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Many of us do not have time in the morning to put himself in perfect order. What you can save time? There is a solution - a simple hairstyle with your own hands. Long hair is not easy to make a real styling to not only look stylish, but also kept the whole day. This article provides instructions for creating a few very simple hairstyles that you can build in just a few minutes.

Elegant “tail”

Simply this option even it is hard to imagine. Tie my hair in a “tail” can each girl. Safesite smooth strands back, fasten with an elastic and spray with varnish. After that, go comb again on the surface of the head to smooth out all the hairs-the hair will not thin until the evening. Instead of stylish hair clips use a strand of his own hair: wrap it to the mounting location and cut invisible. You will see how quickly this is a simple hairstyle with your own hands. For long hair you can make the weave – they will look even more spectacular.easy hairstyle DIY long hair

The Netting, resulting in a “tail” on one side

Although this simple hairstyle DIY long hair is very quick, she looks stylish because of the spit at the height of fashion. Separate one strand of the temple, as shown in the photo. Braid “spike”, capturing strands of hair only from the bottom. When he reached the opposite side, stop and gather all the hair together. Seal them with a rubber band, making low “tail” side. By analogy with the previous variant wrap strand of own hair around the elastic to disguise it. Make the attachment invisible. A little Polish for fixing not hurt.homemade hairstyles for long hair


Haircut on long hair to a child. Options for festive and everyday hairstyles

Haircut on long hair to a child. Options for festive and everyday hairstyles

Intuitive, simple and beautiful hairstyles for long hair for kids quick and easy to execute. They in any case should not interfere with and disturb little beauties. With all of this hair is always performed at the request of the child. A variety of c...

A white jacket with sequins and rhinestones

A white jacket with sequins and rhinestones

Classic contemporary nail art is considered white French manicure. This is the most sought after manicure, characterized by versatility and suitable for all occasions. Young girls and older women use this design for different nail shapes. Master with...

Emo hairstyles

Emo hairstyles

The emo Style has gained popularity around the end of the 20th century, and is now considered quite relevant. This direction has its own characteristic range of colors – pink and black. The style usually appears in all – clothes, makeup, ...

Headband from your own hair

This is one of the most universal images in the category of “homemade hairstyles for long hair”. Comb the hair and parting. On each side of the head a small section separate for the ear, so that it will close the remaining hair. Spin in turn two thin and tight braids. The method of weaving – traditional (three strands). The ends are secure and then do an imitation of the Hoop. Crosshairs on the crown both head bandage. Each braid lock invisible under the hair behind the opposite ear. Lightly cover the nail more resistant fixing hair.Quinceanera hairstyles for long hair

Style ‘sweetie negligence”

Simply this hairstyle is difficult to even imagine something to imagine. For it does not even require a comb. Clean hair, comb through with your fingers, leaving a sloppy part. Tie the hair in a “tail” on top or back of his head. Fix the rubber band that you can not even hide. The highlight of this hairstyle – the headband is made from a folded kerchief or piece of knitwear, the ends of which are connected to the bow. easy hairstyle DIY long hairThe Curls on the sides of the face will give the look of romance and tenderness. Another simple hairstyle DIY long hair done!Quinceanera hairstyles for long hair
For more special occasions offer this option. Quinceanera hairstyles for long hair needs to hair was a little comb and covered with a fixing agent.

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