How to grow hair after short haircut the girl right? How to quickly grow long hair after short haircut?


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The nature of each woman's inherent desire for change, experimentation with the appearance, wish to highlight the winning features and hide the flaws, and just improve your mood with eye-catching images. Sometimes drastic change of image is not be as successful, or simply become boring, and require new solutions. This situation is not uncommon for girls to suddenly make a short cut, and after a while wanting to regain the beauty of long hair. Is it possible to speed up the process of change? And how to grow long hair after short haircut? Let's try to answer these simple and important questions.

how to grow hair after short haircut

Proper care

It is Important to carry out the procedure of cleansing the hair. It normalizes metabolic processes in the skin and do not dry up strands. Experts recommend to choose shampoo and conditioner based on the hair type. Wash them three times a week, not every day, not to remove the natural oils that protect the surface. Choose skin care products for the hair, vitamin mask, hot and cold wraps that support and regenerate their structure throughout the entire growth. Useful are avocado oil, olive and jojoba. They retain moisture and minimize the effect of split ends. Keratin and collagen wrap to be from time to time useful for those who expose growing hair chemical coloring, frequent styling and Curling.

how to grow hair after short haircut the girl

Form hairstyles and tips

Plan trips to the hairdresser to periodically cut dry regrown the tips and thus give to the strands well-groomed appearance. Contrary to popular myth, hair does not grow faster after a haircut, but look better and not stratified further on the tips. Most experts recommend doing it every six weeks. Hair grows an average of 1.3-1.6 cm in a month. Comprehensive care and the use of special tools can significantly speed up this process. Simple arithmetic will answer the question of how to grow hair after short haircut. The girl had such a purpose, it would take six months to a year on average or up the blades length.


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Proper diet

The Abundance in the diet of vegetables, fruits, meat and fish at first glance seems unrelated to the growth of the strands, however, it is very important factors. Since hair consists of protein, it should be sufficient in your diet. Certain foods contain more protein, and experts recommend those who wish to get gorgeous locks. This meat chicken and Turkey, fish, soy products, nuts and legumes. They contribute to the development of healthy keratin, which is “Foundation” for your hair. Don't forget about the recommended amount of water daily.

how to grow hair after short haircut pictures

Vitamins and minerals

Equally important is the intake of moderate amounts of fat. They are needed for the hair to maintain a good state of health. Fatty acids are indispensable for anyone faced with the question of how to grow hair after short haircut. The pictures on the page allow you to verify that it is real. Also, the diet should be vitamins a, E, K and D. Include in the diet foods with omega-3. The situation decides and vitamins b-complex fish oil that accelerates the growth of hair follicles.

Iron and zinc are also essential. The first is responsible for transporting oxygen to the hair follicles, and the second promotes tissue repair and normalizes sebum. The minerals contained in oysters, pumpkin, dark chocolate and coconuts.

Vitamin C is very important for hair growth. Insufficient amount can result in brittle, lifeless and lack lustre strands. The body uses vitamin C to produce collagen, which is a component of the hair. Also, it is essential for the absorption of iron. It is recommended to take 90 mg of vitamin C per day for an adult. A balanced diet, which will contain all the above components will be an effective answer to the question of how to grow hair after short haircut.

hair tail

Gentle styling

Try to avoid constant use of the dryer, Flatiron, Curling iron. Increase the time between coloring using colorida balms. Before you start to grow hair, it is better to return to the natural or close to it color until you get the desired length. Use soft brushes and combs. Stock up on thermal and spray-serum for leveling the strands. Wait until the hair dries out a bit and do not brush them wet. Discard the rubber bands and metal pins, use a cloth tape and bandages, so as not to damage the structure. Choose the best hairstyle with minimal load on the roots. These simple recommendations are significant components of the answer to the question of how to grow hair after short haircut.

how to grow hair after short haircut


It would Seem that the usual daily process however and it should be treated with all the attention. It is recommended to comb the strands to grow no more than 5-10 minutes daily. The process stimulates blood circulation in the scalp distribution of sebum. Brush your hair gently, especially when they are still damp. Use to facilitate the process of funds from caring oils, and the question of how to grow hair after short haircut does not turn into the stumbling block of the daily care.

Head Massage

It is executed with the fingertips, gentle circular motion. Massage stimulates blood circulation, promotes the production of sebum. It strengthens the roots and retains moisture along the length of the hair. Procedure with coconut oil contributes to a more intensive growth. The tool gives hair strength, natural is air-conditioned and contains important vitamins and nutrients. Apply it on fingertips and gently massage into the skin. For all who are faced with the problem of how to grow hair after short haircut, massage oils and other special products will become a reliable tool.

how to grow hair after short haircut

Masks and home remedies

As a leading factor in the care of growing hair specialists recommend to resort to special cosmetic and home remedies. In salon treatments and wraps, accelerating growth and feed strands along the entire length. At home, help available ingredients and purchase additional components in the form of oils, vitamins, etc. All wondering how to grow hair after short haircut, you should pay attention to the henna, potatoes, bananas, onions, honey, hot oil for hair. They are easy to use and extremely effective. After washing, make a mask from mashed bananas mixed with honey. The paste of henna applied on the scalp, greatly accelerates the process. Do massage of a mixture of warmed oils - coconut, rosemary and castor - for a quarter of an hour. After 60 minutes, rinse. Repeat three times a week. Slurry from the bow, broken in a blender, mixed with juice of half a lemon, apply on the scalp to accelerate the processes of metabolism and growth. Not recommended for brunettes, as it lightens the roots.

how to grow long hair after short haircut

An Integrated approach will give the answer to the question of how to grow hair after short haircut. Include proper nutrition, care, no intensive styling, regular masks and wraps a stimulating means, and after six months you will have gorgeous curls.


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