How to make an autumn manicure with a Fox?


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When you make a manicure, you often use just one color varnish. Few people think about what can make a work of art on my nails – and it does not need to pay a lot of money to the master. In this article we will talk about manicure with Fox – autumn is in full swing, so you should try to keep your nails in line with the season. If you are good at drawing, you can do it, if not, then you should either practice, or ask someone you know, or choose something more simple drawing, with which you will be able to cope on their own. When you do the manicure with a Fox at home, then there are no standards or criteria – only to have the result you liked.


manicure with Fox

So, to do a manicure with a Fox at home, you need to first prepare all necessary. You will need a quality base coat, the varnish, which will serve as a background of acrylic paint which you will apply the pattern, a thin brush, which you will use for drawing small details and contours, and also a very important ingredient-dense top that will allow you to anchor the composition. You can do everything perfect, and then it will be extremely disappointing if after a couple of days a pattern will start to peel. So try to use all high quality components – and then your manicure with Fox will be not only beautiful but also durable.


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Application database

manicure with Fox photo

If you decide to make yourself an autumn manicure with Lisa, the first step is applying base coat. It should apply a thin layer, then let dry completely. Of course, it is worth doing when your nails are already completely cleaned and ready for painting. If not-you will first need to cut them, file them, give them the desired shape, to get rid of excess cuticle – simply put, to perform all daily activities related to the nails and fingers, then you might have some time with them nothing to do, so as not to damage the figure. When base coat has dried, you can proceed to the next step.


autumn manicure with Fox

To do a manicure with a pattern of foxes, you'll need some background for the pattern. It is better to put high-quality varnish, which has high resistance – again, to figure it lasted as long as possible. Background the varnish can be applied in a single layer, if you have immediately turn out exactly perfect-if not, then paint the nails again so that this time there were no drawbacks.

Drawing Base

This step is optional-you can skip it, but it is still recommended to try it, as it gives much more impressive results. The essence of this step is that under the figure to apply a white background which makes the song much more expressive. Just gently apply white paint so that you get the outlines of your Fox or any other decorations that will complement the overall design.


manicure with a pattern of foxes

Using a thin brush you can now do a contrasting color – choose not the closest shades to the picture is not merged into a solid blur. A red color coat of the Fox can be interlaced with white or brown, and autumn leaves that perfectly complement the picture, we can make any color, from red and yellow to green and Burgundy. Proceed carefully, in order to have got beautiful and colorful pattern that will delight your eyes for an extended period of time.

Details and accents

That clear how to do a manicure with Fox – photos of finished projects usually look very clear and stressed out. This effect is achieved using black paint and the finest brush you can find. Circle the picture of the Fox and any other elements in thin black lines to make them clearer. Can also add some elements such as veins on leaves or eyes of a Fox, so the picture seemed more vivid and detailed.


All you have to do is to put top which will protect your artwork from any damage. Depending on your tastes, you can use both glossy and matte top. Of course, you should understand that it is best to paint each nail individually. When you fully complete one nail from the beginning to the end – move on to another. Do not try to be universal and to apply the base on one nail, and while it dries – to paint the other as the third is waiting for the finished picture. Of course, such a detailed approach may require a bit more time, but you should think about what the result will be much more impressive, and you can a long time to enjoy what they themselves had created.

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