a closer look at oil for hair Constant Delight for painting.

hair oil constant delight for coloring

About the brand

Brand Constant Delight was founded in 2006 in Italy. All products are sold only on the territory of Russia, as produced exclusively for our country. Cosmetics are produced in the factory in Northern Italy using the latest technologies and with the participation of the leading engineers in the industry.

The Products have reasonable prices, but excellent Italian quality and a wide range of modern means on care of hair. The brand follows all the fashion trends in care and coloring, and is constantly releasing new products that allow their customers to create the most fashionable images.

Why oil

oil for the hair dye constant delight olio

The Benefits of oils well known and studied. They are beneficial to the body, not only getting food, but also give the beauty of the skin and hair, nourishing them from the outside. We all know a lot of hair masks based on burdock, castor or olive oils, which you can do at home. And remember the result: shiny, smooth hair, moisturized and nourished with nutrients. How do you want to get the same quality of hair after the chemical treatments!


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Fortunately, today oil can be found in the paint or even produced on their basis, as, for example, hair oil Constant Delight for painting. In this product, ammonia, aggressive influence on the structure of the hair, the oil is replaced by an activator in color. The pigment is also deeply penetrates the hair, the color is also long, but the curls are saturated with vitamins, become more soft and shiny.

Features oil painting

oil for the hair dye constant delight

Oil for hair coloring Constant Delight has excellent characteristics and properties. Due to the absence of ammonia, bleaching may not be more than two tones, but dye a lot. What other benefits oil-paint has over conventional resistant inks:

  • Does Not cause irritation and feelings of discomfort on the scalp. The manufacturer claims that the product is suitable even for Allergy sufferers, but if you are prone to allergic reactions, a pre-test.
  • The presence in the composition of natural ingredients and olive oil.
  • Caring for your locks in the dyeing process, nourishes and moisturizes dry and damaged ends.
  • Covers gray hair.
  • Gives hair Shine and lustre.
  • Has a range of 40 natural shades.
  • Easy to apply and spread through your hair.

Color picker

In some shades of produced oil for the hair dye Constant Delight? The color palette is very rich, and contains:

1. Natural database (indicated by the number 0):

  • Cerny.
  • Korichnevy.
  • Kashtanovy.
  • Kashtanovo-rosy.
  • Svetlo-kashtanovyy.
  • Rosy.
  • Svetlo-rosy.
  • Extra light blonde.
  • Special blonde natural.

2. Blue-black (map figure 20).

3. Sandra shade of beige (the map in figure 14):

  • Light brown, beige Sandra.
  • Rus Sandra beige.
  • Light brown, beige Sandra.

4. Beige Sandra (41):

  • Light brown, beige Sandra;
  • Rus beige Sandra;
  • Light brown beige Sandra;
  • Extra light blonde beige Sandra.

5. Special blond Sandra extra (11).

6. Natural grey (02):

  • Naturally light ash Brown.
  • Light chestnut natural ash.
  • Blonde natural ash.
  • Light blonde natural ash.
  • Extra light natural ash.

7. Special blonde Matt ash (32).

8. Natural tropical (004):

  • Light brown natural tropical.
  • Chestnut natural tropical.
  • Blonde natural-tropical.
  • Light blonde natural tropical.
  • Extra light blonde natural tropical.

9. Golden (5):

  • Light Golden brown.
  • Rus gold.
  • Extra light blonde gold.

10. Mahogany (6):

  • Chestnut-mahogany.
  • Light brown mahogany.
  • Rus mahogany.

11. Light red mahogany chestnut (68).

12. Light brown mahogany intensive (69).

13. Special blonde pink-grey (62).

14. Copper (7):

  • Chestnut copper.
  • Dark blonde copper.

15. Intense copper (77):

  • Blonde intense copper.
  • Bright red.

16. Blonde copper red (78).

17. Light blonde copper gold (75).

18. Intense red (88):

  • Blonde intense red.
  • Light blonde intense red.

19. Red wine (89).

20. Iris (9):

  • Intense sparkling iris.
  • Intense dark blonde iris.

21. Coffee (5.09).

22. Chocolate (6.09).

23. Walnut(7.09).

oil for the hair dye constant delight palette

Paint Application

In some cases, it makes sense to use oil for hair Constant Delight? For staining of more than two tones of dye will not work, but will cope with:

  • For color tone in tone to your natural color.
  • Getting deep dark colors.
  • Toning bleached, porous, damaged hair.
  • Shaded dyeing or discolored strands and sections.
  • Filling 100% of gray hair.

oil for the hair dye constant delight description

Usage instructions

Oil for hair coloring Constant Delight Olio looks strange and different from the usual cream colours. Instead of the tube means is placed in a small bottle, the consistency of the oil, due to the composition. When mixed with oxygento part becomes a little thicker, takes on a creamy consistency and is very easily distributed over the hair from roots to ends.

How does the oil for the hair dye Constant Delight? Instruction manual is very easy and differs little from other permanetly colors. Oil is activated with an oxidizer Constant Delight 6% or 9% depending on the desired result, the selected color and amount of gray hair. Mix the components required in a plastic bowl, a plastic or a silicone brush, do not use metal tools.

At First the dye is applied to the root zone, then distribute on the lengths and ends. To sustain hair oil Constant Delight for staining for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water using shampoo.

oil as a hair-dye manual constant delight

Coloring gray hair

If gray is 100%, then staining must be mixed natural base with the desired shade because the color is denser will fall on non-pigmented strands. For example, if the desired color is light brown mahogany (5.6), it is necessary to take one part of the 5.6 and one piece 5.0 (chestnut brown). Shades are mixed in a ratio of 1:1, plus two pieces of oxygent 9%. Kept on hair for 30 minutes.

If gray hair is less than 50%, then activate the oil paint can be oxygento 6%.

Coloring tone on tone and darker

With the help of this paint you can refresh natural hair color, make it richer or deeper.

To activate the bright copper red hues better to use developer 9%, natural, chocolate, grey and gold shades are working with 6% oxidant.

Also with this dye, you can make strands of hair two shades lighter. For this you need to mix it with 9% oxidant. Shade, respectively, also choose no more than two shades lighter than your natural.

oil for the hair dye constant delight reviews

Feedback on the paint

Oil for hair coloring Constant Delight feedback overall is positive. Buyers really like:

  • The ink Composition, and the presence of olive oil which nourishes the hair strands while coloring.
  • Nice texture, which is easy to dye your own at home.
  • The Shine that appears after the procedure.
  • The Saturation of the color. A large palette contains a lot of bright and deep colors.
  • No unpleasant sharp smell of ammonia, as in other dyes.
  • Gray Shading.
  • Colour.
  • Economical rate. Again, thanks to the consistency of the product is easily distributed and economically expended.

However, there is some dissatisfaction with oil-paint:

  • Individual consumers the color turned out darker than in the palette. This can happen if the hair is badly damaged and porous. If the condition of your hair suffered after previous chemical treatments, you'd better take a shade one or two shades lighter than desired.
  • Not Enough cool shade of the ash group of flowers. As a rule, all the dyes with natural ingredients in the composition are not ashen pigment. If your desired color is cool Nordic blonde, it is better to use ammonia dye. But the warm beige blonde “'olio, Colorante” Constant delight get beautiful and noble.

Despite the fact that this dye is professional and designed for beauty, because of the affordable price and ease of use, many ladies acquire for home use hair oil Constant Delight for painting.

The Description is no substitute for professional education and experience. Consider the fact that only a hairdresser can do the perfect tone and to correct an unwanted shade, especially if the hair is badly damaged, or have “difficult” color.

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